Oberleutnant Schwab’s phoney Hearts Club band

An invitation from The Slog to examine the Great Reset being lauded by the World Economic Forum, and courses of political action that might be deemed the orchestrated preparations for it

Yesterday – a relatively quiet “news” day – turned out to be a series of further symptoms suggesting that the real virus we face – Reset21 – is in fine fettle. Gove asked the EU for an extension to our ‘grace period’ on Brexit, contradictory Covid reports kept the confusion-fear brew simmering nicely, the whizz-kids around Biden added new types of domestic terrorism (still excluding BLM and Antifa), EUNATO gently eased Dracula into the technocrat vacancy in Italy, and the MSM continued to prod Britain into the No 1 C19 deaths position, even though the number is entirely false, the collecting method is risibly flawed, there are several nations with worse record than the UK, and we are the most overpopulated country in Europe. Calls for celebs to be protected from “verbal abuse” following the Whitty-Hoodie interface is probably the start of more laws about hate. I see our CMO more as a cellular oddity than a celebrity, but there you are: newly minted terror inclusions will be helpful in the process of Building Back the Better-Off with Baloney.

This morning the Telegraph tells us there is a race to book 28,000 hotel rooms across the UK by 5pm on tonight in a bid to launch the Government’s “red list”, whereby returning passengers can be quarantined for 11 nights at a cost of up to £800 per person. Sources confirm that the Government ‘will pay the estimated £55 million bill up front but then attempt to recoup the money from passengers’. Good luck with that one. I won’t ask if all those “refugees” washing up on our shores are also on a red list, as that would be a waste of breath; the best idea is to ask the UN.

Predictions continue to come to pass. We are indeed going to require Covid vaccination certificates in order to travel abroad, says the Times. Lucky Brits will have ‘the Foreign Office, Department for Transport and Department of Health and Social Care working on options for travellers…..early data suggesting that the jabs reduce transmission as well as prevent serious disease and death have revived the debate over whether individuals who have been vaccinated should have more freedom.’

There’s a mine of information hidden in that paragraph. Indeed, on closer examination it’s a constitutional minefield. If you want a holiday this year, you need to be injected with experimental half-baked mRNA interaction mumbo-jumbo for which the provider cannot be sued in the event of something going wrong. You should probably hold off going until October, as the idea of diplomatic, transport, health and social workers producing anything more quickly are slim. And freedom now has a new calibration system running from none whatsoever through to more than you had by the time Contrick19’s been force-fed to the gaggling Covidiot geese out there in the United Conformingdom. I especially enjoyed the bit about ‘reviving’ the debate on whether we should have more freedom. But then, as any fule know, this was all our fault for hugging and kissing between lockdowns.

Such limited aspirations and evolving definitions need to be in place if the Great Reset is to be a success. The obstacles in the way of it being full-English Brexit, collapse of Covid narrative, honest elections plus demonised voters, the EU collapsing on the altar of Italy, uppity citizens collaring élitist experts, freedom of speech, thought, assembly and travel – and hahahaha investigative journalism, they must all be crushed.

But how are the plans of the resetters themselves taking shape?

The YouTube official (very short) video released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a gem, in that it reveals the Davos Alliance more fully than ever before. A calming, reassuring and irritating female voice-over tells us that shareholder capitalism is dead, so the answer is stakeholder capitalism that looks after everyone – and especially the Planet. If you’re really thick and believe in the bellybutton fairy, it sounds just like the mutualist entrepreneurial local capitalism I’ve been boffing on about since 2006. But of course, it isn’t.

The first bit of unbelievable guff we’re given is that everything is collapsing and life sucks. Whereas the truth is that everything was pretty good until, over time, greedy trade unionism, greedy oil barons, greedy neoliberals, hegemonist neocons, monetarist chimps, eternal growth fantasists, crooked bankers, rigged bourses and Zirp buggered it all up. Now as it happens – with the exception of workers’ unions encouraged by the Lefties now rebranded as Greens and virologists – the top 2,500 Davos charlies have used the last half-century to cream off all the goodies (they now own 65% of all global wealth). So it takes an Olympic long-jump of faith to accept that they’re only now pushing the Great Reset from the very best of motives.

But they have developed a secret hoodwink that has all the Earth mothers, blocist State bureaucrats, Greens, deluded academics and useful political idiots on board. As ever, it’s a Utopian vision which can be summed up as ‘The technocratic One-World Global Village in which all terrorism, disease, climate change and inequality have been expunged from Paradise Earth by millions of robots we’ll all want to shag’.

Cue Coca Cola kids with rotten teeth teaching the world how to sing about The Real Thing.

Among the things not covered by the WEF/Davos agenda is what happens to all that 65% of global boulah currently in the hands of billionaires; how a Dow index at 31,000 can be brought back to reality at around 9,000 without financial and fiscal disaster; what the Islamic and Chinese fanatics think about the idea; how post-Covid plus Biden plus EU Sovereign debt can be normalised without mass tax rises and cuts to social services; what all the “20 per cent on the gross” shareholders will do once they’re locked out of the fun and asked to smile a wan smile when CEOs anounce that they are in businest in pursuit of The Higher Ideal; what happens to the secret surveillance State; and last but most important of all, how to pay for 8 billion proles to sit around doing not a lot.

“Suddenly – and entirely against his will – Klaus felt his right hand heading north to strangle him”

Opah Klaus may be, for all I know, just a well-meaning old gentleman; in which case, it doesn’t look like he’s done the necessary prep – the Alles Klar thing – for which Germans are so famous. But there are plenty of clouds around his Reset rainbow to go further, and suggest that philanthropy is not the only spanner in his works.

If you thought the 2,500 having 65% of the wealth on Earth was obscene, it might interest you to know that just eight of them own 50%. Klaus loves them all – especially Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Schawb was born a German, but took the tax loophole on wealth and is now Swiss. Not keen on all social contribution, then.

The annual surplus of his ‘forum’ is estimated to be $150million, which perhaps should be called a ‘forThem’: the WEF is anally secretive, and has only rarely released any details of the half century’s worth of debate there. What we can say without fear of contradiction is that during its 50-years of existence, the stakeholder capitalism it purports to promote has not done all that well. For although neoliberal devotees and central banks like to show that income disparities are better now versus 1971 (based on real wages and inflation, I would hotly dispute even that) the real picture emerges on the dimension of wealth, not income.

Although wealth inequality has been a case of fewer and fewer owning more and more (especially since the 2008-9 financial crisis) up until that time the lower middle and middle demographics also saw their wealth double. So nobody’s clambering up the walls of the Billionaire’s Bastille just yet. If post 2008 trends continue however, within twenty years the top 0.1% alone will own more wealth than the global middle class.

You may have more than enough money, but once you own $60 billion, you’re sixty thousand times richer than someone with a total estate of $1 million. Very little increased clout accrues to a millionaire today. Beyond $10 billion, wealth morphs into more absolute power than you could imagine in your wildest fantasies. That’s the point; and it’s the only one that matters. Because with such power come delusions of grandeur, and a level of narcissism all the way up to megalomania.

It is not conducive to Great Resets in which your average billionaire gives that kind of power back to The People – or even to just some ‘other people’ rather than just one person. Soros, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates and even Bambi Blair may have ‘philanthropic’ foundations; but they are, each and every one of them, extremely efficient ways of reducing a massive tax bill.

I suppose my bottom line here would be that on this, the Golden Anniversary of WEF’s foundation, we have to ask why more and more of the gold is in the pockets of the 0.1 per cent who meet each year in heavily guarded luxury in a country that welcomes the gigarich with the promise of minute tax levels.

If you’re new to The Slog, don’t write this off as socialist envy on my part: I am a confirmed and practising mutualist, but I have been an entrepreneurial capitalist during those same fifty years – because I think that system is by far the best guarantee of a democratic rule of law offering socially responsible freedoms and a stable culture.

I’m also very real, and blissfully devoid of Utopianism. My message today is simple: the issue we’re facing is not forced wealth equality. The issue is whether a Great Reset planned and executed by those with unbridled power – and odd ideas about transhumanism – is likely to deliver anything but slavery (or genocide) to all of us beneath a Kommissariat of perhaps ten million people.

This forum may not be Davos, but it is open to any and all respectfully expressed opinions.