Eleven years ago, who were you?

The picture [left] shows me as I was a week ago. The article below was posted here on April 10th 2010. I have changed nothing in it. There's an asterisked (*) point with which I would now disagree with myself: the comment reflects my ignorance at the time of how and why "Climate Change" was based on modelled rubbish rather than empirical reality. Let's get real here - we all move on and grow. The post isn't about 'what a clever boy was he'. Rather, it is an answer to all the Smuggies who will tell you one day soon, "It was impossible to see what was coming".

It cannot be common sense….

To give the security services a carte blanche £12 billion to eavesdrop on all our personal electronic communications, when the problem lies with a minute and easily identifiable minority

Ditto for airport security

To have ‘Drink Aware’ warnings in small print on retail booze, but huge bannered offers of two cases of lager for the price of one – and Happy Hours in pubs

To develop spam-blocking software so crude and yet anally Victorian it limits freedom of email expression without in any way blocking its target

To allow television advertising for compensation-claim legal work. This is simply cementing the litigious ‘I’m entitled’ mentality, and pushes up the cost of both commerce and government

To carry on with the myth that globalist, deregulated neo-liberal economics are the future

That there is no alternative to the Bourse system as a means of capitalising business

To make asking questions about employee plans and status illegal

To sell heavily discounted retailer booze in a binge culture

To have lax 24/7 licensing laws in a late-evening drunkenness culture

To persevere with a correction system which clearly doesn’t work. (And even dafter to build more prisons)

That crime is going down but prison inmate numbers are going up

That everything’s just the same as it always was, but getting better

That educational standards and breadth are as good as forty years ago

To close hospital wards in order to meet budget targets

To have life-survival products in private hands

To spend millions on obesity education, but leave food manufacturers to offer discounts, two-for-one, and giant-size versions of junk food

To allow largely uncontrolled immigration when the country is already overburdened by social service costs, housing problems and acutely high population density

To have a globally linked banking system, when the probability of domino-effect was always so obvious

To extol the virtues of globalism when the planet faces such serious ecological problems*

To solve a social problem of splintered families today (more housing) by storing up another one for tomorrow (no countryside left)

To spend 232 hours of Parliamentary time debating how to kill vermin

For politicians to continue with their obsessively media-trained, evasive approach to issues when it is clear the voters despise them for it

To have remote, all-powerful central government deciding on local and community issues. (And even dafter to make county, police and hospital districts bigger still.)

To continue giving planning permissions to multiple food retailers, when communities are already under pressure to survive

To persevere with an outmoded and undemocratic voting system, when the one we have merely furthers the aims of a cosy, deaf Establishment

To allow a tiny minority to get richer and richer, and a sizeable minority to get poorer and poorer

To leave the welfare dependancy culture largely untouched

To allow electronically/telephonically based businesses not to have such methods of communication open to customers with a service complaint to make

To make billions of cheap, shoddy items we have to soon throw away when the Earth is already in need of more landfill space