SUNDAY ANALYSIS: when the Queen dies, what then?

One of the oldest princes in the world, Charles Windsor, sits in guilty but impatient hope that Ma-maa dies before he does. He may seem to you an unimportant irrelevance. But we live in an age where every and any “celebrity” can be manipulated. The Slog offers some little known realities about Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor….and the people who would weaponise him.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau usually gets the credit for inventing the phrase ‘Social Contract’. The basic idea was (and is) a balance of power between rulers and ruled: We the People give you élites the right/votes/taxes to protect and nurture our safety and potential….and you do whatever it takes to deliver that. If you fail, we shall arrange an urgent appointment with Mme La Guillotine.

In 2021, there isn’t a ‘Western’ country on Planet Earth where monied groups don’t own the political class in one form or another – and if we’re realistic about that, ’twas ever thus. The Church, Divine Right monarchs, powerful miltary figures, farmers, industrialists, trades unions, Marxists, Fascists, bankers, distributors and techno-media have been (or still are) infinitely more important than the electorate’s votes.

But for those keen to keep thick wool firmly over sheeps’ eyes, Rousseau’s model is still the one trotted out. This is especially true of the English Establishment, which talks gaily of democracy and the Rule of Law and free speech and tolerance and professional ethics and everything else we don’t have much of any more. They proclaim the importance of holding government to account without ever specifying who’s supposed to be doing it: because be it Whitehall, the Security Services, Westminster, The Cabinet or Ten Downing Street, it is terrifyingly clear that nobody is. Not the media, not the Commons, not Her Majesty’s Opposition, not the Lords and most definitely not the lobbyists.

But staying with the nature of majesty, we are obviously close to an event that remarkably few people are considering. On April 21st next, Queen Elizabeth II will be 95 years old. Five years after that, she will be in a position to send herself a congratulatory telegram – a unique (albeit potentially amusing) event in British history. Some time over the next decade, our Liz will probably pop her clogs.

But there are awkward Truths in the mix.

The line of succession is not exactly reflected when it comes to who’s Top of the Royal Pops:

The disappointing thing for royalists is that the heir to the Throne is unable to score much beyond his half-witted son Harry. Until quite recently, I was a confirmed supporter of the Windsor>Battenberg>Hohenzollern house all the way back to le Conquéreur, if for no other reasons than (with the exception of some minor unpleasantness in the 1640s) they’ve been doing the job for a millennium, they attract a lot of tourist expenditure, somebody has to open all the new buildings, George VI was a hero, the Queen herself has a quite remarkable sense of duty to the People, and none of them are called Wilson, Heath, Blair, Cameron, von der Leyen or Boris.

However, I listen to the bland, brainwashed utterances of Prince William (a very dull young man) and fear he is just another pc sock-puppet, while his father Charles has spent far too much of his life being indecisive, weak, and listening to the ideas of organic climatoids. He also has an interfering and dilettante nature and, let’s get this straight once and for all, he isn’t very bright.

There are many Brits with dreams of the Queen one day abdicating in favour of William. One of the few things I can assert with a high degree of certainty is that she’d never do it; there is more chance of Elizabeth II advocating votes for Corgis, masticating with determination at a flying carpet or fornicating with a transhuman Davosite. She detests the very idea of abdication. (Think ‘Edward VIII’, and you’re about there).

So it’s Charles the Plancton, or nothing. And even if her Majesty does nothing more than die, it’s still Charles the Plank One.

Worryingly, Chuck has that survivalist cunning so commonplace among the dimmer élitists. It shows itself in a number of ways – and none of them bode well.

He is, for example, the only Windsor ever to have awarded the Royal Seal to all three security services. In return for this, he has arranged several hardline D-notices for all of his siblings and offspring. This becomes not just complicated but obviously geopolitical when it comes to his brother Andrew, and the entire Maxwell-Epstein affair.

Charles has also worked hard during three decades to latch onto the metrochic populism of CO2 wrong-headedness, overpopulation concerns, planetary survival, organic foods and – of late – The Great Reset.

Even the most cursory examination of the post-Covid world being sold to us by the 0.1% shows a perfect fit between C-threepeo’s* muddled obsessions and the Pink>Green>Red>Blue alliance of Resetters.

*Often billed as Charles III, the current heir to the British throne is actually wedded to the idea of being George VII.

All the foregoing may seem to you the wanderings of an old-fashioned wrinkly person whose brain has been marinading far too long in the toxicity of Demon Drink. However, if there is one thing this truly appalling century has taught me, it’s this: the Globaloid Beast string-pullers will jerk at any tear – however cheesily lachrymose – in their serial bids to get the Smug Conformity tendency passionately behind a mission, however self-destructive the goal might be.

The smuggies (who may be anything from busybody Times or CNN readers to Guardianistas) are at their best once they’ve effortlessly morphed into vigilantes on behalf of what they see as a Noble Cause. Currently, this is the annihilation of a deadly pandemic where the clue is not in the name, given that Covid19 is neither pandemic nor deadly.

The ever-present need in that context is The Figurehead. Loyalty to a personification remains a powerful way to get all the iron filings into a pattern that doesn’t tolerate untidiness. In the 1920’s, Italian King Victor Emmanuel III paved the way for Benito Mussolini to install fascism. Seven years later, German President Hindenburg was an important leg up for Hitler. So too was Peter Hain for Mugabe and Jane Fonda for Ho Chi Minh. Last November, Jeff Bezos used his Washpost toy to help elect Biden. Only this week, Italian president Sergio Mattarella has elbowed technocrat banker Mario Draghi into the vacant Italian job of Il Ducé. History may not repeat, but it does rhyme.

Looking at the last three sentences above, did you see them coming in 2015? I didn’t.

Caveat Emptor. If it can happen to the benefit of the megalos, it probably will in the end…is there really that much difference between Tom Hanks and Charles Windsor?