Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts

1: Germany

STARTERS’ GATES 4-1 on favourite with strong form over long distances, and DNA line direct from GALLOPING ADOLF

Various online sources – the best of them being Peter Koenig – are suggesting that the Gates Foundation’s long term investment in a German national ID programme is about to bear fruit.

As long ago as January 2015 The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a five-year, US$1.55 billion commitment to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The commitment was announced at the Gavi Replenishment Conference in Berlin, hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the conference, US$7.5 billion in pledges in total were made. The Trojan horse at the time was child vaccination.

Later, the Trojan gift-horse had a different name, as BillyGates gruff told the Germans, “COVID-19’s existence anywhere poses a threat to communities everywhere. The health, social, and economic impacts can only be addressed through the collective actions of stakeholders across private, public, and philanthropic sectors in partnership with civil society. As organizations dedicated to improving and protecting global health, with our varied skills, roles, and resources, we remain committed to doing our part in ending this pandemic”.

Now it seems the Bundestag has given its approval to the real identity of Starter’s Gates: Agenda ID 2020 – vaccinations that include implants.

ID2020 prime mover is Bill Gates. It has published a ten-point mission statement, which includes: “We believe that individuals must have control over their own digital identities, including how personal data is collected, used, and shared”.

How exactly is an obligatory implanted ID going to achieve that? The idea that a Big Brother ID safeguards personal freedom is beyond risible.

2: United States

DIABLO RUMPY TRUMPY Evens Much-fancied following surprise victory in the White House Stakes, but perhaps falling away as punters suspect possibility of doping.

The witch hunt starting to unfold in the United States is not gaining quite the traction Diablo Rumpy Trumpy might have expected: the Biden stable sees only minority support for stopping work on the Mexican border Wall, and allowing Muslim immigrants even from those Islamic countries where US embassies don’t vet applicants. There is also reported “bafflement” among Olympic Committee members about Sleepy Joe’s decision to allow each athlete to choose the category, male or female, in which he or she intends to compete.

In turn, all the forty-two Pentagon advisory committees created by Donald Trump have been dissolved, and over 650 employees told to resign or be fired. That’s the largest purge in US military history.

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Schumer tabled a resolution six days ago compelling the FBI to investigate QAnon as “a threat to Democracy”, and to criminalise it. Wikipedia immediately offered its support, changing its Qanon description to ‘a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic paedophiles is running a global organisation’. Hilariously, the MSM has joined in and, according to one élite lackey last week “is depicting it as an anti-paedophile sect”. So apparently, being anti-paedo is now a bad thing. Shades of “part of the rainbow of sexual experience” BS making a comeback, God help us.

The military “target” as espoused on TV ten days ago included libertarians. Uh-huh: so we’re against liberty and all for life-damaging sexual perversion. No wonder Kalama Harris is moist these days.

The simple reality that metrochic ‘liberal’ America won’t accept is that Diablo Rumpy Trumpy is carrying additional weight in the shape of demonising an outgoing President: it’s an apocalyptic horse disguised as a Trojan Horse….the excuse required to smother every and any dissent that crtiques the crypto-fascism of Biden’s left wing.

Big Tech has stepped up the use of social media by censoring its users and stifling “negative” comment. This is designed to keep Biden’s DNC GroupThink dictators happy – and afford further protection to the Spineless conformity journalism practiced by Establishment media.

But in the longer race, the big prize is corporacratic control over everything and everyone.

3. United Kingdom

LUMBERING DOBBIN 15-1 Very much the outsider in this race, coming as he does from the same stable as Diablo Rumpy Trumpy, most cognoscenti punters expect Lumbering Dobbin to act as his pacemaker before collapsing in an untidy heap early on.

Those who would close down the British Internet Resistance skip merrily from one rationale to another: one week it’s hate speech, the next one it’s fake news and ‘crackpot conspiracies’ and now we start the new week with Britain’s enemies ‘tearing apart the fabric of society’ by being divisive on social media. Our splits are nothing to do with Blairite anti-Brexit fakery, Covid19 hype and naive multicultural/diversity bias after all. Certainly not. It’s all the fault of Wicked Putin and those shifty-eyed bastards in Beijing, or Wuhan or wherever.

I have no doubt that cyber warfare will continue on both sides. But what on Earth do Mr & Mrs Moron think GCHQ does? What else would they call Mark Sedwill’s position as ‘Head of Biowarfare counter-intelligence’?

The page capture (above-left) leads into a Telegraph piece in which General Sir Patrick Sanders (Head of UK Strategic Command) and Jeremy Fleming (Head of GCHQ) hold forth on just how thoroughly beastly Johnny Foreigner is being:

“The most important weapons don’t necessarily fire bullets,” he revealed – no doubt tapping his nose as he did so. He also ‘suggested’ that ‘the UK had not yet utilised an “offensive cyber” on another state’. Certainly not: no doubt a full review would show not a trace of f-words, racism or sexism in any of it. Simply not British, don’t yer know.

His close chum Jeremy has decided, however, that the UK is now “ready to strike and has the tools to hack into the phones of adversaries engaging in cyber warfare”. And for dimmer Torygraph readers, Sir Patrick added, “What you’re seeing are our adversaries, our rivals, exploiting the tools that are meant to make for a more utopian society, using social media against us, fueling conspiracy theories and really sowing division and tearing the fabric of society apart”.

So you see, harrumph harrumph, the censorship broadside on Twitter, Facebook, Gab et al is only to be expected: there we are, still fine British chaps as ever, dedicated to the use of technological advance in the pursuit of Utopia. And blow me if that demmed Ivan and Hoo Flung Dung don’t go and spoil it for everyone.

Some people just don’t know how to behave, what?

4: Global

DEADLY VIRUS 6-1 This Nag is suffering from exhaustion having been very nearly flogged to death by its dubious owners, Horse’s Arse Hype Incorporated. Impressive in early form, it is expected to fade way during the final furlong.

Deadly virus has always been surrounded by mystery, hysteria and controversy even as to its initial birthplace. But it’s a sound runner that still has lots of support among media devotees of the Sport of Kings.

This morning alone, punters have been feeding on “news” suggesting that ‘Current vaccine won’t stop mutant transmission’, ‘More Autumn jabs will be necessary’, ‘Boris Johnson told not to lift lockdown until Test and Trace can spot new mutations’, ‘Keep faith in Oxford Covid  jab, urges vaccines minister’, and many other confusing conflicts of interest and communication.

You can be forgiven if the headline (left) strikes you as gibberish, and this is why many punters have lost faith in Deadly Virus’s history and future. 147 x 20 = 2940 as a ‘toll’, but whether these are cases, comorbidities, or fatalities (or flu) remains unknown – as indeed does whether any fatality can be more “severe” than another.

South Africa itself has suspended its Astrazeneca vaccination programme, but nobody seems to know why. “This could be really, very dire for our country as we head into the spring,” a US expert said of the variants, “Now, we’re in a race. We’re in a race to see how quickly we can vaccinate the American people”……even though only 0.0042% are going to die.

“Diss heeyah feckin’ Deadly Virus is a Schmendrick” opined Jewish Boston bookie Vinnie O’Lehman yesterday, “He will run and run but by the time he passes the post I’ll be at home tucked up with my Schickse as God is my witness”.

So then, four Apocalyptic Trojan horses: child health, protection of democracy, defence against wicked enemies, and survival in a globally reaping plague.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth: investigate what’s inside, and act accordingly.