Taking control of personal destiny

Nazi Unity, depraved democracy, perverted provenance, the unbridled power of online providers to censor, and the dash towards dystopia. The Slog gives an update, and appeals for help that won’t cost you anything.

Rereading Joe Biden’s Inaugurationspeak yesterday (I was in a hospital unit and bored) I can tell you that two words won the Virtuous Content contest: unity and democracy. They’re the kind of words that, as my Great Aunt Lizzie used to say, “don’t butter any parsnips”: high-sounding – but as they’re table stakes, they should hardly need saying. “Show not tell” has always been a sound strategy for those with good intentions.

In particular, such words need a context. For example, it would have been “democratic” in 1939 if the Polish People had been asked, say, ‘Who would you rather by invaded by – the Nazis or the USSR?’ But the Poles would’ve demonstrated complete “unity” if a third option had offered, ‘I’d rather not be invaded at all, thank you’.

The democracy we have in Western blocs at the moment suffers from a complete lack of “neither” options; and alongside that – even if other options were available – the élites in charge tend to dismiss them as “errors”. When Brussels did an EU-wide study (excluding Britain) three years ago asking what ‘more’ from the bloc citizens wanted, the largest response was ‘democracy’. When Britain voted to leave the EU, Tony Blair declared it to be the result of “poorly educated people”. When Euro-elections overhelmingly supported populists last time around, Jean-Claude Juncker declared voters to be “mistaken”. Having given his dictated speech, Biden went straight over to the White House and passed 42 edicts variously demanding investigation or criminalisation of contrarian views.

In Britain, an air of democracy at the moment is maintained by tediously frequent Covid19 updates from Downing Street – which are in reality up, down, sideways and all over the place. This feels like open government (albeit chaotically on the hoof) but these sessions are designed to attain unity through secrecy, with alternated doses of false optimism and fear: one moment we’re clapping, the next we have our backs to the wall, the next we get assaults of raw numbers, the next there’s a vaccine, the next there’s a new variant. (Already this morning, we have a new Manchester mutation and it’s only 11 am.)

Again, no answers are given to the main questions that concern people: why total lockdowns, why the lies about virus fatality, why all this advice from failed academics, why so much money blown to protect the NHS, why the vaccines obsession, how many bad vaccine side-effects have there been, why no use of proven management drugs, why so many care home deaths, how many extra cancer/heart attack/mental health collateral deaths have there been….they’re very rarely asked by media wonks, and never answered by the podium puppets.

However, while I write ‘questions that concern people’, these questions don’t as yet concern many Brits at all – because a judicious mixture of fear, secrecy and ‘pull together’ syntax have been applied to very good effect: unity has indeed been achieved, but real democracy has not been involved at any point.

Stalin scared Sovyet citizens with fear of counter-revolution, Hitler scared them with Communists. Both retained the fine words of the Bolshevik and Weimar Constitutions to the bitter end. But they were just words. In 2021 Britain, we don’t even have a constitution as such, just a collection of legal gobbits and one man’s interpretation from 130 years ago. The EU “abides” by two binding treaties, and ignores them at will: the very act of deliberate and pointless austerity inflicted upon ClubMed was a Franco-German scam designed to save their own banking greed and incontinent lending. It broke the first clause of the Treaty of Rome viz, to always put citizen wellbeing first.

These key components of social contract are ignored for two simple reasons: there are no truly independent and powerful judiciaries any more, and not enough citizens grasp that once the balanced Rule of Law is abandoned, all is lost. “If” is transformed into “when”, and the 9% of us (in Britain) who get what’s happening become executees lying face-up under the guillotine.

Hence todayes appeal at The Slog – and if you think it’s exaggerated, then you probably shouldn’t be here – and you won’t answer the call anyway. That’s your right; the target of my revelations is those people who would deny you that right.

There are so many ways a voice asking for no more than lawful political behaviour, morals in public life, genuine freedom of speech, broader media ownership, informed electorates and freedom from fanatics can be silenced: there are a million excuses, but no reasons.

The Slog (along with tens of thousands of other online mastheads) is groping about in an advancing darkness of completely unaccountable censorship and unwarranted interference with those who seek both the Truth, and the exposure of those who hide it with lies. The ability of citizens to be balanced not brainwashed is dying in front of our eyes; and informed speculation is very close to being criminalised.

Platforms, search engines, social media, compliant news media and increasingly powerful intelligence buraucracies are all tangentially or directly involved in this: they smear, they invent bogeymen, they pervert provenance, they block and they threaten. Over the last two years, we have in turn seen the civil police politicised into working for the State not the public.

I am not asking for donations. I am begging you to help me and many others bypass social media thuggery by getting your dose of The Slog via means that don’t involve the Zuckerbergs having the pass-keys.

This is a very simple process with two alternatives:

  1. Press the blue Follow the Slog button in the right hand column here –

This will open a new page, scroll down & press ‘Create an account’. Sorted.

2. Send your email address to saulbollocks@protonmail.com and I’ll add you to my mailing list. You will receive a MAXIMUM of one email per day, nobody else will have access to the list, and I will not try and sell you anything.

Even the figure you see above in blue (2,749) is inaccurate. The real number is around 4,200, and in any given week roughly 10,700 will visit the The Slog at some point. Until June last year, I was getting 11,000 hits per day. My average now is under half of that – very clearly the effects of shadowbanning, blocking and muting of things I put up on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve put a decade of my life into this site. Its immediate future as an independent voice is under real and present threat, but that fate is avoidable. From here on in, I’m reliant on you the readers to help me retain free speech. And as George Orwell had it, to “put into print what the powerful and privileged don’t want you to see”.

Thank you in advance.