GREAT RESET’: shortening the Prime Suspects list

The Banker-Snoop community is found in the shadows, not the headlines

The Why of the Great Reset

Here is a little-remarked fact to which everyone should pay attention. In 2020, China substantially outstripped the U.S. in foreign direct investment inflows, attracting $163 billion versus America’s $134 billion. The previous year, the U.S. had received $251 billion in foreign direct investment versus $140 billion for China.

Those numbers reflect quite a few own-goals: US multinationals offshoring labour, and of course Antifa and BLM’s pyromania in several cities alongside the pernicious anti-Trump barrage of Covid hype and ‘deadly insurrection’ balls in relation to Capitol Hill. Add to this the biggest deficit in history likely to get bigger under Biden spendomania, and the USA no longer feels like a safe bet.

But the only issue that really matters from all this is the threat to American hegemony. And that makes the Reset all the more pressing, because the situation in US financial markets is only going to get worse from the Establishment viewpoint. JP Morgan is doing its crooked best to scare people off Bitcoin as a sector, but to no avail. Washington now faces a very real threat from an alternative currency inside its own borders.

Equally disturbing for the unelected State and its allies on Wall Street is the Reddit>Robinhood>Gamestop fiasco: the clearing house revenge against Robinhood was another spoiler attempt, but a precedent of guerrilla financial civil war has been set. And Jamie Dimon muttering about a “ridiculous” valuation of Gamestop (now back down to $6.4 billion, but still fourfold higher than three months ago) is somewhat kettle and pot stuff when you consider a Dow index currently at 31,000.

As I’ve been opining since 2014, the US Bourse system bears no relationship to either real US or global business on the ground. This is a serious problem, because the scam is no longer working in the neocons’ favour. As a tool of hegemonous tyranny, Wall Street is not so much broken as a shattered Ming vase held together by sellotape and wood glue courtesy of the New York Fed.

Almost as concerning for the Unelected Neocon State is the thought that their greatest organisational weapon NATO is situate in the most disastrous slow-growth, under-invested and indebted bloc on the planet, the justly infamous European Union. The sudden appearance of Goldman Sachs old boy Mario Draghi in Italy’s driving seat is a sign of, if not panic, then at least desperation by the central banking community under the watchful eye of military intelligence.

Secret preparation is, finally, beginning to mirror statistical reality and make even the more subtle forms of “anti-conspiracy theory” peddlers look slightly silly. Having heard rumours the week before last of IMF bigwigs scurrying across South America and Europe, more tidbits are coming to light. The “spend, spend, spend” message of encouragement is allegedly being coordinated by Special Representative of the IMF to the United Nations, Robert Powell. He has also been on social media extolling the virtues of ‘a green recovery from the pandemic damage’ (there’s that cover-story again). Other names being bandied about include deputy chief of the advanced economies unit Ashok Bhatia, and IMF boss of bosses Kristallina Georgieva, the latter of whom has also been stressing the need to cite equality and “the creation of greener, more equitable economies” as the reason for a post-Covid Reset.

Once more we are back full Magic Circle to “Build Back Better”, the lofty – abeit latterly-obtained – ideals of the Davos Boys’ Band….and the now well-established alliance being promoted and nurtured by all those of an Internationalist Big State bent.

But I rather suspect the time has come to differentiate between those beating the drum, and those running the logistics of the operation itself.

The Who of the Great Reset

I was quite surprised the other day, for instance, to discover that while his operation is very profitable and attracts all the BSD billionaires at large, Klaus Schwab himself is only worth $16 million….and corporately, he doesn’t have clout in the billions. I write ‘only’ advisedly because what would seem like megawealth to most is regarded as grab-bag peanuts among his gigarich guests and clients. Opah Klaus is not a useful idiot, he is a skilled image manipulator and gives off an air of wealthy philanthropy that the fluffies find impressive. However, when it comes to an actual reset of the world’s financial system, he is more visible but less powerful than the IMF. Like the average media mogul and senior bought politician, he works for the 0.1% as part of the 3%.

It is in turn important to recognise that not all of even the billionaires lust after financial power. For the other equal partner inside the 0.1% inner-circle is the surveillance-to-hegemony intelligence community. Serving these George C Scott style hawks is the nearest thing we have to Doctor Strangelove, Bill Gates….along with wannabe US President Mark Zuckerberg who has a ‘Unity & Safety’ electoral platform waiting for the right moment. But just as the bankers are very happy to get help from the Clintons, Johnsons and Draghis, so too Big Business – more specifically Global Pharma – uses the oleaginous Hancocks, Faucis, WHOs, Whittys and Vallances – to beef up the narrative and present it in Quadrophonic sound on a 70 mm screen.

It’s all about the talking and walking thing. Remember: Rothchilds Bank doesn’t settle for the organ grinder: it hires Sir Mark Sedwill, and elects Emmanuel Macron. Some expound, others do.

George Soros stands out as a uniquely megalomanic weirdo in the landscape I’m outlining, but then he is 91 years old, and no doubt his interests these days are more cryogenic than eugenic. Very probably, the same thing goes for Rupert Murdoch.

My bottom line here is to encourage focus among the Resistance to intended or unintended overt control of 7.8 billion human beings. There are only two trains worth stopping via the use of well-placed sabots: the Bankers’ Express, and the Iron Horse of Big Technocratic Brother.

By all means stick a spanner in the works of Herr Ruprecht Davos von Suckaturd. And try always to remain way above violence of either language or body.

But keep one central thought in mind: Banker-Snoop has been busy learning where you are, what you have worth stealing, how to shut you up, and when to lock you down.

In a nutshell, the dirty deeds themselves will be decided and pushed foward by the financial and intelligence communities. Techie social media, old media barons, legislators, persuaders and bureaucrats will help effect and excuse the Reset; but the direction, content and goals are already a done deal. And for that, we shall have Wall Street, the Square Mile, La défense, Frankfurt, the CIA, MI6, the NSA and GCHQ to thank.