THE SATURDAY ESSAY: citizen advice going forward….


There are lies, damned lies, Brexit lies, unemployment lies, inflation lies, Biden lies, Boris lies – and fact checkers. Day in, day out, everyone’s at it – so IABATO remains The Slog’s rallying cry: It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. “Top” People used to cross their fingers in hope. Today, they cross every red line of decency in the pursuit of totalitarian power.

I really don’t know why anyone is remotely surprised that Frau von der Leyen of the European Bunion has been caught heading up a Brussels spoiling operation to bribe finance houses to quit the City of London. It’s merely the shellfish episode on a bigger scale. This week, sources in Paris revealed to me that the reason French expats like me can no longer have UK driving licences converted to French ones is that the Minister concerned hasn’t signed the ratification required for the process to go ahead – despite the relevant Brexit deal having been agreed some months ago.

The Minister (seen here left) is Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, and the clue to his behaviour – apart from the fact that he looks a complete prat – is that Jean-Baptiste is a protegé and confidante of the Great Helmsman Macron. He has spent the years since his appointment as Manny’s attack-dog against State pensions and the rights of SNCF rail workers. I’m told that the Elysée entirely approves of Djebbari’s spite. But then, former leftists turned neoliberal “reformer” do tend to share a taste for vengeful petulance. He is not widely admired among the Gilets Jaunes.

There’s an unconsciously amusing example of diplomatic bare-facedness in today’s Times, recording the fact that the former French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann has called Boris Johnson a congenital liar and describes Brexit as “Britannia scuttling itself”. This is what she’s said in the light of the predictable storm (my emphasis):

““I didn’t mean that to be provocative. It’s just a factual description. He built his career on lying. He was sacked from The Times because he lied. Everyone knows it.”

Our Sylvie lied: not about Boris being a liar, but about the fact that she didn’t realise writing him and the British off as a nation of onanists would give offence. She has a book to sell, and she’s a diplomat: of course she knew.

And so now, a segue into the Greatest Lie Fest in History. This from the Daily Express today: ‘Many have warned that the EU’s existence could be threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, including former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who resigned in January due to the Covid chaos.

Er…”Many” have warned? Who? Um, Giuseppe Conte, says the Express: all one of him. Conte was elbowed by Brussels because Italy would pose an existential threat to the EU if it opted to leave or renege on its debt…so Conte used the nearest available patsy: “If our response isn’t strong and unified to Covid in the biggest challenge since World War 2, for sure not only Italians but European citizens will be deeply disappointed.”

‘Lies, lies everywhere, but no one stops to think’: Covid falsely blamed – and used as an excuse to go more federal more quickly; and don’t be silly Signor Conte, C19 is not ‘the biggest challenge since World War 2’.

The rest of this essay may seem like Yet Another Covid Post. But it isn’t: it’s a further investigation into the denialist mindset that supported WOMD as an Iraq War rationale, still thinks Uncle Barack Tombama was a great President, reads the New York Times, thinks there are correct and incorrect views based on zero empricism, believed that Jeremy Corbyn would usher in a new Golden Age, said Trump would never become President, is convinced Joe Biden can use a Band Aid without assistance and heal the Nation, refuses to recognise that the EU mobsters are less compassionate than a female praying Mantis, and vaccines that neither immunise nor reduce transmission are about to herald in Great Reset Nirvana.

The vaccine lobby is showing some clear signs of Bidenesque desperation in the hunt for celebrities prepared to buy into the “safe vaccines” spin. Earlier this week, it was the turn of experimental r-MRNA guru Michael Caine to encourage everyone on Twitter to “Be Safe – take the vaccine” on account of it, um, bein’ safe an’ that. Michael was also a sponsor of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2020. I wonder if there’s a conflict of interest in there somewhere

Yesterday it was the turn of Queen Elizabeth II to be wheeled out in favour of using human beings as guinea pigs. “People who refuse the vaccine,” she opined, “should think of others and not just themselves”. I could think the worst of her Maj and say that was straight from the Alastair Campbell cooked book, but she’s confused bless her brushed-silk socks: 95 is getting on a bit to see them coming. “They” probably told her it was in the Corgis’ best interests to get the jab.

So who’s next? Well, Geldof and Parkinson have already been signed up for the Government’s ad campaign. Says a lot, albeit nothing convincing. I’d prefer it if the casting was less predictable – perhaps more in line with what we’ve been led to believe about the magic genetics involved.

“After just one shot of Covicure I felt truly immortal,” said stunt man Evel Knievel, who had previously been dead for seven years.

“I like the taste of gunmetal in the mouth and the feel of my finger on the trigger,” says Robert Downey Jr to camera, “so it just had to be Sarskill for me”.

Journey with me now as I take you through a hundred Twitter exchanges I’ve borne since March 2020….telescoped into one tooth-grinding, pacifist-challenging convo for purely dramatic purposes.

Being an argumentative trouble-maker in need of psychiatric help, I of course set the fuse alight by daring to contradict a Covidiot who’d tweeted to me, “You f**king useless stupid old c**t, it’s people like you that kill perfectly innocent people”.

My shoulders are broad. And so it begins.

It beats me how we need to spend six million quid on a government ad campaign to persuade people to have the jabs, all of us having been scared witless by the full blast of Covid19 alarmism for over a year. I wonder if you discern the dissonance of tectonic geological proportions involved in 24/7 Establishment insistence that the “gamechangers” are perfectly safe…and then putting irrelevant celebs (and our money) into TV commercials just to say the same thing. It smacks of protesting too much.

Worse than that, it’s irritating: why aren’t the pharmcos paying for the ads?

Needless to say, standard-mould Remainer Leftbed-wetter Denzill Dustbrain has his auto-riposte ready: “But they’ve already invested millions in research”.

No they haven’t, Denny: they invested for years in building the myth that viral vaccines are necessary, but all the costs and time involved in developing World First gene mutation without proper test procedures have been borne by the taxpayers and the odd greedy, deranged billionaire God-ego.

“But they stand to lose billions,” Dustbrain insists.

Nope, they’ve been given protection from any and all litigation about this in perpetuity. This doesn’t strike DB as dodgey. He returns with enthusiasm to his theme.

“They’re selling these vaccines at more or less cost price,” says the man who can’t tell a vaccine from an innoculative immunisation.

Fine, but for how long? There was an interesting exchange on a US business intranet podcast a few days ago between a Pfizer top gun and a banker analyst.

Pfizer Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio said that “obviously” the company is “going to get more on price” after the “pandemic pricing environment.” He was speaking in response to Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Jason Zemansky, who asked the management team about how profit margins might change over time. That ‘pandemic pricing environment’ euphemism is a lulu, is it not? And be clear: there’s no might involved in the price-hike plan.

D’Amelio explained that Pfizer expects its COVID vaccine margins to improve.  Pfizer is currently charging the U.S. public health system $19.50 per dose – which, D’Amelio confirmed, “is not the normal price we like to get for a vaccine – that is, $150-175 per dose.”

That’s an 800% price hike, suckers. But Denzill of the homoaeopathic left-brain thinking synapses persists still further.

“The aim is zero-covid,” he proclaims, “and when the goal is achieved, pharma will make nothing out of it.”

I apply my foot to the kitchen bin, stick my head inside and give out a roaring call I learned listening to a lion alpha male near Pretoria fifteen years ago. It’s time to offer up this extract from a recent Times article:

‘Experts have said the sharp decline in flu infections suggests that the virus could be kept in check every year with some of the measures used to stop Covid, which may remain in use after the pandemic’

Riiiieeeet, so….hey, guess what? Everyone is now fully schooled in the idea of needing a vaccine to stave off a minor-league virus including flu….which is what perfidious Pharmafia has been seeking for years. It’s a shareholder’s nocturnal emission….an idea so obviously unattainable, you have to be asleep to believe in it.

“We can lick this,” Dustbrain counters, “the goal is zero Covid. With the help of test, track, trace [and myriad other words beginning with t such as tonto] we can immunise and eradicate”.

Time to dig deep into the last vestiges of human sanity – as evidenced by sites like Off-Guardian:

Yes, control yourselves: somebody in the media wants to point out the risk-benefit analysis….the desire to do which, of course, instantly brands the writer as the previously undetected spawn of Adolf Eichmann. However, the post header above is one of the best six-line demolitions of Covid crapola I’ve seen to date.

Take on board this Off-Guardian verdict, and weep:

‘Covid is the umbrella label for PCR “positive” people regardless of clinical presentation. Most are “asymptomatic,”some have generic cold/flu symptoms, and a few present with moderate or severe respiratory distress. Unfortunately, the PCR assays being used for diagnosis are not fit for purpose. Most PCR assays are constructed based on the German Drosten et al. protocol. On November 27th 2020, 22 scientists submitted a request for retraction of this protocol which was published in the journal Eurosurveillance, citing a number of fatal design flaws…..under direction of the WHO, deaths ‘from” and incidentally “with” Covid are not distinguished. Death coding has changed compared to Influenza/Pneumonia. According to one published analysis, this has resulted in over 16 times inflation of death stats, as supported by CDC data.’

But Denny Dustbrain is unimpressed.

“Millions of people are dying needlessly,” he lies, “and yet all people like you can do is engage in wild conspiracy theories based on nothing. You disgust me.”

The detection system is useless. The virus itself remains unisolated beyond some amateurish model. Huge success in reducing death post vaccination is claimed without a scintilla of evidence to show causality. The UK has one of the toughest lockdown régimes in the world, and one of the highest per million death rates. Come increased cases and brainless raw death stats, the Truth behind the Iron Curtain of spin remains the same: 2,573,734 people are dead after a full year or more of Covid, and 80+% were aged over 55.

That’s 1 in 3,000 of the Homo sapiens occupying the planet. 0.03%. Keep an eye on those numbers ready for when we’re finally told how many have died from the “vaccines”; suffice to say that the cost benefit case for vaccines is utterly bereft of substance, be the criteria efficacy or economics. Better results would have been achieved by encouraging the use of Vitamin prophylactics, HCQ and Ivermectin earlier, alongside stricter security in aged-care homes.

Around 55 million people a year on Earth die. The most common cause of death brought on by viruses is pneumonia. In 2020 that death cause did not spike. Since this circus began, not a single funeral directorate has reported overcrowding, shortage of coffins or unburied dead: Reuters ran one fake story, but then redacted it when I complained.

Covid has appeared, flu has gone down – but we don’t know by how much, because PCR simply cannot distinguish between the two – fact. What we do know is that net, there were no ‘new’ deaths above normal.

There isn’t a pandemic and there never was. The NHS was caught unawares through ignorance, but 8 out of 20 hospitalised Covid sufferers caught the virus in hospital.

The default position of the media and the State in 2021 is to lie. The default position of those organisations supplying cars, cigarettes, fizzy drinks, computer software, annual plc reports, pharmaceuticals, financial services, news, data, religious belief, climate models, national security, insurance, market sector analyses and pretty much anything else is to bend, hide or censor the Truth – and smear or silence those who reveal it.

Lying is the world’s biggest growth industry, bar none.

If you’re happy with that, this isn’t the site for you. Because it leaves only three questions for all of us to ask in future:

  • What’s the agenda?
  • What’s the motive behind the agenda?
  • How can I prove it’s a lie?

This is a terrible way to think; but that’s because there is no trust in the provenance any more. Its effect is to render 95% of all information valueless.

Enjoy the weekend.