OPINION: the hitches in Peter Hitchens’ self-exculpation

Peter Hitchens is growing a beard. Maybe he’s trying to hide behind it. Certainly, in his latest piece for the Mail on Sunday, Hitchens tries very hard to hide behind the rationale for his decision to have the Covid19 jab. But for a man in his position (as a high-profile fighter for freedom) it’s nothing more than a bunch of flimsy excuses, hurriedly cobbled-together to explain his unwillingness to walk and talk at the same time.

Let me start with the holes in his not entirely bullet-proof string vest of philosophical defence.

There is first of all an attempt at WYSIWYG: ‘I have had my first Covid vaccination for wholly selfish reasons. I did not do it for the good of others but for my own convenience. And I will have my second for the same purpose. A very important part of my family now lives abroad and I am deeply tired of not being able to see them’. 

‘Je m’accuse’ is all very well as a “forgive me children, for I have sinned” wave of the family virtue flag, but Hitchens is not a private person – nor has this renowned columnist ever refused the bed he has made: to be Pontificate Pilate. On the contrary, he has embraced the role with serial enthusiasm.

Peter’s sense that he is somehow unique in being cut off from his family is telling. For almost everyone I know, this is a shared frustration. But he is “deeply tired”, and so he has decided to give a thumbs-up to the Pharisees demanding crucifixion: Pilate washing his hands before the mob is not a good look.

Hitchens continues, ‘I get the strong sense that any sort of travel, and plenty of other things, will be impossible if I don’t have the necessary vaccine certificate’. Correct….if everyone does what you just did – viz, emotionally bottle out.

Now here’s where his defence does get vomit-inducing in its hypocrisy, (my emphases):

‘….if you think Covid is dangerous, I certainly don’t want to put you off the jab. Indeed, I don’t want to put you off in any way. It’s your business, not mine…..Of course my selfish injection didn’t hurt. I’m a blood donor (so also please don’t call me selfish), used to far bigger needles in my arm, for a lot longer. But I did feel a pang of regret and loss. For me, the vaccination was a gloomy submission to a new world of excessive safety and regulation. I’d tried to fight against it but I lost.’

‘Your business, not mine’. Sorry, but that’s cant of the first order: Hitchens is an opinion former who has chosen Opeds over reportage.

‘Selfish but don’t you dare call me that’….for I am Peter the Rockfist who faints not at the sight of very big needles.

Oh, do fuck off.

‘…a pang of regret and loss’. Just a pang then – after all these months of high-horse riding: is that it?’

‘I tried to fight against it, but I lost’. No, Peter: you scored a spectacular overhead scissor-kick own goal…and thus gave the game away. You let your team down, you let the Home Crowd down, you let liberal democracy down. So regrettably, it falls to people like me to stick a pin in pompous procastination….and watch as your engorged balloon goes fuuurhhhhhhrrrght.

And so I turn to the ‘jab’ itself, the nature of which Peter the Great chose not to discuss or denigrate in his column: for like it or not – while he has deplored the pressure on him to be vaccinated – Hitchens has, by this action, given millions of others the encouragement to ignore the risks of such “vaccination”.

I hope that, on visiting his far-flung family, the Mail on Sunday’s ageing enfant terrible might resolve to read up a bit on some of the more obvious dimensions of Pharmafia above-the-law greed:

  • Their demand to be free from prosecution for any and all damage done to individual citizens or their economies by vaccines exposed to the most superficial safety trials
  • The action of cytokines used in such vaccines to (variously) induce adverse reactions via local inflammation and/or ulceration at the injection sites; become dysregulated and pathological in inflammation, trauma, sepsis, and hemorrhagic stroke; be linked to many disease states and conditions ranging from schizophrenia, major depression, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer

So-called ‘Cytokine Storms’ may yet prove to be yet more alarmist red herrings. But the reality is that, as of now, nobody – not Chris Whitty, Peter Horby, Michael Caine, Peter Hitchens, the Queen, Boris Johnson, Anthony Fauci and least of all Matt Hancock – knows the Truth about the long-term effect of these jabs that neither immunise nor reduce the spread of Sars-Cov2….a virus that has yet to be isolated and photographed in the laboratory.

Peter Hitchens emerges from all this as just another false disciple who chose to collaborate with rigid Pharisees and their Roman masters rather than tread the painful road to greatness.

It’s one thing to grow a beard….but another thing entirely to grow a pair.