VIRUSECRECY SHOCK: Pfizer product 28% more lethal than Astrazeneca’s

The art of lassoing ether

The vaccine side-effects data at last released by MHRA are mysteriously incomplete and somewhat amateurish, but they do continue to point a finger at the Pfizer product’s innate problems. The Slog crunches the numbers and concludes that comparing it with the Astrazeneca offering more carefully could have saved 11,400 elderly lives….and asks: why are we not tracking every vaccinated patient as a matter of course?

THE STORY SO FAR: having started off with PHE as a data collection source for The Great Plague, the UK government then discovered (after several large hints from the blogosphere) that an outrageous level of over-counting of “Covid19” had been taking place….as in 22% too high. It then became clear on top of that that how deaths with and from the virus were not being differentiated. “Enough!” proclaimed Matt Hancock – PHE shall be abolished immediately….which meant two months from now, in Spring 2021.

Except it isn’t being abolished, it’s being merged with with the NHS Test and Trace service and the Joint Biosecurity Centre to form a new agency, the National Institute for Health Protection….thus joining forces with the goons who gave us a testing service about as reliable as a cheesecloth condom…..and our old friend, top Spook Sir Mark Sedwill.

Two weeks ago, the ONS declared it would collate C19 vaccine performance data by using the WHO’s figures (which shows how much faith they have in NIHP doing it); meanwhile, myself and thousands of other sites have been saying NO to jibberings about ‘not much’ or ‘almost nobody’ and NO to data collected via the spurious Yellow Card scheme, but YES to proper examination of all 20 million UK vaccinations by vaccine type, with the database size and demographics set out in full.

Still not confused? Don’t worry, you soon will be….

It’s unclear what effect the pressure applied to dump Virusecrecy has had on the Whiteminster Sink Estate, but the day before yesterday the MHRA changed tack and published a fair proportion of what we’d been asking for. However, the first things to note are:

  1. There is no ALL VACCINATIONS database from which to calculate rates of side-effect and death, or biases by demographic. So as a potential comparison to not using vaccines, the data is useless. (It’s worth noting that no private pharmaceutical submission for full safety status on a drug would be given purely on such raw numbers; but then, “do as I say not as I do” is standard practice in the New Normal Top-Down State)
  2. There is an attempt to suggest that MHRA has been recording these data since December, but here too there are anomalies: there is a claim that the data period “just updated” covers the period December 21 – February 21, but the ‘earlier updates’ button is dead:

The fact is, nothing appeared on February 5th….again giving credence to the idea that the State’s arm has been twisted into producing something credible. Related to this reality is the extraordinary decision to only take spontaneous data received, as opposed to using tracking for every vaccination. Vaccinnees who go on to die a week later are hardly likely to complain of that eventuality.

So we are left with 29,715 reports and 212 deaths among the Pfizer labrats…..and 42,917 reports with 244 dead for the Astrazeneca guinea pigs.

In both cases, we are looking at 3-4 side effects per respondent. The MHRA blithely writes ‘The overall safety experience with both vaccines is so far as expected from the clinical trials. Based on current experience, the expected benefits of both COVID-19 vaccines in preventing COVID-19 and its serious complications far outweigh any known side effects.’

Now this is where handing the task to the ONS would have been so much better a decision from the citizen’s viewpoint….because there is no way they would’ve drawn such a conclusion: these and other data simply don’t support it. Hancock says the falling case-rates are down to the vaccines (but can’t support causality with data), while even the Pharmcos concerned do not claim either Covid immunity or reduced transmission for their products. In turn, 3-4 side effects for anyone over eighty aren’t going to be a lot of fun….but we can’t see that of course, because there is no demographic data. Curiouser and curiouser.


However, let’s look further at one very big doggy scrotal sac in the data so far which – to the best of my knowledge – everyone has missed. On the basis of these recieved data, the Pfizer product is around 28% more lethal than Astrazeneca’s product (212 deaths out of 29,715 plays 244 deaths out of 42,917).

This is especially significant given the Israeli data where only the Pfizer product was involved.

Did this become apparent during the clinical trials? And if so, why was the Pfizer alternative allowed to go ahead?

The numbers involved (5 deaths per thousand versus 7 per thousand) may seem small to the layman. But if you’re vaccinating for example the 5.7 million people aged over 75 in the UK, then using the Astrazeneca product alone could have saved 11,400 lives.

As always, the data we’re given leaves huge areas of doubt and raises more questions than answers. These numbers confirm my assertion of yesterday that there is a problem with the Pfizer product….but without proper records, we cannot say definitively who or what it’s better or worse for.

I continue to ask myself why the State prefers confusion and fear to clarity. I continue to suspect that there is still far more we don’t know. And I continue to despair at the complicity of the media.

There is nobody we can trust in public life. But there is now every sign that only a grass roots mass movement of common sense is going to put the 0.1% back in their box.

The time for the wisdom of worldly crowds has arrived. More details to follow.

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