EXPLOSIVE: there’s a problem with the Pfizer virus, and our Government is hiding it

Knife-and-fork amateur night ‘recording’ of vaccine side-effects at the UK’s risible Yellow Card MHRA site, deaths in Michigan, major enquiries in Norway, damning data in Israel, and a 25% refusal rate among London health workers. It’s time the MSM stopped toeing the line and asked Matt Hancock some awkward questions.


Yesterday, The Slog repeated the social and medical need for Covid vaccine side-effect/fatality stats to be released in full. I did this because of the growing number of private emails and negative articles I’ve seen over the last week: 35 dead in Michigan, enquiries into 44 deaths in Norway, and three reports of immediate post-vaccination deaths across four UK care homes. All of them seem to involve the Pfizer drug, and people aged over 65.

The Israeli situation has taken me longer to get a head round, because the translations are not of the best, data is very complex…and the Ministry of Health has on at least one occasion changed the stats without any rationale. However, the bottom line there is expressed as follows:

‘…….vaccinations caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have during the same period….The number of COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated since the start of the vaccination action seems to explain the increased death rates from COVID-19 observed since December 2020…The table provided by the Ministry of Health on February 10 states 660 COVID-19 deaths among the vaccinated, 51.9% of the [ALL] deaths for that period – 51.9% of deaths during that period are for the 12.5% vaccinated….We conclude that the Pfizer vaccine, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease among the younger age class.

The one big advantage of the Israeli study is that Israel bought only the Pfizer product. In the UK, the waters are more muddied because we have two in circulation. But either way, there is clearly a problem with the Pfizer drug among older respondents….and yet, Hancock claims a causal link between “vaccination” in Britain, and the falling rates of transmission, cases and deaths. The scandal in Israel now seems to put that in doubt.

Number Ten wants it both ways: a month ago, it claimed that lockdown was the key factor….even though we still have very high deaths per million. Now it says vaccines have made the difference – but data from elsewhere says at least one of them is most dangerous among the most vulnerable group….and Pfizer itself says its vaccine may not slow transmission or provide total immunity.

If the Israeli figures had turned up during a trial, it would have been halted. But in the UK, the rollout of the two drugs available continues at full steam ahead through the ice floe.

Except, that is, among frontline medical staff in London; they’ve done more vaccinations than anyone….and a quarter of them have rejected that option for themselves.

I mentioned the emails I’d received about that hesitancy. The excellent site run by Rosemary Frei (a Canadian) has noted the exact same syndrome: ‘I’ve heard first-hand that a lot of people are getting sick after vaccination, particularly seniors. I’ve heard this also from others, including health care professionals. But officials almost always quickly proclaim that deaths aren’t caused by the vaccines. Instead they tell us that serious injuries are extremely rare’.

Hence my request yesterday for full stats on all deaths occurring within 72 hours of both vaccines in the UK. If we don’t get them, then any thinking person has to ask why “the rule” seems to have been “hike up the Covid19 death rates” (February to December 2020) but then “don’t report the vaccine problems” (January to March 2021).

One fascinating aspect of the Israeli numbers is that they vindicate to a remarkable degree the observation I made months ago that “vaccines” would not reduce the death rate enough to justify the expense involved. I quoted my own Worldometer analysis and came up with an existing death rate of 0.042%. The death rate among ALL ‘innoculated’ Israelis is….0.042%. (See also the Saturday essay here of February 27th last)

Hilariously, in a double-double bluff, Voice of America (that fine oasis of objective reportage) said that ‘nobody blocked ONS data on vaccine deaths’ and thus claims ‘fake news’. Nothing like getting your retaliation in early: only problem being, the claim doesn’t exist. They’ve now redacted the “investigation”. Finally, we have arrived at fake-fake news before it happens. It was only a matter of time.

In fact, what the ONS has said is ‘For deaths involving an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine,  we will now use the recently implemented WHO International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision’.

Oh dear. I wonder where that idea came from. It’s effectively an admission that nobody is collecting death stats about the UK vaccines in the UK. Otherwise, why go to the WHO?

That hypothesis is given strong support when one visits the farce that is The Yellow Card Report. Published by the MHRA (aka, bureaucrats) the YCR is relying upon self-description by those who have received the vaccination. It’s latest issue, for example, is based on 23,000 respondents: that’s a tiny proportion of the 20 million already vaccinated, and they’re overwhelmingly devoid of the skills required to describe symptoms accurately.

Why on Earth choose Government-published stats based on self-assigned patients, when there is an independent body – the ONS – ready, waiting and paid to do the job based on all recipients via NHS data?

It’s simply more Virusecrecy, and more IABATO – ‘It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official’.

Hello, UK media – is there anyone out there? There is, very obviously, something odd going on here. Since when did BoJo ever sit on good news?

Protecting the NHS?

All clap, no money?