EXPLOSIVE: Sarah Everard’s murder and the link to Britain’s Secret State

The mainstream media seem happy to publicise mentally ill supporters of imposing a 6pm curfew on all men following an alleged murder by one secret State policeman. This coming week, the Lords will debate making misogyny a hate crime. The Slog discusses a possible return to sanity, and begins an investigation into the process of orchestrating public acceptance of full-on totalitarian corporatocracy.

I offer a riposte to the MSM line about the Everard murder case today. The media, Green, feminist, hard Left response to this act shows all the signs of orchestration. Within a few hours of disappearing, Sarah Everard’s absence was running end to end on all social media. Someone is reported missing every thirty seconds in the UK: this level of concern was completely atypical in both speed and size.

Plod apprehended the alleged killer within 24 hours. Surely a record for them. He is in fact a member of the security services. A day later he was in hospital with “serious head wounds” that occurred while in custody. But then he was discharged and back in custody. The media seem little interested in these details; instead, they have whipped up support for vigils….and given a voice to the man-haters from both within and without their ranks.

The result is that another “reason” for draconian totalitarian action has been created and is gaining ground. Meanwhile, some form of national security agenda (or vendetta) is being completely ignored.

This has to stop, right? Secret State censors gag our mouths and disable our sensors.

This morning, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak said a full return to the office after the “pandemic” will probably not happen. We are being conditioned to a future existence as fulltime political prisoners. On arriving there we can rejoin our minds that were imprisoned decades ago.

The deranged policy options we’re asked to accept, debate and then support get more surreal with every day.

The assertions we no longer challenge – only white people are racist, George Floyd was a hero, Islam is the religion of Peace, Trump was a racist-Russophile sex pest, all men are born rapists, Pakistani rape gangs are a myth, Incorrect Statues must be smashed – are legion.

How do we kick-start a Cold War of counterbalance against this deep pool of unhinged thought?

There’s a case for arguing that, when it comes to fighting choreographed insanity, there are ten social typologies to take into account:

  1. Too desperate, busy, idiotic, “grounded” or distracted to care about it
  2. Ideologically blinded knee-jerk supporters of it
  3. Orchestrators of it
  4. Suspect it, but prefer denial to facing the music
  5. Probably accept it, but are too socially nervous to say anything
  6. Recognise it, moan about it, but prefer Netflix and the sofa to doing anything about it
  7. Cooperate with it for purely personal (often selfish) reasons
  8. Appalled by it, but bullied into silence by family and peers
  9. Oppose it, but see little sign of having any influence without organised mass support
  10. Oppose it volubly in all media

Obviously, these broad simplifications cannot be hard and fast….and they change over time. For myself, I’d say I’m 75% in the last category, 25% in the penultimate one. Twenty years ago, I was in the first category.

Today, I draw one strategic insight, based both on the above list, and some rough stats I’ve imputed over the last eighteen months. It goes as follows:

Those in the last grouping represent only around 1 in 200 of the adult population. However, creating an organisation offering succour, identity and unity would gain more active support from Groups 8, 9, and 5; further, in a worsening economic environment, it would make inroads into Group 4, and the higher social end of Group 1.

In a nutshell, in 2021, a well branded and relevantly constructed resistance group would have appeal to roughly 8.5% of adults in the UK. By the time serious fiscal anarchy had taken hold (say, 2023) this would rise to nearer 20% of the electorate.

So the concept of pushing back against madness has an immediate appeal to some 5.7 million already unhappy and active people….and within two years could easily build into 13.6 million.

Civil disobedience among that large a social group could, if directed imaginatively:

  • Reduce business funding to politicians
  • Starve the Treasury of funds when it most needs them
  • Break the link between dirty money and the MSM
  • Hold individual ministers to account
  • Reduce social media advertising revenue
  • Apply stealth pressure in key electoral contituencies
  • Leave pols in fear of unpredictable actions
  • Stay completely pacifist and within non-tyrannical laws.

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been talking to people, testing hypotheses and gaining reactions. To be frank, it’s an uphill task….but with enough will among those who prefer being awake rather than woke, it can be achieved.

It would, however, be completely inappropriate to discuss and develop specifics of structure and tactics in any public medium. That will be done entirely through encrypted invitation.

In the meantime, vigilance remains absolutely vital. Stay close to the Everard murder case – and other similar orchestration methods.