EVERARD VIOLENCE – Digging for Truth & Sanity?


How bad can it get?

Learning experiences come from the most unlikely directions. In reporting on last night’s Sarah Everard “vigil”, Britain’s mass media missed all of them.

Millions of people around the world will go through the Fourth Estate scribblings about last night’s disturbances on Clapham Common, and leave the subject having reached an erroneous conclusion based on nothing they need to know. This isn’t what the media are supposed to be for.

  • Why was there tension at the gathering? Because it had been banned for a stupid reason to do with an invented pandemic, and because the alleged killer is a policeman.
  • What sort of policeman is he? A secret policeman.
  • Why is our anti-terrorist operation hiring sadistic killer-rapists? Good question.
  • How come social media were so organised about Sarah’s disappearance? Person or persons unknown organised a Twitter/Facebook trend-storm…could’ve been MI6, could’ve been Wimmin activists. We don’t know.
  • How did Plod catch the alleged perpetrator so quickly? Pass.
  • What sort of women were at the gathering? All sorts….a cross-section: but as always, with a substantial minority keen to make ideological capital out of the tragedy. This effort on Twitter was one of over 300 people determined to attend the vigil and defy the police:
  • As you might expect from the use of syntax there, Deborah Hermanns is on the National Council of far Left Labour Group Momentum, and an enthusiastic supporter of Red Pepper. She’s also a Useful Idiot buying into the Green New Deal.
  • Was the content of inpromptu speeches made from the bandstand in any way inciteful? Did activists gather round the speakers and become rowdy? Or did police push them deliberately into a confined space? Search me squire – your guess is as good as mine.

As with everything, it’s a complex issue – made worse by MSM whores, police duplicity, a mad Mayor, fascist gender ideology opportunism, and a global drive towards division and top-down State repression.

But several outcomes are predictable: female Leftist MPs will use the events to demand further attacks on the internet, radical feminists will make insane demands for male house-arrest, the police will insist that “the law” must be upheld about Covid19 Lockdown, the secret services will want (again) a bigger budget for the coming fiscal, and the politicians will pass yet more ideological legislation that will change nothing except the small bit of liberty Brits still have left.

So here’s some awkward reality from the latest crime statistics.

Women are 50% less likely to be murder victims than men.

77% of women are murdered indoors by somebody they know.

Fatal violence on women is down 16% year on year.

Only 13% of female victims were murdered after abduction in the street.

Last year, 24 women (out of a UK adult female population of 18 million) died that way.

That is, female death following street abduction is a 1 in 750,000 likelihood.

There is no more an epidemic of female murder in Britain than there is a Covid19 global pandemic. The outrage following the event, the mass-crowd vigil, the need for police presence and the further divisive approach to politics were, in this instance, totally out of proportion to the point of being surreal.

An awkward truth I realise – and one that will bless me with shoals of hate-mail – but a truth nevertheless.

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