Thousands of women insane with anger because 749,999 not dead out of 750,000 on streets that ‘need to be reclaimed

This post is not for the faint-hearted. The Slog examines the link between the conflation of Covid19 and spurious politicisation of Sarah Everard’s death, concluding that both are weapons of mass distraction, unwarranted fear and perversion of justice. Speaking plainly in 2021 is not a popularity contest: one feels profound compassion for the victims, and utter contempt for those hateful opportunists forever keen to turn every horror story to political advantage.

Out of interest last night, I switched on my SmartTV (a rare occurrence) and flicked around the world of Global News. All but one (the Beijing CCP mouthpiece) was covering the brutal murder of Sarah Everard as either N°1 or N°2 story.

The featured image above mine is from this morning’s Telegraph. Male writers do not feature highly. The headline above it read, ‘Undercover police to be stationed around bars to protect women – Protesters march on Parliament in the wake of Sarah Everard killing, despite Priti Patel’s calls to for people not to attend demonstrations’.

Joan Smith tells us that ‘1,000 women will be raped this week’….yet more classic misuse of the raw number to mislead: that’s a rate of 17 per hundred thousand. In Sweden, the figure is 64. The organisation unsurprisingly says there is a rape crisis: there isn’t – the figure has stayed between 15 and 18 per hundred thousand since 2000.

Suzanne Moore (oh dear) says ‘I switch on the radio to hear endless men talking about the need to “protect women”. It is as if nothing has been learnt. Women are the majority of the population. Who do we need protecting from? Spell it out.’ So you see, men are the problem: not one or two men per hundred thousand, but all men. I’ve no idea how Moore retains her post, because she is, to be blunt, a lousy journalist. She fails to mention statutory rape, but as 55% of all UK kids have now had sex with consent by the age of sixteen, one suspects the numbers are significant. We’re told that the conviction rate is only 1.5% (a lie the Guardian has been peddling for years – it’s actually 4.9%) but either way it’s so low because men lie and cops believe blokes, right? Women never lie, you see. Just like only white people are racist.

In reality, most cases degenerate quickly into ‘he said, she said’: the case of Welsh footballer Ched Evans is notable, in that his life was ruined and his attempts to get work afterwards were hounded by extreme feminists. Eventually, his conviction was rightly quashed. The Slog covered the case here. No apologies from the sisters afterwards.

Celia Walden observes, ‘“it’s time to send a message that women should be equally able to live free from fear of assault or harm”. Ms Walden (who is lucky enough to be married to Piers Morgan) has also not read any of the stats….or, if she has, she didn’t use them – choosing only to observe somewhat ineffectually, ‘the flood of street harassment testimonies women have come forward with over the past few days’. When is a flood a surge, we ask ourselves….at what point is it at “epidemic levels”? Well here in the UK, misogyny is the same as it is across the globe: a sad side-effect of testosterone….a substance most women of my acquaintance seem to admire. Isn’t a 750,000-1 unlikelihood of being murdered in the streets a price worth paying?

“Oh my God, how can you even think such a thing, let alone write it?”

Yes I know – perhaps I have gone too far given the unthinkable grief Sarah’s family must be enduring; but we must stay with the bigger picture, and pierce the mendacious hypocrisy of chattering misandrists. Just as with the Covid19 nonsense, the response to this horrendous but statistically homoeaopathic event is out of all proportion and beyond reason.

It has, quite obviously, been hijacked by the Feminist Green Left in an attempt to turn Clapham Common into Greenham Common.

Ken Marsh, chair of the Metropolitan Police federation, claims 90 per cent of the people had walked away after the vigil before it turned into a political demonstration and rally in breach of Covid regulations – after being infiltrated by protesters from Extinction Rebellion, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. “Twenty six of my colleagues were abused, spat at or punched,” said Mr Marsh. “One black female officer was racially abused. An individual was arrested. This is unfortunately what happens with things like this. They get hijacked.”

A good time, therefore, to look in a little more depth at one of the hijackers. Step into the limelight please, Anna Birley – staunch hard Left Sister, and councillor with the People’s Republic of Lambeth.

This is our Anna (seen here left and with some old bloke) and goodness me, she’s been busy over the last fortnight giving radio interviews, organising with #ReclaimTheseStreets – and helping to perform a broadscale heist of the vigil. Which is, you know, sort of how the branding got changed as the days passed.

The big guns eagerly join in:

Note here how Jess ‘Screw my constituents’ Phillips edges #RTS into poll position, while recording her support from the safety of the Women’s PLP. She’s not a sharing sort of girl. But as the Met police declare the event illegal under the Covid regulations, the opportunity to grab the limelight for the Reclaim These Streets is instantly seized. Cressida Dick having fallen neatly into the bear trap, suddenly RTS takes seizin of the event.

Now the issue is no longer about Sarah’s life cut short by a dangerously bonkers Secret Policeman: it is about the Human Right of the Left to disobey daft Covid laws….regulations, I might add, that they have consistently supported in the House of Commons.

In the background at this point, the meetings between the police and the Reclaimoids aren’t going terribly well. Plod Dick decides she’s not entirely convinced of their pacifism….and has spotted a few links to even more questionable organisations. Anna spins this onto Good Morning Britain as her “disappointment that the Met don’t want to work with us”. Unfortunately for her, it looks like Plod March’s fears were more than justified by events.

But here’s something from the BBCNews website last Saturday that everyone seems to have missed: ‘A vigil planned by Reclaim These Streets, due to take place on Clapham Common later, near to where the 33-year-old was last seen alive, has been cancelled….Anna Birley, from the group, said it could not bear the personal risk of Covid-19 fines or prosecution’.

What changed Anna’s mind? Was it human activism that stiffened her spine?

As some of you will no doubt know, Adam Wagner (see Birley tweet above) is a Human Rights fan. I’m not: I believe in Civil Rights that come with social responsibilities; but the idea that one miniscule and pompous species on a tiny planet in the south west corner of a not particularly interesting nebula has God-given rights is beyond preposterous. I also believe that HRL is just another rebranding of forced equality collectivism used by the Left as a Trojan Horse with which to seize the fake high ground. Below left is what our Adam tweeted about the Twitter ban on Trump in the US following his pre ‘Capitol Insurrection’ speech to supporters:

For hypocrisy and philosophical muddle, this effort is hard to beat: a democratically elected POTUS is banned by an unaccountable servant of the unelected State. But Wagner’s fine with that, because the POTUS “incited violence”. For a bloke whose metier is the gathering of evidence, it’s a pretty poor show: not a single constitutional institution in the US saw incitement in the speech. Then Adders goes one step further to observe the banning line should be at least on violence. Ah, right: where would you put it then, Adam – political incorrectness? Reporting about rape gangs? Questioning the motives and intoxication level of George Floyd? However, violence against a soi-disant democratic system is a further factor to be taken into account. Really? What if you think the levers of democracy were seized by the Unelected State at least forty years ago? What if you think that the UK’s Supreme Court is nothing more than a censorious Blairite Star Chamber?

Adam Wagner is confused, simplistic and dangerous. The result of this obscene circus is that Britain now labours under an global image of being the rape capital of the Universe. And that charge is based on nothing more than a diddly-squat mound of beans.

I’m not trying to be obnoxious here; I’m offering a clear, simple, evidenced and well-argued case for there being absolutely no difference at all between manipulation of a run-of-the-mill virus into a Grim Reaper of mankind, and the grotesque weaponisation of one innocent girl’s horribly untimely death. Both make an Andes out of a molehill, both use selective stats to make something normal into something political, both involve media complicity, both involve lying on an industrial scale, and crucially – both distract from what’s really in play.

The alleged perpetrator of this foul deed is a Secret State cop – 48-year-old PC Wayne Couzens – recruited by the Met under three years ago, and then rapidly switched into the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, chiefly concerned with security at a range of embassies in the capital. Before joing the Met, he was a mechanic with his family’s auto repair business: yet within under two years, he was trusted enough to be armed at all times. His name does not appear on any sex offenders’ list anywhere.

Couzens lives in Kent – and Sarah’s remains were found in Kent. But why was his job function so rapidly and meteorically changed? Who was the thirty-something woman arrested with him on charges of “aiding an offender”? Couzens has two children – was the woman his partner? Why is it still unclear as to whether Sarah even got home on the night in question….did the offence begin on the streets at all in this case?

And then there’s something the weaponisers don’t seem to care about at all: who was Sarah Everard? She was a 33-year-old marketing executive who left a friend’s home in the Clapham neighbourhood of London at 9 p.m. on March 3 to make her way back to her Brixton apartment. The journey should’ve taken 50 minutes. She rang her boyfriend on the way back home. She was last spotted in the footage of a doorbell camera at 9:28 PM….whose doorbell was it?

I wonder how many of you are aware of these clues about Sarah and her alleged killer? I would guess, not many. For me, this is the single biggest tragedy of the ideological hijack: the Jess Phillips of this world are interested only in promoting their delusional “cause” – and care little for an individual’s real right to justice.

The 1992 Robert Harris novel Fatherland sprang into my mind last night. Set in a parallel universe where the Nazis won World War II, a civil police detective investigating the murder of a Nazi government official is dangerously diligent in unveiling a suspect….but since the murderer is highly placed in a tyrannical regime, the murderer winds up pursuing and arresting the detective.

If we continue this preference for ideological fakery over awkward truths, this is where Homo sapiens is headed….into a cul de sac in which reality is culled.