GEORGE FLOYD: autopsy blows the anti-cop case sky high


What price a fair trial? City Council settlement of $27M & Liberal Press fake news

It’s now official: George Floyd was not choked to death, asphyxiated or killed by the cop’s knee on his neck.

The autopsy shows Floyd’s neck muscles were not bruised in any way whatsoever.

Floyd died from an existing medical condition he himself exacerbated by inappropriate drug use. He died because his heart stopped – hardly surprising given that he had a grossly enlarged heart with several key arteries obstructed by anything from 75% to 90%. Heavy concentrations of fentanyl in Floyd’s system along with methamphetamines at the moment of his arrest made him a dead man walking.

However, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin imminently faces charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death. Three other former Minneapolis police officers are also charged with aiding and abetting; their trial is set to take place in August.

But in the light of this stunning evidence, the wise and generous burghers of the City chose yesterday to vote 13-0 in favour of a 27 million dollar civil settlement upon Floyd’s family. The chances of the jury NOT seeing that action are zero.

Once again, the Liblefts have led us up the garden path. In May last year, the New York Times undertook an “investigation” into the circumstances of Floyd’s death, and advised us as follows:

‘Our video shows officers taking a series of actions that violated the policies of the Minneapolis Police Department and turned fatal, leaving Mr. Floyd unable to breathe, for a disputed length of time [quote] “It makes no difference,” said Jamar Nelson, who works with the families of crime victims in Minneapolis. “The bottom line is, it was long enough to kill him, long enough to execute him.”’

Chauvin did not violate policy, he did not cause Floyd’s death, and Jamar Nelson is talking rubbish – but his rubbish suited the NYT agenda, so in it went.

In the lead-up to the trial of Chauvin, Minneapolis Council has spent a fortune on fortifications (concrete barriers, fences and barbed wire) for the courthouse where it is being held. The implication is that a Not Guilty verdict would result in yet another riot.

This is because 21st century Homo sapiens doesn’t do evidence any more, and the media manipulating them don’t want justice, they want a result. They have created yet another myth – and nobody dare deconstruct it without facing deplatforms, censorship and gagging orders from the Brechtian morons running the world’s “social” media.

Slog regulars will already be aware of the recent trilogy here exploding the drivel put out by #ReclaimThese Streets in the aftermath of Sarah Everard’s tragic death. But both that and the Floyd case show how Western citizens have been led by the media nose towards assumptions with little or no validity.

Gullible Travels

Across the world, the media explosion of the last fifty years has collided with unthinking, pc-target educated electorates to hand a clear advantage to Truth manipulators. Once you write it down, the record of deceit is truly staggering.

Bill Clinton did not get US unemployment down, he just changed the definition of what a job is. Cameron and Osborne in the UK pulled the same stunt a decade later.

Inflation has not fallen, it’s just that the State keeps changing the price-basket to make it look good. On both sides of the pond, your salary is now worth 30% less than it was in 1995.

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. None at all. Saddam had no chemical weapon delivery systems at all. He had no storage facilities.

There has been no trickle-down wealth as a result of allegedly neoliberal economic policies. The Gigarich are even richer, the Megarich are still very rich, and the bottom 25% haven’t lost anything….in that, they still have nothing. Blue collar and lower-end white collar workers have far less job security, far less in savings, and far more credit maxxed to the hilt.

Interest rates are now at the lowest level since the late 1950s, and have been that low for longer than any time in history. ‘Zirp’ was introduced to keep the banking/bourse systems from becoming insolvent, and reduce the cost of sovereign borrowing. There is no coming off it: a 2% rise in rates today would mean every two US tax dollars in five devoted simply to paying the interest.

On a personal note, I was not a member of the Kent Tory Party in 2009, and I wasn’t thrown out for being a Nazi. It’s just that Lord Mandelson got out of a Limo at the Labour Party conference and told everyone I was, because I’d revealed Gordon Brown’s depressive and eye problems. Brown did not deny the charges on the Marr Show, it’s just that former Trot Andrew Marr let him deny using “prescription painkillers” – which wasn’t the charge I had made.

Greece did not “owe France and Germany money” during the eurozone credit crisis. The greedy and imprudent banks of those countries simply gave the Nia Demokrita government loans they could never repay. A team led by Cohn at Goldman Sachs then coached the Greek finance ministry in how to fool the ECB about the sums involved. Greece was not bailed out by EU taxpayers: its National Debt was higher after the “help” than beforehand.

The 2016 Brexit referendum in the UK was not a close thing at all until Yorkshire MP Jo Cox was murdered. The Leave side had an 8-point lead until that event. The alleged killer was tried under Anti-terrorist Laws despite repeated evidence from his associates that he was not and never had been a violent man. He claimed Cox had ignored his whistle-blowing about Islamic rape gangs. That was ignored in the Courtroom.

As we are seeing now, the EU is struggling desperately with an income shortfall following the UK’s secession. In fishing, vaccines and even issuing driving licences to UK expats in France, Brussels continues to block and to lie. Most UK media since the referendum insisted that the EU was in the stronger bargaining position. That was mathematically impossible based on the UK’s huge trade deficit with Brussels. But almost all Remainers still believe the fallacy.

There is no doubt at all (thanks to the work of David Davis MP et al) that the Remain-riddled Whitehall cabal conspired to side-track the elected Brexit negotiators, handing full control of the process to Olly Robbins – a lifelong Euro-federalist – and resulting in the sellout “deal” offered by Theresa May, the farce following which landed us with Boris Johnson. Robbins’ behaviour was treasonous; the MSM response was to tell all of us pointing this out that ‘treason’ isn’t a very nice word. How right they are.

Donald Trump is not a convicted rapist, he did not incite the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill, he did not conspire with Russia during the 2016 Presidential election and he did not have “zero evidence” of tampering by the Biden campaign in 2020. It’s just that everyone from the BBC via CNN to the Washington Post keeps repeating the lies, so the vast majority of the English-speaking world believe them.

Covid19 is not and never has been “a deadly virus”, nor does it increase the numbers of seasonal deaths from such things. Lockdown (given the age bias of deaths) remains an ineffectual and fiscally suicidal policy that the data simply didn’t justify. We were told that C19 is not flu, but the Ferguson alarmist predictions of mass graves were in fact based on a flu model. The virus itself Sars-Covid2 has never been photographed, merely modelled. Under no medical research rules I know of could the Pfizer or Astrazenica drugs be described as “safe”; but Hancock and the media (including renowned virologists Michael Caine and the Queen) insist that they are. They are not ‘vaccines’ in any shape or form, they are uniquely experimental gene therapies. They were corner-cut tested and arguably reduce our natural immune responses over time. The entire process of vax development and blinkered recommendation has been done on a landscape littered with conflicts of interest leading back to the Pharmaceutical giant. The vaccine refusal rate is higher among health professionals than the general public. The cost/benefit analysis for mass vaccination is an ocean-going sieve of health and fiscal nonsense. But some 90+% of British adults are clamouring to get their ‘jab’.

And finally (this week) the weaponisation of Sarah Everard’s murder his been revealed by this site and many others as utterly spurious anti-male lies about unsafe streets, an epidemic of rape that doesn’t exist, and a vigil hijacked by the usual suspects. There are no streets to reclaim because they were never stolen in the first place. Nobody in the MSM has written a word to unmask this cynical Leftist tactic. The real story behind the murder, however, remains something Fleet Street is too lazy or spineless to tackle.

Government by myth and assumption is really nothing more than the Stalin or Honniker régimes plus technology. That really is a deadly virus that has infected the MSM, social media gargoyles, and those who (from either ideological collectivist or hegemenous motives) want a world ‘reset’ in their favour.

A repressive Police Bill sailed calmly through Parliament yesterday. There is no truly independent judiciary any more, the cops are politicised, the Opposition is all over the place and merely part of the same “élite”, and no influential medium anywhere is batting for We The People. Those small Parties opposed to the totalitarian takeover have no Westminster seats, and very obviously no intention of forming a united front against fascists in all the sizes and all the colours.

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Bon courage……