A parting shot

If you hate Trump, the price is Biden.

If you want to get Brexit, the price is Boris Johnson.

If you want to clean up Wall Street, the price is Elizabeth Warren.

If you have no faith in Francois Hollande, the price is Emmanuel Macron.

If you don’t want five more years of Labour, the price is Nick Clegg.

If a CIA lifer in the White House worries you, the price is Bill Clinton.

If you’re sick to death of Thatcherism, the price is Tony Blair.

The tragedy of the last thirty years of major First World elections is that the price of ditching dangerous pillocks has been far too high. The only thing on offer has been a seemingly lesser evil dressed up as a Messiah.

The problem here is that the Establishment gets to decide on what the alternatives should be….not us. And those alternatives emerge based upon an unholy matrimony between corporate money, Party power, and an increasingly small number of media moguls.

The American primaries were originally designed to test out the candidates among the People. But even in that process per se, those candidate bankrollers with the most money (and friends in high media places) usually get to decide who wins.

It’s well-nigh impossible now to vote positively for something that makes sense, as opposed to negatively against someone who offends our senses.

The only way to stop this is to take all the money – media, lobbying and election costs – out of politics. For good….in every sense of that term.

I’ve been beating this drum now for nearly sixteen years. My arms are tired, and I have a hearing deficit.

But believe me, it’s an infinitessimal price to pay if it means – for the first time in history – power to decide truly resting with the electorate.

That’s it. Short and sweet.