The Covid Power & the FA Cup Glory

To the dark princes their satanic power, to the resistors their human glory

While it would be inaccurate to say that the Covid Contrarian Anti-Reset Movement is feeling pretty good at the moment (there’s little or nothing to feel good about) those of us who have faced ridicule from the 88% can at least feel vindicated by the “twists and turns” in events. I apostrophise that term, because unfolding medical and economic news is more precisely a process of controlling the timing, protecting the narrative, and then blaming the mess on a tiny virus that isn’t even considered to be ‘life’ by the backwriters in charge of planned history.

This applies really wherever one looks in the developed world, although virtually no MSM scriveners see what it is. To recap: it’s been obvious for nearly eight years now that bourses are ludicrously out of step with real growth (there isn’t any if you take out QE), that the Algorithmics have been creaming off vast profits via cheap credit, and the only way markets can trade, citizens consume or governments operate is by borrowing to the max.

The Montgolfier-sized bubble having nowhere else to go, banks, bourse firms, media and bought legislators seized upon the Covid19 lexicon of fear created initially by Beijing, and pushed the syntax of deadly, catastrophic, gross mutation and high death rates for all it was worth – ie, zero – but fear is correlated with the size and frequency of alarming headlines, not reality. The financialising 0.1% needed a patsy, and Coronavirus was it: it took eyes off the ball, excused an economic slump that was already a swamp, and offered a once-every-hundred years chance to grab the swag behind a foggy lullaby called Build Back Better.

Such a move required self-interested allies, and these arrived via a “vaccination” bonanza for Big Pharma, invented climate emergencies for the Greens, Health virtue signalling and BBB for the Left, planet-changing power for silicon valley’s billionaires, huge bribes for the political/media complex, more control for the Surveillance State, and huge rewards for the Davos community represented by Klaus Schwab.

What I suspect began as a way for banking to make itself immune from lynch mobs has been crafted and merchandised – with no small degree of genius and luck – into a belief system depicting the fictitious march towards a Utopia based on gullible myopia.

At this point, I normally indulge in an avalanche of unanswerable questions, media lies, fiscal cost/benefit analyses, pre-Covid economic stats and the “vaccine” efficacy/danger spectrum. But I’ve been doing that for over a year, and 118 posts in I’m going to park that approach, at least for a time….because it bounces off the brains of the Fluffy>Smuggie>Controller psychographic.

Instead today, I’d like to point out how this (and thousands of other blogsites) have predicted exactly what we’re seeing now.

Early in March last year, I posted ‘….everyone needs to get real about COVID19 as a “cause” of the coming mayhem: as I posted earlier in the week both here and on Twitter, whoever you might believe responsible for the virus, it is being grasped by the 3% as a patsy. ‘Think of COVID19 as Lee Oswald’ I suggested on social media yesterday.’

That’s exactly what happened: by early April, Bloomberg was routinely referring to a 6.5% drop in the Dow as ‘the Covid Correction’.

Several well-informed sites predicted self-inflicted crisis via incontinent spending on ‘Covid containment’. This is precisely what followed. As one Sovereign after another threw fiscal rules to the wind, senior IMF staff charged around the world capitals to reassure spendaholics that all would be well, for a Reset was coming. Klaus Schwab said we had a golden opportunity to Build Back Better. Neil Ferguson demanded Lockdown, and internet sceptics said there would be no way out of it. Once again, they were right.

Donald Trump poo-poohed the hysteria surrounding lockdowns and vaccines. He was ridiculed as a quack. But he was right.

When Boris Johnson announced his “irreversible” road out of Lockdown, The Slog observed, ‘Earlier last week, Boris Johnson had said that this time, there would be no backsliding, no panicking, and no volte-faces: this was the Big One. The Freedom Riders were going the full distance…..”we’re on a one-way road to freedom” he insisted…..that’s before we’ve had any leaking to The Times and Piers Morgan from Pharmafia interests about deadly surging new deadly mutant more infectious deadly strains infecting our schoolchildren in deadly danger of deadly death….The United Kingdom Prime Minister is not First Among Equals: he is a spineless Build Back Better spider in the tightly-spun web of surveillance, bankers and collectivist ideologues selling a New Normal that is utterly unnatural. There is no roadmap out of Lockdown beyond its abandonment as a strategy.’

I predicted the arrival of another deadly mutant, and then more backsliding à la Boris.The Slog was first out of the stalls to observe that the Indian variant was being groomed for the role, recording that ‘The Indian health ministry has already made it clear that the Covid19 variant they’re dealing with this year has “a considerably lower death rate than the previous version”….India’s deaths per million is a minute 134: that’s 7% of the US and French figures, 6% of the UK and Italy’s and the lowest by far of any country in the Top 30 for cases.”

But sure enough, within hours of BoJo announcing that his roadmap was on target, Whitty and the vaccine-to-patsy Job’s Comfort patrol began leaking to the press of their concerns about this deadly Indian mutant….and right on cue, the PM now says the June 21st release date is in doubt.

This development was inevitable, because the ‘It wuz de covid wot dun it’ masquerade stood far less chance of flying if “authoritative” sources were saying that SarsCovid2 was no longer a serious threat. It is imperative for the directors of this sham that Covid19 should resurge and create a completely related dip in investment confidence prior to global disaster, not afterwards.

At the American Institute for Economic Research site yesterday I read this quote:

“Covid19 hit a robust, many would say healthy world economy”

The AIER is one of the oldest and most respected nonpartisan economic research and advocacy venues in the world, founded under FDR in 1933. But that statement ranks among the greatest lumps of blue blithering codswallop I’ve ever read. It. simply. is. not. true. But I think we’re going to see a lot more rubbish on that scale; it is interesting that already, the business media are predicting massive inflation and counter-productive interest rate rises as the inevitable result of ‘panicky covid expenditure by politicians’. Same word – ‘panicky’ – in the mix, and I’ve seen it three times now in four days. Build Back Better. The Great Reset. The Covid factor. Greatest threat in peacetime history. Unifié contre le virus.

Blah blah blah bollocks. The politicians did not make panicky decisions; they responded to alarmist claptrap by modellers and senior Health bureaucrats in the pay of Global Pharma. This was typically ignorant and spineless of such politicians and probably corrupt, but I’m convinced that probably Macron and Johnson (at least at first) were genuinely frightened by what they were told.

A month ago, I wrote a post titled “Can you see the join?” In it, I wrote, ‘The control, containment and citizen obedience being demanded by States around the globe is in near-zero relation to the homoaeopathic threat from SarsCov2. We are about to see the real reason for accustoming us to the idea of virtue-signalled, false necessity.’

India is the last piece in that jigsaw. With 192 deaths per million people, the second most populous country in the world is still – without vaccines, without a proper hospital infrastructure, and with only management drugs to treat the infected – achieving cure results superior to anything in the West. Indian media correctly point out that the strain they have at the moment has a lower death-rate than last year’s strain. It has no real story to inform Western health officials – but it does have very high raw numbers, for its population is 1.4 billion.

Covid fakery has focused on cases and non-comparative numbers now since last Autumn, because it has nothing else to say: go to the Worldometer site, and do the maths for yourself – we have now had a season and a half of Covid 19, and the total number of deaths both from and with this pathogen totals 167.7 million. That’s just one person for every 4,400 on Earth. Take off a third for it being 1.5 seasons, that’s one per 6,600. Take the latest US figures suggesting that 40% of all so-called cases had other mortal pathogens anyway, that’s one in 8,740. While you’re at it, in the UK you can take off the 25% who died by being silly enough to go to a hospital (stop clapping the NHS, an start demanding better hygiene standards) and it’s closer to 1 in 11,000.

There were 22,000 people at the FA Cup Final yesterday. To save two (probably obese or aged lives) a further 78,000 were kept away from what was, for Leicester City fans, the end of an historic 149 year wait to win the trophy. If you don’t like football, you have my deepest sympathies, but you won’t get the point I’m making. Suffice to say that the release of emotional misery in the celebration of no longer having to be the butt of jokes is like no other in its ability to enhance life.

That’s what the flat-screens like Whitty, Biden, Ferguson, Fauci, Hancock, Ardern and Starmer have done to us. And whereas their theories about containment, spread, masks, death rate, immunity, vaccination, cost-benefit and eradication have proved to be utterly inaccurate and often impossible tosh, we the conspirateurs sauvages have predicted the outcome of this obscene farce with near-clinical accuracy.

So when the bell tolls, who exactly is the nine-dollar note here?

Enjoy your Sunday.

Those with masochistic tendencies can explore the calumny further at The Covid 19 Saga

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