COVID INQUIRY: was the core Number Ten team deliberately infected, & was MI6 involved?

An anonymous source who gives the impression of having been close to events declares that Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Dominic Cummings were deliberately infected with Covid19 at a meeting of the COBRA committee on 18th March 2020, and the “spreading agent” was Imperial College modeller Neil Ferguson. The source also alleges that Sir Mark Sedwill masterminded the operation.

Well now – that’s an interesting story with which to cap the day, yes? I’m open-minded about it to be honest, but if true it does explain a lot. I received the information concerned in an eccentric bordering on mysterious way. The anonymous “leaker” is, as far as I know, not a source I’ve worked with before. Further, I have no idea what this person’s ulterior motives might be.

These are, obviously, major caveats – hence the stress I lay on this being an allegation, rather than something a chap of my meagre means could ever prove. But given it now looks like a Covid Saga Inquiry may well be in the offing, it seems to me worthwhile to air what might be something of crucial importance to investigators.

Lest we forget: Sedwill continued to actively undermine the Brexit process at that time, and was busy doing everything in his power to destabilise both the PM himself and Dom Cummings. While Cabinet members were ill with Covid19, Sedwill conspired to block the tougher elements of the UK negotiating team; only Cummings’ quick recovery and early return to work spiked Sir Mark’s plans.

This is not to say that the emergence of the Covid19 virus was designed solely to derail Brexit – as an analysis, such an idea makes little or no geopolitical sense. But as a trained counter-espionage agent, Sedwill knows that no crisis should ever be wasted – as indeed, President Macron of France was delighted to use ‘social distancing’ rules as a way to stop Gilets Jaunes demonstrations.

While it’s good to be moving on from morbid hysteria about Covid19 as a virus, I remain concerned that the bigger questions still to be answered – why the virus was hyped, and what the real point of it all might have been – will not be addressed by any public inquiry, let alone answered. Having one inquiry, of course, is probably better than nothing; but the track record of commissions, formal investigations and reports is not one littered with prizes: from the Warren Commission via Iraq, Chilcot and Grenfell to today, most of those involved wound up believing that the conclusions reached were wrong and/or influenced by ex cathedra pressure.

I also doubt the usefulness of this particular inquiry given the global nature of the phenomenon under scrutiny. We can be sure that, from the outset, pharma lobbyists throughout Europe and America will be watching the action, having used the vast sums of money at their disposal to ensure anti-pharma medics are frightened, bribed or ignored. Further, the military intelligence types around President Biden, Whitehall, NATO, Wall Street and the Sureté will pull out all the stops to ensure that the Covid narrative remains intact in all the important places – most notably, the media’s uniformity of collaborationist (and often blatantly fake) reportage, and the use of social media censorship to keep citizens scared, confused and bombarded by heinous myths.

Finally, with no serious accountability or Opposition within the legislative process, both Johnson and Hancock will look among Whitehall and the Health bureaucrats for easy blame-targets…..indeed, no doubt they already are: and similar tactics in the opposite direction are doubtless under way. Toss Dominic Cummings into that mix, and the capacity for blame evaders to yell “Unreliable witness!” will be ever-present.

The good news is that huge tracts of the narrative are at last coming apart. Just totting up events this last week or so, the Wuhan lab cover-up has enabled Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to direct the buck back to Anthony Fauci; the US group ‘Doctors for Covid ethics’ flat-out concludes that ‘the experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective and dangerous’, while Dr. Peter McCullough – the doctor with the most citations in the National Library of Medicine on these topics – warned that the COVID shot was “already causing thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of hospitalizations that have been recorded”; two press titles in Canada have featured revelations of clear and unethical pressure being applied to doctors who diverge from the Party Line; and Eric Clapton has emerged as the first global celeb to describe his horrendous experience during the Astrazeneca two-jabs process.

The bad news is that UK health bureaucrats have played….yes, you guessed it, the ‘Indian variant’ card, as the new reason to halt BoJo’s motorway out of Lockdown and a return to old Normal. Regulars at this space will recall that three weeks ago, I posted an excoriating piece damning the outright lies trotted out by the UK press (alongside the BBC, Bloomberg and Reuters) about the scale of the Indian epidemic – up to and including the use of falsified “mass cremations” eventually identified as associated with a factory explosion the previous year. Well, now we know why.

Typically, the PM lost no time in backtracking with “we may still need local lockdowns” – showing that at least part of him still feels vulnerable to its easy but simplistic analysis. Cummings certainly does – a point that continues to confuse me, because people close to Dom told me a year ago that DC didn’t buy into the lockdown ideas of Neil ‘Always Wrong’ Ferguson.

A few good MSM hacks are now prepared to come out and say that Lockdowns don’t work. Most of them work for the Daily Telegraph (Allison Pearson being one); and today, Tory Party observer Fraser Nelson has an excellent piece there. He points out the following:

‘It’s wrong to imagine that delay suits Boris Johnson. The inquiry is likely to vindicate his suspicion that the virus could be forced back without lockdown….We can already look at America, where the states took wildly different approaches, and see the lack of correlation between lockdown stringency and virus control…..The Cabinet Office, which ought to have supplied the rigour, instead served to amplify spin. Some of its internal documents, certain to come out in an inquiry, read like they’re trying to terrify the Prime Minister into locking down….’

Er, exactly. And that brings us back of course to our old chum, ageing spook Sir Mark Sedwill. As he is MI6 and therefore bombproof, we can be certain that:

  • His personal choice of Ferguson will not come to light
  • His role as a bioweapons expert will not be probed
  • Acceptance of a non-existent cost/benefit analysis for vaccines will be glossed over
  • The smearing of HCQ, Ivermectin and other effective management drugs will be ignored
  • Peter Horby at Recovery will not be cross-examined as to his blatant drug-trial fraud*
  • The involvement of Hard Left academics bankrolled by Pharma and Gates (and Fauci’s Wuhan connections) will be deemed ‘beyond the scope of the Inquiry’.

Which really leaves us with only one area to go at that should destroy Hancock’s career: his false reassurances to the Commons about vaccine safety, and the shifty evasiveness he has shown in relation to hard vaccine illness/death data. Ambushed by backbench Tories during his recent report to the House, the Health Secretary blustered and bluffed….but failed to convince.

If the promised Inquiry fails to bottom out his motive(s) for mendacity, then it will have failed utterly in its objective.

I leave you with the asterisked link below as evidence of why most “public” Inquiries reveal little or nothing to the public they allegedly serve.

*I base this on the pathetically easy ride Horby was given during the November 2020 Parliamentary committee looking at Covid control. This is an extract from his testimony:

Two drugs (a lie) have been shown to have an effect. The only one shown to have an effect on mortality rates is dexamethasone (a lie). It is a steroid. It is probably true that steroids as a class of drugs have a benefit in hospitalised patients who have lung disease. We have shown in the RECOVERY trial of patients who required oxygen or invasive mechanical ventilation that we reduced the risk of death by about a fifth in patients on oxygen and by about a third in patients in ICU. That was a surprisingly big effect. That drug is now part of treatment recommendations internationally. It is part of recommended treatment guidance. The second drug is remdesivir, which has received conditional approval in the US and Europe, and is an intravenous treatment, unlike steroids. It is much more expensive. It has not shown a benefit on mortality, but it has shown a benefit in reduced hospital stays. An international trial, led by the United States, showed a reduction of about four days in duration of hospitalisation….Those are the two drugs that have been shown to have an effect (a lie). Other treatments are being evaluated. The most promising are the antibody-based treatments. (a lie)”

As a management drug, HCQ+Zinc cocktail is superior to both drugs Horby mentioned. As a prophylactic, Ivermectin exceeds anything in terms of built immunity that Big Pharma’s soi-disant “vaccines” could ever claim….without any of the cost or experimental risk involved.

By all means, let’s have an Inquiry. But can it please feature aggressive cross-examination teeth and enquiring open minds rather than the benign gums of previous efforts?