Henry Deeds & Shapps misdeeds

Deedes on Shapps….a Nob in praise of a Knob

More than a hundred years ago, it used to be said that Britain was a nation of lions led by donkeys. Today it is a hopelessly divided land of gullible hypochondriacs misled by Toffs employing barrow boys. The Slog examines the unsavoury career of Grant Shapps, and the media nepotism that can’t stop admiring his villainy.

The British Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps is a man whose past consists of grey clouds and red claws.

When he first became an MP, Our Grant already had an alias (Michael Green) that enabled him to sidestep declarations of interest. His declarations suggested he was merely an investor in the internet company that sold a guide to making “tons of cash by Christmas”. When accused of this, Shapps lied by saying he had left the organisation after being elected to Parliament in 2005. But it’s clear that he lied: in 2006, he was still actively marketing his company, and still posing as Michael Green.

In 2003, he was bandying about the idea that his company was ‘about to float on the stock exchange with a valuation of £19m’. This too was a lie. In fact, its records do not appear at Companies’ House until 2005….and he didn’t sell his shares in it (to his wife….nyeeece) until 2008. The Company – ‘HowToCorp’ – wasn’t dissolved until 2014.

But in the intervening period, he was interviewed the LBC’s Shelagh Fogarty – categorically ddenying three times Shapps that he had worked as Michael Green after 2005. Another lie. The interview closed as Grant told Fogarty, ““I thought the discussion here was second jobs whilst people are MPs. To be absolutely clear. I don’t have a second job. And I have never had a second job whilst I being an MP. End of story.” Yet another (repeated) lie.

When this came to light, even Dodgy Dave Cameron began to grasp that Shapps was something of a liability. Matters were not helped by allegations that – as Tory Party Chairman – GS had behaved like an especially nasty little bully. A Government Junior Minister, with whom I was acquainted at the time, told me, “Well you see old boy, the flaw in Grant’s defence is that he’s guilty”. On 28 November 2015, he stood down from his ministerial position.

His career appeared to have shunted itself into a forgotten siding. But you can’t keep a bad man down: after 2018, he declared himself leader of the plot to remove Theresa May as Prime Minister. Very few people have deserved a stab in the chest more than Mrs May, but that’s not really the point: Shapps moved against her as the only way to revive his climb up the greasy pole – via the patronage of equally slimey Boris Johnson.

New Prime Minister Johnson appointed Shapps as Transport Secretary soon after his arrival in Downing Street.

As post-Brexit “agreement” was reached on EU/UK driving licence rights, Shapps bragged as follows:

“Changing the designs of our driving licences and number plates is a historic moment for British motorists, and a reassertion of our independence from the EU one year on from our departure.Looking to the future, whether it’s for work or for holidays abroad, these changes mean that those who want to drive in the EU can continue to do so with ease.”

This was and remains a lie. There is no procedure at all for UK citizens based in France, whose driving licences have expired, to renew them: approach Shapps’s DVLA, and it threatens you with fines if you don’t switch to a French licence; approach the French Ants organisation, and it says you need a DVLA certificate of entitlement; approach the DVLA and they say that, until Ants ratifies the agreement, they won’t issue CoEs. An estimated 11,500 of we expats here in France are thus denied the Civil Right to use our cars….or face a €15,000 fine for driving illegally.

Yes, I’m one of them – and I’m very happy to accept my personal interest in this SNAFU. Because the whole mess is symbolic of élites that claim credit in the media, but leave their employers – we, the citizenry – up a gumtree.

The admirable Facebook Group fighting this calumny has recieved little or no help from the UK media…beyond half-baked inaccurate nonsense about how this disgraceful situation has come to pass. For the UK MSM these days sucks Establishment cock, rather than holding it to account.

All of which brings me to the case of Henry Deedes, soi-disant journalist.

The British media continue to defend our class-riddled State at all costs. The Deedes dynasty goes a long way to explaining why.