COVID: Saturday satire & real-life smiling savagery


Let the vaccine take the strain. And your life

For the things you find to fear these days, we’re by your side day by day in every way to help you fear every Covid strain yesterday, today and tomorrow

SPECIAL OFFER – Le variant nouveau de Christan de Cunha est arrivé!!

Buy two cases, add 1,830 cases absolutely free of any Parliamentary Inquiry. From our special valued supplier MoJo-Halfcock Medical Software (2017) Tennessee Incorporated. Offer limited to one per household in the UK.

For the keen amateur vaccine enthusiast: special kit for self-administering nine guaranteed 31% effective protections against the Indian, South African, Brazilian, Triple Yorkshire, Japanese, Whitty, Ferguson, BBC and CDC strains. ABSOLUTELY NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS

Care-home owner? Just watch the hands go up among all your inmates keen to meet new friends! Yes – under the much-applauded Strainsbury-Hancock Pathway, their wishes have been fulfilled by the 17,000 correctly diverse NHS Covid Zombies who became their new best friends over the last eighteen months. Just read these glowing and absolutely certified comments from senior experts responsible for the policy:

“I was utterly amazed….our NHS patient friends arrived, and eleven days later my residents were all dead”. (WaitingRoom Homes, Essex)

“A brilliant idea! Despite wearing masks at all times, our nursing staff was decimated within 72 hours!! Well done Strainsbury’s!!!” (

“The extremely useful death-count was so effective, we repeated it the following year with equally startling results. This just goes to show the benefits of following clinical advice”. (M. Hancock, SW1)

* B&S Johnson World Bank 10D Enterprises (2017) Ltd

Why not park the children in our crèche?

Friendly faces are always there to teach the kiddies about deadly global pustule-riddled new Covid strains that will kill them absolutely dead unless they have experimental mRNA pumped into them TODAY. Special tips on playground ostracising of children with nutjob anti-vaxx parents are also available on demand.

All the techniques used by our fun-loving Crèchistas developed by Intrudeau Davos Depopulation Industries Incorporated.

Dark humour? Take a look at the reality. This headline in today’s Daily Telegraph is perhaps the most demonic example of State dissembling I’ve even seen in my 7.3 decades on Planet Earth:

It’s very carefully crafted: we the technocrats are in control and will force an elected PM to take the necessary decision from our list of suggestions, and then if 8 million children wind up dead, it will all be his fault.

The single biggest element that separates the elective free-speech democracy from totalitarian dictatorship is the existence of absolute power without any responsibility. Lenin had to abandon democracy because of bourgeois “counter-revolutionaries”. Stalin killed 13 million in the Gulags because they were “fascist conspirators”. Hitler lost because, having got rid of the “Jewish bacillus” in the death camps, the German People “were not worthy to serve him”. And Mao’s Cultural Revolution was utterly disastrous because “lazy intellectuals did not pull their weight in the countrside”.

Observe these further pernicious excerpts from the Telegraph piece:

‘In a break from previous practice, the joint committee on vaccination and immunisation (JCVI) is expected to set out “options and consequences” rather than taking a stance on the controversial issue. It comes as the European Medical Agency recommended Pfizer vaccines for children as young as 12, causing deep divisions. Germany’s national regulator insisted more data is needed before it can be sure the move is safe for children….The issue has become even more prescient after evidence that the Indian variant of Covid has been spreading among younger people in a handful of areas.’

But then, right at the end, this unbelievably feeble attempt to suggest balance in the article: ‘On Friday, the number of new infections rose past 4,000 for the first time since April, but hospitalisations remain low, with new data suggesting vaccines are offering high levels of protection.’

If I have to spell this out again, then so be it:

1. There is no rationale at all for jabbing anyone under 18. They’re not going to die from Covid, they won’t infect granny because she’s allegedly protected by her jab, and this is in direct contravention of Hancock’s solid public promise of last year, “this is never going to be a vaccine for children”.

2. As this site has insisted from Day 1, the ‘Indian variant’ has been blown up in prominence by a series of calculated media hype, falsehoods both photographic and statistical and deliberately ignored low death rates that show it to be weaker than the original.

3. Even at the reported level of vaccine injuries and unexpected risks, these jabs will kill more children than Covid ever could.

I for one think that perhaps the sad time has finally arrived when those in the Media Resistance need to start targeting the key Pharma, bureaucrat, media and Cabinet/N° 10 actors in this charade.

I’d start with Hancock (whose care home lies at least have been picked up), and also make an example of this Tom Harwood shill about to join GBNews. Then I think a campaign to cast SAGE to the four winds should be on the agenda.

I am also currently working on another post designed to flesh out the mounting evidence of sick minds in Washington and Beijing working together behind the Pharma/State power play – and further clues on what the Game Plan might be.