THE COVID CIRCLE: Boris weds, Hancock cornered, Sedwill & Wuhan, Fauci & bioweapons, Biden & China, Murdoch the media rebel, World Bank & Stanley Johnson

‘Everything is connected’: one of my favourite Buddhist mantras. But as the pace of Covid/Vaccine events hots up, everyone involved in its very public life is showing behaviours that exemplify the Universal law. This stretches from Fauci to Hancock via Pfizer “development”, beyond Covid19 to the vaccines problem and out into the geopolitics of Wuhan virus “escape” where new Slog research this week shows a conclusive Sino-American interdependence….and then links back to the ever-present Sir Mark Sedwill….and the PM’s father Stanley.

Even the secret wedding of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds smacks of cynical media-spin timing; it has pushed the Hancock-hunting off the front pages this morning….but not entirely banished it.

It’s now becoming clear that Hancock did lie to the Covid Inner Circle about NHS patients “being tested” before being dispatched, did ignore NHS guidelines at one point, and did exclude the need for testing in the Dept of Health guidelines for transfer to care homes issued after March 19th. Laggard as ever, the MSM have thus far failed to point out that he also lied about the vaccines “being for adult use only, not for children”, about them being “fully approved and absolutely safe” – and probably misled the BBC about when he “knew about” the Indian variant.

He also of course continues to knowingly ignore the media lies and corrections about the Indian strain, dissembles (via the use of “cases”) as an alarmist tactic, and refuses to comment on the full stats for vaccine injuries versus cost benefit. But he did once win a horse race as a jockey, so he’s probably in the clear.

The reason why I have been suggesting online that Hancock must remain a target without distraction is based on two factors: good old domino theory, and the possibility that – if hung out to dry – he might lash out with counter-accusations involving bigger players. It really all depends on whether the secret State wants to chuck BoJo out of the aeroplane now or at a later date. The iron is still hot….but it could yet cool if the MSM don’t step up to the plate. Also flying pigs are at 1000-1 against.

(Further to one previous story broken here by the way, a very close Slog contact has been in touch with a senior virologist and ex-Pfizer head honcho on vaccines, who told my source categorically that the Pfizer product is not a vaccine at all, but an off-the-shelf experimental prophylactic drug “slightly tweeked on the basis of modelled ideas about SarsCov2’s RNA construction”. You read it here first.)

Meanwhile – back at the connection thing – for reasons best known to themselves – the Biden end of How Covid Happened have decided that the Brits could be very helpful in keeping the blame narrative as is. Re-enter Sir Mark Sedwill stage right, on a mission to absent US/Western blame from the Wuhan leak reality in his retained role as Head of Bioweapon Counterintelligence.

Unsurprisingly, Pigswill and his spooks have concluded that yes, it woz the Chinese escapee bug wot done it. This is probably true, but the missing bit from their analysis will always be the inexplicable Truth about American involvement in the project.

Senior GOP folks in the US have now formally demanded Fauci’s removal following his admission last Tuesday that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology through an intermediary during a five-year period. But Fauci denies this was for “gain of function” – viz, altering a virus to make it more transmissible. Or, of course, a weapon to scare millions of people into lockdown fascism, deadly jabs and Reset acceptance. Or something.

We have to put this new denial into the ‘you would say that’ dossier, for the simple reason that – as blogged here last week – there was US military attendance at the original Wuhan investigation, and then enforced sealing of all the files by Beijing military officers….and now a UK investigation led by a Big Cheese military intelligence officer. So there’s something of a trend here.

Last Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal led a devastating attack on the idea of Covid19 being a naturally occuring virus:

President Biden on Wednesday ordered U.S. intelligence to dig deeper into the origins of Covid-19, a reversal after he reportedly ordered a State Department investigative unit shut down. Mr. Biden is trying to cover for his embarrassing closure of the investigation because the dam has finally broken on the evidence that the virus may have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). The shame is that it took so long because the suspicious facts have been apparent from the start.

And so we return to the life and times of Joe Biden. During the 2020 election campaign, he and his son were frequently accused of wrongdoing in relation to business with China. Earlier, the New York Post cited a purported email from Hunter Biden in August 2017 indicating he was receiving a $10m annual fee from a Chinese billionaire for “introductions” to his father. Afterwards, Fox News* continued with confirmations from former business associates of Joe as to his deep involvement in these dealings, and further conversations with the President’s brother James during which he said it was “a case of plausible deniability”. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

*Note again here the role of Rupert Murdoch media (NYP, WSJ and Aussia Channel9) in taking strong stand in favour of ‘funny business’ surrounding both Covid19 and the Biden family.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer said his client had joined the board of massive politburo-approved Chinese equity fund BHR in an unpaid position “based on his interest in seeking ways to bring Chinese capital to international markets”.

All of which continues the story of Sino-American interdepence. Last Wednesday, Biden’s first address to Congress sounded at times hawkish on the subject of Beijing and its objectives…but he was particularly keen to point out that he wanted “competition not conflict” with China. Notably, these parts of his speech were an overnight departure from the press-pack prelease sent out by the White House.

Surveying the evidence for secret hegemenous cooperation between the two super-powers, it is hard to deny the continuing relevance of the Kissinger co-existence strategy. First of all, in terms of cycles, they are – barring silliness on either side – a very good fit: while America has been throwing the kitchen sink at its economy, China is past the confected peak and slamming on the brakes. If China were to allow far fewer non-US imports (and give Washington a much large share of a smaller cake) both sides could benefit with the right tariffs balance.

Second, as long ago as 2015, China imported $165 billion in goods and services from the United States, representing 7.3% of all US exports. By 2030, several forecasters suggest that US exports to China will rise to more than $520 billion. Given the dependence of Silicone Valley on Chinese micro-hardware, even before that date, the Sino-US trade deficit could easily reach near perfect balance….involving the sort of numbers that would conflict between the two of them a very bad idea indeed.

Third, a well-documented study of anti-Trump troll disinformation has been traced clearly back to output from Beijing: there’s no doubt that Xi wanted The Donald gone – he referred to Biden’s election as “a necessary escape from the international criminal Trump” – and it’s even harder to believe that the community now in charge of the Democratic Party didn’t liaise extensively on the matter. Equally, there remains the damning evidence of Hunter Biden’s deals with PRC social media billionaires.

Fourth, while many biased Bourse commentators would love to pretend that China has no relevance to the global banking system, it is blindingly obvious that Beijing now has the power to destroy any attempt by Washington at a currency power-grab based on Dollar hegemony. The two powers have no choice but to cut a deal….and stunning evidence has been uncovered by Marcel van Tol at the Dutch Commonsense website that a World Bank related set of “Covid19” branded product codes were registered in 2017.

Van Tol concludes, ‘Anthony Fauci knew, Bill Gates knew, the pharmaceutical industry knew, the heads of government and health ministers already knew in 2017: 2019/2020 will see a Covid-19 pandemic. Those vaccines that will be released soon will therefore not be put together within one year. They have been working on that for a few years’. (Back again to my source re the Pfizer “vaccine” plucked off the shelf).

China has been a member of the World Bank since December 27, 1945. It retains a close relationship with the Bank in areas such as poverty, environmental protection and ‘new challenges from the reform of economics’. If the World Bank knew the game plan in 2017, then China did too.

And so finally, the vicious connected circle completes. For Boris Johnson’s father Stanley was employed for some time at the World Bank, following which he worked as project director on a world-population study, becoming a recognised expert in population control.

The Buddhists are right: everything is connected.