REVEALED: a plot to make Royals the acceptable face of technocracy?

The Intelligence connection

There are moments when I wonder, “Does the Duchess of Cambridge wake up every morning to an Orwellian screen telling her things she must say and do that day?” I’m not being bitchy – in many ways she may well make a marvellous ‘Kingpartner’ one day (let’s be pc here) but the squeaky-cleanliness of her ‘Woke’ at times acts upon me like a yoke, wearing me down with its endless parrotting of nicey-nicey drivel. The same thing applies to Will. He never, ever says the “wrong” thing, because one just knows that every day his minders instruct him in the art of robotic establishmentarianism.

I think I understand why this is. Will’s father has always been a meddler intensely disliked by Whitehall beyond MI6, but while his latter-day pronouncements (on climate change and conservation) demonstrate his limited wingspan as a free-thinker, his earlier campaigns against GM crops were both accurate and appreciated. Will’s mum was a product of the kind of terminally thick and aristocratically dysfunctional family only produced in Britain, and once Charles had rejected her in favour of Park-and-Ride, Diana predictably morphed into an attention-seeking media whore and cause-grabber on steroids. Her death set off the most ghastly bout of lachrymose emotional incontinence in our history; it depressed me greatly at the time, and was the first moment when I felt that, perhaps, the British independence of spirit and quiet bravery in mourning had gone forever.

Thus, those controlling the Family Firm (for that is what They do now) have seen enough Fergie, Andy, Meghan and Harry embarrassments to last a lifetime. They reason that, if they don’t increase the discipline and cut down the gaffes, the prognosis could be dire.

In the context of liberty breakdown in Britain, I have two questions about all this. First, who are ‘They’? And second, what are their motives in wanting to save the Royal Family from itself? I hope you’ll grasp my concern with this as the paragraphs unfold.

The brazen attempt to push a 95 year-old monarch into supporting the use of “anti-Covid” jabs she neither understands nor needs – and her expressed opinion that not to be “vaccinated” represented social selfishness – was so obviously briefed, it reduced Queen Elizabeth to being nothing more than a groggy old celeb, albeit widely admired. It made me wonder what exactly Will and Katherine are being “groomed” for.

The Queen’s last equerry was black (*yawns*) and her new one is white – Major Tom White, to be precise – see left. In his thirties, something of a veteran of Royal Marine ops, he’s displayed more than his fair share of heroism. It’s near-impossible to find anything out about Tom, and there’s probably very good reason for this. As recent media comments about the modern Royal Marines state, ‘Small groups of Royal Marine commandos are deployed on covert missions overseas to operate in the “grey zone” between peace and war where they can disrupt enemy activity….Commandos take on the role of special forces…tasks include deception operations where commandos send fake electronic transmissions to confuse adversaries, or missions to disrupt online systems and deceive enemy forces by making them think UK troops are positioned elsewhere’. It seems highly likely that he’s closely connected to military intelligence. (“Ground control to Major Tom….”)

The Equerry to William and Katherine is Rob Dixon (left) who is an outstanding graduate of the Joint Services Command (JSC) and Staff College in Shrivenham. Its courses include intensive studies of countering spies, mercenaries and undercover guerrillas. In May 2013 the JSC Operational Cyber Group was clearly positioned as the key player in delivering cyber capability in defence of the United Kingdom. By 2020, its OCG was credited with responsibility for mapping and countering China’s ability to use its Huawei company for espionage purposes.

More famously – indeed, infamously – Simon Case (left) had been the Duke of Cambridge’s right-hand man for nearly two years before he moved on – joining Downing Street as head of the civil service in September 2020. This was, of course, Sir Mark Sedwill’s old job of keeping a wary élite eye on Boris. The switch was meant to allay fears that Sedwill (a spook) had far too much unelected power….but Simon isn’t a Case of what you’d call “And now for something completely different”.

Just two days ago, the Daily Mail said BoJo and his new wife are now “deeply suspicious” of Mr Case’s motives. As the FT noted in August of last year, “A former spook who spent time at the GCHQ, Mr Case still has a family home near the intelligence centre’s Cheltenham headquarters”. In private – in the light of revelations made by Dominic Cummings – Simon has confided to close friends that he would be “happier returning to his old job as advisor to William and Kate”. The royal couple would also be delighted if that were to be the outcome.


I think most observers, based on this perspective, would see a very clear trend here, viz – the most senior members of the royal household are all under the influence of those variously involved in surveillance and operational counter-intelligence…aka, the defence of the realm now overwhelmingly represented by the Unelected State.

To see the royal family as irrelevant is to completely misunderstand the power it still has as a uniting influence. The problem in 2021, however, is whether that unity is a force for good or evil.

Prince Charles is the first heir to the throne in British history to have given his Royal Seal to all three intelligence services – MI6, MI5/GCHQ and Special Branch. If nothing else, Charlie has sniffed the wind direction: he seems relaxed about the idea of being close to the Secret Surveillance State. I mentioned earlier that his GM stance did make a useful contribution to the concerns many of us have about the loss of original genes among cereal crops. In fact, in the age of the ‘Constitutional Monarch’, there remain many cases where royal opinion has been extremely productive.

When the first Labour minority Government came to power in 1924, George V collared its leader Ramsay Macdonald to make it clear that he would rigorously oppose any and all attempts to block the will of the People. Prince Charles’s grandfather George VI was at first heavily under the cosh of the appeasement élites in the 1930s. His brother the King (Edward VIII) was a less than closet supporter of Hitler before and after his abdication. But when the Halifax/Chamberlain axis wanted to sue for peace with Nazi Germany in 1940, George made a private visit to Churchill at Chartwell to tell the PM that he had the full support of his family. In turn, his daughter Elizabeth II did, when younger, make very clear any serious misgivings she had about major government policies: Macmillan, Wilson and Heath all recorded their respect for her judgement. She found Thatcher divisive, and she was right. When Johnson took over in 2019, she asked him bluntly, “Why on earth do you want the job?” Fair comment, and all that.

I see no sign at all that Prince William has any capacity for independent thought at all. It seems to me that he and his wife are being systematically moulded by those who deal in unelected bromides and totalitarian conformity. Is it really that difficult today to imagine a future Big Brother Britain in which the royal couple play Good Cop to some technocrat’s Creepy Cop?

The entire contradictory, nonsensical and anti-science Covid operation has used every distraction, deception, distortion and celebrity endorsement to further its goal of total control. The Windsor dynasty will doom itself if it allies with the Wrong Side of History.

John Ward aka Joe Blob aka The Slog aka Not Born Yesterday has roughly the same number of aliases as fortune has thrust upon him in the shape of the Technocratic State’s ability to smear, ban and deplatform. He writes about What Comes Next in economics, fiscal matters, geopolitics, media, and weaponised environment in a manner designed to evoke rethink and alienate Establishments everywhere. A knighthood seems highly unlikely, and would be unwelcome.