TOXIC ABUSE – A Drug Lord speaks out:

In a Slog Special today: new analysis of who and why in the Covid Reset Saga

Every day, I awaken from slumber that contains little in the way of dreaming spires, and far too many perspiring dreams. The dreams often involve oracular figures draped in white robes, for some reason asking me for answers, which is a bit rich considering I got off the autostrada at the Delphi exit keen to get answers from them.

These oracles sneer a lot. They tend to be leftist Remainers, Democrats, urbane (one might even say suburbane) – convinced that either the Tories or Brexit (or reptiles, or all of them) are to blame for everything, and – having braved the ravages of Covid Central’s 57 varieties of plague – take great pride above all in having had two jabs of all five “vaccines” on the market.

They have odd skin colours ranging from purple to primrose, and their saggy noses flicker on and off erratically like so many neon scrotal sacs. They wear masks over their eyes, and the syntax they use is hugely reminiscent of the surreal characters created by Lewis Carroll. The key element missing from all this, however, is the sentence, “And then Alice awoke, and it had all been a terrible dream”.

“Oh my God, it’s another conspiracy snowflake,” says one recurrent old Delphic crone who (the way things are in dreams) is obviously Hillary Pelosi, “You know Jaarrn, it’s guys like you that give blogging a bad name…..and force us to stop you scaring folks with all that fake disinformation”.

There is then a chorus of “Why do you do it?”, but their voices have turned into giant, slurring tannoys. I scream about random holes in cheesy narratives, but of course I am drowned out.

Then I wake up and remember that Joe Biden really is the US President – and Boris Johnson really is the UK Prime Minister.

I would say that Joe Biden’s actions are living proof of his senile dementia, but as time goes on I have some doubts about the living part. It seems that the original names given to the ludicrous Covid variants have been deemed racist (everything is these days, so why not?) and thus we are now on Delta. Last year, the Sisters decided that hurricane names were sexist – to be fair, I was never that comfortable with Hurricane Faye – but on this occasion I suspect the Covid pc is there just to confuse and frighten the populace further still. Delta is, to all intents and purposes, Indian.

Two points here: earlier this year, one virologist I know through a marital family friend told me, “The idea that medications of any kind working to contain the spread of one ‘root’ virus will not be effective against a minor mutation may be current in the media, but it is utterly unscientific”. This week I note Dr Yeadon saying the exact same thing.

Second, Biden’s assertion “if you’re young and haven’t gotten your shot yet, now is the time” represents the most heinous advice imaginable: the chances of 12-20 year olds dying from any variant of Covid19 are – based on long-series Worldometer data – roughly one in 680,000. The chances of serious medium and longterm side effects from experimental drugs (as this Slogpost tried to establish last week) are, based on CDC’s own data, much higher than that.

Further, the Presidential tweet yet again talks about high infection – but ignores the risibly low death rate of Delta.

So, to paraphrase a million tweets online, “WhyTF did he offer that advice, and just exactly whatTF is going on here?”

Under that umbrella, the Big question remains: who’s pulling the strings of the political and media classes?

I could suggest that Biden gave that advice because he is a Delta male whose IQ has probably plummeted by some 40% since not being elected last November. But that alone is not helpful: clearly, he is obeying the instructions of his minders. The same is true of Boris Johnson and his half-finished, sewn-together cryogenic monster Matt Hancock.

So here’s a thought to hold:

Perhaps the mistake those of us still left (who can distinguish between waste products and whipped cream) make is to assume that there is but one ‘They’ alliance moving in step towards a NWO endgame.

I’ve spent many hours this last ten days or so talking to a broad variety of people – smart colleagues, friends, and genuine experts with medical, entrepreneurial, financial, economics, bureaucratic, property or bourse-trading backgrounds. Everyone without exception gave me at least one insight, and all of them differed in the emphasis given. A chap in receipt of multiple insights quickly becomes a confused Pooh bear in dire need of a long lie down somewhere dark and quiet.

Eventually, I’ve emerged from the horizontal using the old criteria of cui bono – who gains – plus motive and means – who has the money + infrastructure = power formula require to pull something like “CovidPlus”off. And I think it highly likely that there are competing groups that look something like this:

Now you know why we’re all confused: it is very complex. My attempt at a simple explanation now follows.

Most people to the left are bad guys, and vice versa to the right. The three boxes to the left love Covid – but for all kinds of different reasons that are likely to mean they compete and/or fall out sooner rather than later. The three boxes to the right have varietal suspicions about Covid19, but don’t spend much time talking to each other, and suffer in parts from parochial ego syndrome. The curate’s egg to the left shows the conduits for censorship, communications and dirty work by the bad guys, involving at times bribery and at others the use of leftist and Green usueful idiots. My own belief is that the top box to the right could raise money for the two boxes below them, help them unite….and perhaps steal the loyalty of some in the MSM and political class who are persuadable – I suspect the bureaucrats and social media owners in the egg are a cause lost to misplaced megalomania.

Last but not least, the top two left-hand boxes are by the most powerful as things stand – but there are already signs that sniping is under way.

Examples of sniping among the Badhats probably include the torrential recent media demolitions of Bill Gates, Cuomo*, Fauci and Boris Johnson – much of it richly deserved, but showing signs perhaps of various communities seeing them as people who could easily introduce SNAFU into their own particular version of “The Plan”. [*In this context, for example, the Sino-CIA assault on Fauci could be seen as a united Intelligence attack on this nasty but also clearly self-contradicting little man]

The bottom line is a picture of battle-royal between funny money, the Unelected State, race/liberal nutjobs and politico-media-pharma allies on the one hand; and real money capitalism, libertarian-leaning anti Establishment types, and free speech internet devotees on the other.

Even such a structural functionalist diagram as the one offered above is, however, in need of light, shade, dotted and solid connection lines and so forth: to simplify after a certain point is to be simplistic….and there is always room for the Ralf Dahrendorf view that says “any shit could happen and probably will”. So perhaps it would help to colour things in a bit with some specific views expressed from various quarters on all sides…if sides can indeed be quartered or vice versa.

A common view among globalist businesses, for example, is that the depopulators fail to understand how, even with digital money and asset confiscation by bancassurance, they will still need to raise “money” from the mass market and offer services to homeowners for profit. Dead people, they point out, don’t make money. Others observe that wiping out the sheep (leaving only the smart, suspicious folks) is a profoundly dumb strategy. Others still disagree, saying that sheep will always be a burden, whereas smart people and the young cost the State far less money.

A lot of good-guy investors averr that the Schwab and Soros megalos are useful headline grabbers, but they don’t have any real power. Bad guy investors agree, adding only, “they do say the most embarrassing things at times”. Some of the very few decent legislators see every depopulation story as in the way of being taken seriously by homeless former Labour voters (small party activists often concur) and others quite rightly argue that “Build Back Better” as a global phrase didn’t just happen – and that it’s prima facie evidence of totalitarian history-changing.

The five best things for people like us on the blue (as in conservative, not Biden Democrat) side of the battle to do from here on are, I conclude, as follows:

  • Keep on eye out for the why, where and who of media smears against individuals
  • Keep the pressure up for more and better vaccination death etc data
  • Target the most likely MSM deserters and fyi them on properly evidenced examples of suspicious politico-bureaucratic behaviour
  • Put private real-money investors together with local grass root politics
  • Refuse the vaxx and don’t lose heart.

Finally, some examples – of what I mean by signals – from today’s MSM:

Biden’s attack on Boris Johnson over Ireland agreement

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Boris determined to salvage something from June 21st débacle

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