COVID19 in the UK: where is the end of the tether?

Late last week, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance pitched up in Downing Street and gave a ‘downbeat’ assessment of the Covid 19 situation….based, as usual, on models.

Last night, the following story broke: their modelled assessments of hospital admissions (now revealed as a tiny 1,750 patients nationwide) were 57% more than reality:

But based on their flakey, unreal and economically insane rationale for putting off the end of Emergency Powers, Matt ‘Buzz Lightweight’ Hancock had already set off on another leaky-leaky campaign:

As of 5am today (11th June 2021) this is Britain’s position in the main Covid19 league table

7,393 new cases, 7 deaths, and 158 in a critical condition. And on the basis of that pathetically tiny set of stats, the Covid Act 2020 is to be extended.

This is not a reason, it’s a cobbled together piss-take rationale solely designed to keep the Emergency Powers going and further make a “case” for new vaccination campaigns among the young.

It must be stopped. Hancock, Whitty and Vallance must be fired, June 21st must be reinstated as the end of crisis legislation, and the full restoration of our liberties of movement and free speech enacted immediately.

Do I think it will be? No, not really.

“Freedom cannot be taken from people….they must give it away”.

An insouciant British population is giving away something it takes for granted. Something more than the current “Resistance” strategy is urgently needed.

There’s nothing else to be said. Choose it, or lose it.