Slog rapped over knuckles for being right

I headed for Twitter this morning (after reading the headline below) but when I arrived in the cockfight, it transpired that I was under suspicion, suspension surveillance and interrogation by the pinched silo Goblins. So if you could give this post a pump of publicity over there, it would be appreciated over here.

IABATO – now it really is official: the greatest unknown certainty this century so far. Messrs Whitty and Vallance have decreed that Liberty will have to wait another month, because “Public Health England showed that 42,323 cases of the Indian variant have been confirmed in the UK – an increase of 240 per cent from last week. PHE estimates that the strain is 60 per cent more transmissible than the Kent or alpha variant, with cases doubling every four and a half days in some parts of England”.

Or put another way, the seven UK deaths on Thursday became seventeen deaths yesterday.

The “Delta strain is 60% more transmissible”. Or put another way based on these data, three times less fatal than the original variant.

The Whitty/Vallance/Whitehall/Left alliance, as we all know by now, carefully sifts out the good news before sharing the bad with us, for we are but children and irritatingly prone to giddy silliness without the necessary discipline to keep us in order.

BoJo called his motorway out of house arrest and vaccination Krystallnacht “irreversible”. He just forgot to mention that there’d be Reset Man walking slowly with a red flag in front of his 18-cylinder Bugatti.

I’m not going to go over any more old ground; rather, I’m reproducing below a Slogpost from the archives to make the point……..


April 27th 2021

Stick with your instincts, study the empirical data, never deny the reality of social anthropology, and resist the transhuman madness in the great human tradition of seeking scientific explanation

This from today’s London Times:

As usual with the Prime Minister, it is part back-pedal, part fiction, part ignorant, and part omission. But mainly – on the basis of other plans being made by his government – it’s a lie in suggesting that, after June 21st, there will be a return to any kind of democratic liberal Rule of Law.

You will note that his “irreversible” route to normality is now “a very good chance”; that he gives vaccination the credit for “robust fortifications” against a third wave; that Covid19 is still not entirely “licked” – it never will be, because it is a seasonal virus that will continue to mutate while killing hardly anyone; and that ‘legal restrictions on social contact” will end. Actually, the restrictions had no legal power in the first place, but nothing is said about masks, vaccination certificates to attend and travel, or the abolition of the 2020 Covid19 Emergency Act.

As I continue to stress in these columns, the battle to persuade people that Covid19 was ever a real emergency is now over – we lost. The only battle that matters from here on is the push-back against a plan hatched (very probably) from Day One: to use Coronavirus fear as the battering ram to break down any and all opposition to the theft of our monies, properties and civil rights * as citizens during a ‘Debt jubilee’. A jubilee to wipe out intrabank, bourse and sovereign debt…at our expense, albeit hidden by paradisical claptrap about a Great Reset.

[*A brief interlude about “Rights”. I do not accept the concept of “Human Rights”, because it is a confection somehow awarded to a species of reasonably intelligent chimps on a sphere circling an obscure star in the south eastern part of one nebula among billions. It has the same value in moral law as the term Homo sapiens, a pompous award that we gave ourselves as part of the Bronowski myth about The Ascent of Man. It leaves out other species on Earth (without which we couldn’t survive) and suggests we are the best any divine presence might come up with in a more extraterrestrial sense.

Such is palpable nonsense. As an innately social, literate and linguistic pack species, however, we have over the last 20,000 years formed informal tribal, regional and national ‘contracts’ under which the allegedly ‘natural order of things’ has been established – viz, we agree to cede the right to make and enforce laws to a leader, or oligarchy, or government or legislative assembly in return for which they leave us largely alone to have responsibility for our own lives.

In short, we sign up to a social contract and get Civil Rights in return. Not Human Rights without responsibility, but Civil Rights which – if we commit murder, burglary or some other anti-social crime – we lose for a period of time.

I usually find that, when I’m trawling online for websites committed to Freedom of Thought, it’s the ones that use ‘Human’ Rights as a term that think the Derek Chauvin verdict was a giant leap for mankind. I don’t.]

BoJo remains a stooge of whom the Big Cheeses disapprove, but like Covid19 he is, for the time being, a handy battering ram. Dig just a little bit into the realities of all things around him, and it quickly becomes clear that he is in Office, not in power. I’m indebted to Slogger Mariana for spotting what follows.

Yesterday, Hertfordshire County Council published a tender asking potential providers to supply 60 COVID Marshals to 10 districts throughout the County. The intention is that these Marshals will ‘continue the service delivery to the residents of Hertfordshire from 1st July 2021, that Hertfordshire County Council implemented in November 2020. This will be in complement to the recovery of Hertfordshire from COVID-19, and there are some practical activities that we are keen to carry on throughout this programme of COVID Marshals…’

The point of the emphases above is not hard to discern: the contract on offer (worth £3 million) is due to start ten days after the date set for “normality”, and is not simply a tying-loose-ends programme. The tender specifically says that the initial period runs until January, but could be ‘extended for a further year’.

This means that Covid Marshals are likely to be with us until the start of 2023. Here’s a selection of what these vigilantes will be doing:

‘….encourage compliance….and understanding of regulations and guidance….collated through an intelligence-led approach…’

Sorry, but if you can’t see the dead hand of obligation, propaganda, and surveillance in all that, you’ve learned nothing from the last fifteen months. Whoever is driving this operation, it’s clear they won’t be happy until everyone has been badgered into jabs, obedience, and the use of snooping to “mop up” the residue of the UnClean Unvaccinated.

There’s an excellent piece at Off-Guardian by Kim Usbourne that features several cartoons making the point about “extensions” and the total lack of proportion that has been the hallmark of this psy-op from Day One:

I particularly like this one because it portrays an utter absence of joined-up adult thought alongside total ignorance of history’s lessons.

But it is at the same time horrendously depressing when you consider that the most common reasons for submitting to the jab thing were (a) to be allowed in the pub and (b) to be free to travel abroad for a holiday and sing “Que viva Espagne” on the plane. Never before was so much given away in return for so little.

There is a level of masochistic humour in me that enjoys the superior (but moyopic) insistence of the British Left that “the things they suggest just go to show how stupid the Tories think we are”.

Only one word is wrong in that sentence, and that’s the verb ‘think’ – which needs replacing with ‘know’….which is what makes this second Off-G gag so wonderfully apposite. It sums up the ‘all mouth and trousers’ nature of socialist ideologues who talk a good game – but then scamper off to the hills at the sound of gunfire.

Quite how the Labour Party (led by Keir Stürmer, the world’s only wet Stalinist) can still imagine that what’s going down at present is a Party political issue is an enigma – the solution to which is way above my pay grade.

I close today with the same market researcher’s conclusion I’ve held now for nearly a year: that if you want to know how credible something said to you might be, you have to study the series data in relation to the sayer’s behaviour….and examine the extent to which there is a match between what’s said and what’s done. This blinding glimpse of the obvious seems to be lost on most people in 2021; but for those still assessing Truth levels normally, the dissonance is blatant.

Observe the careers of Horby, Ferguson, Fauci, the Clintons, Johnson, Hancock, Biden, Macron, Merkel, senior WHO personnel, Soros, Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Eric Schmidt and Ursula von der Leyen. Do they strike you as:

  • People suffused with honesty and compassion
  • People above the temptations of money and power
  • Fighters against injustice shown towards the sick and elderly
  • Haters of propaganda
  • Supporters of free speech and other civil liberties
  • Persons likely to trash First World economies to fight a homoaeopathically deadly virus.

Honestly – ask yourselves – do they?

The evidence supports we the naysayers. Don’t be shy about being in a small minority. Ignore the peer pressure that avers, “Eat shit – 80 zillion flies can’t be wrong”. Remember Buddha, Plato, Christ, Aquinas, Galileo, Copernicus, More, Darwin, Einstein, Churchill, Solzhenytsin and all the many other brave and lonely people. We remember them, not the soundrels who hounded them.

And while you think about that, visit a site called No Jab for Me. It will, I suspect, steel you to the task.


Well, six weeks on we still “need” the Covid marshals. For another month. But not 2023?

Yesterday I posted here to ask when our citizens will reach the end of their tether. The question’s as valid as ever: they’re being lied to by a fat lump who is a stranger to the Truth, a grubby little photo-op pillock, two hugely financially conflicted Chief Officer bureaucrats, hard-left wing modellers and drug-trial perverters, and all the news media. Their concerns (and those of front line medics) are being censored in the “social” media – I have joined their ranks on the Twitter naughty step this very day.

My crime (commited last May 21st) was to tweet in reply to BoJo’s ignoramous ‘Covid19 is still not entirely “licked”’ – ‘it never will be, because it is a seasonal virus that will continue to mutate while killing hardly anyone’.

Well, naughty or not – allow me my moment of gloating triumph over the depraved psychos and the millions of their idiot collaborators out there: you can stuff your Whitty, Vallance, Hancock, Johnson, Michie, Ferguson and Horby up the sharp end of your syringe: The Slog has proved to be a better forecaster of what’s coming than all of them.

So yah boo sucks.

Naughty step or not, the campaign here to dislodge this shower is about to get much nastier.

Stay tuned