EARTHLY DYSTOPIA: it’s time to lift and separate control objectives from Covid tactics

Some of you may have watched the short film linked by Slogger seasoneduphyena here yesterday. I urge you all to watch it: apart from being very well written by playwright James Graham, superbly edited and sensitively cast, I mention it now because it’s devoid of plonky agitprop, and uses Covid19 solely as a means to highlight data dystopia. It is, I promise you, only 18 minutes long – and not a second of your time will have been wasted.

In today’s post I will attempt to point out ‘the Bigger Picture’ above Contrick19 by use of factual reference, not ‘conspiracy theory’. Covid19 is indeed a pestilence….but one that attacks public health resources, sovereign treasuries and every important freedom. The framing of those who can discern this with Orwellian terms like ‘anti-vax nuts’, ‘irresponsible citizens’, ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘the selfish fringe’ is partly there to sell Pharma vaccines of very dubious “safety”; but its primary aim is to divide, ostracise, terrify and control. The bigger alliance is of those ideologues using every conceivable coming fear to advance the notion of totalitarian protection. This strategy is far broader than health: it covers the full spectrum of death threats designed to keep Menshevik useful idiots in fear of their shadows.

Zero Hedge has just featured some FutureFear through the medium of Mark Carney – one of the more pernicious Brexit double-agents when he was Bank of England governor. Once the pandemic had arrived, Carney went into full foghorn mode on the pre-agreed soundbite drivel about a Great Reset, the Green New Deal, and Building Back Better. As ZH puts it, ‘All are predicated on the claim that COVID, and its disruption of the global economy, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity not just to regulate climate, but to frame a more fair, more diverse, more inclusive, more safe and more woke world’.

Couldn’t have summarised it better myself. But there is also the additional ruse of turning everything that comes next into an emergency requiring draconian powers: it’s pure Brechtian bollocks about ends justifying means….and further proof that the Cultural Marxism so beloved by these charlatans can now be expressed with confidence.

Carney’s big Thing now is Climate Change; you could say that he has sniffed the wind direction. He’s pretty direct on how ‘ESG’ is going to function (new initials – Environmental socio-corporate Governance – and note that Governments don’t get a look in) chucking in references like “non-compliant organisations will become climate roadkill….Assets will be stranded, used gasoline powered cars will be unsaleable, inefficient properties will be unrentable…it won’t be pleasant”.

There will be no legislation in his Utopia, only non-governmental dictates – aka, corporate ideological compulsion….aka, Mussolinian fascism pure and simple. Needless to say, for Big Pharma that will mean mandatory experimental innoculation “fully approved by the vast majority of responsible citizens”.

You see, a climate change that exists solely based on fakey models will be the next hurdle after the pandemic that existed nowhere outside flakey models finlly runs out of illogical narratives.

What happens next…..well, how many of these articles and headlines ring a bell? You may have to struggle with some of them, because they got going four years ago… the favourite plant propagation area of the Unelected State garden, the New York Times:

The scoopistas at the NYT noted that the Pentagon was spending $22 million on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. But it wasn’t a scoop: the Pentagon (which had previously insisted AATIP was closed in 2012) ‘acknowledged the existence of the program’. Hmm.

Quickly, UFO debating in the media ceased to be the province of nutjob loons and “Confused airline pilots who need a rest”. Suddenly, it was OK to believe in extra-terrestrial life.

In that other great American beacon of Truth the Washington Post of May 28th 2019, we read:

Just over a year later, USNews edged the military into the equation again:

The Pentagon wasn’t “quietly confirming” anything….it was encouraging belief in “a serious threat”. Not an invisible bug or a unnoticeably rising sea level this time – but something unearthly. Today, after 75 years of ridicule and denial, Aliens have come of age on NBC:

By June 8th this year, even the Scientific American had climbed on board…

….and there’s that word the sane 15% have come to dread: experts.

To be fair here, quite a few of the articles I surveyed had the military top brass saying a lot of the unexplained UFOs didn’t necessarily mean Alien visitations. I put that to a US pointy-head digital boffin-buddy last night by email, and the reply I picked up this morning had all the wit I’ve come to expect of him:

Clearly, my chum’s not impressed. As ever, he’s fairly cynical. For myself, I’m in the odd position of both finding alien visitation possible* and the Surveillance State working hard to rewrite a narrative highly probable.

My point in this piece is, nevertheless, I hope clear: we do not have a Covid health problem any more than we have an Aliens problem, a serious climate problem…or indeed had a post-Brexit or Sadam Hussein problem. They are all merely excuses for the Surveillance-to-Energy freaks to indulge in international brigandry, 24/7 track and trace, and control of all movements on the basis of daringly invented fears.

That’s why I commended the FT short at the start of the post: because it grasps the need to ignore the Covid “issue” and move the citizens’ problem to another level, viz, totalitarian control led by the banks, the military and the intelligence communities.

*To indulge in interstellar travel, you’d have to have very close to zero mass. E=MC2 will only allow light speed if mass (M) = 0 – that is, to require a level of energy (E) to reach Light Speed Squared (C2) at nought. Thus – reversing the equation – 0 x C2 = 0. The thing that baffles airline pilots is the way UFOs encountered often change size, disappear or accelerate in ways that seem impossible; my own theory is that they can do so precisely because their owners have cracked the problem of near 100% mass reduction. Einstein at times pondered about an electromagnetic dimension we can’t see that could be a sort of Suez Canal to avoid going round the Horn. At this point, we get into quantum mechanics that make the human head hurt. I suspect my local Citroen dealer only employs quantum mechanics, because – following a service – I can never understand why on Earth my car’s performance is worse than it was before.