Today is Independence Day. Where’s the independence gone?

I want this Slogpost to have clarity of both rationale and objectives – two things it seems to me increasingly absent from contemporary life. My aim is to question the very core of the contract between governance and citizenship. In that sense, this is one of the most important blogs I will ever write; so for that reason alone, it is crucial that the reader’s take-out mirrors exactly the intention of the commentator.

I think two typologies are emerging in “advanced” Western society. One is a fearful, hypochondriacal and yet self-satisfied psychographic….somewhat ideologically fixated while at the same time happy to shrug with an air of insouciant cynicism. A sort of compliance mélange of “I’m alright Jack” and “I trust the experts”

The other is that minority of us (around 12 per cent) who prefer empiricism, investigation and compassion to divisive demonisation based on dubious data. As this questionning minority makes the majority feel morally uncomfortable, they represent an easy target for élites demanding unity in the face of manufactured emergencies, and blind belief as the antidote for equally manufactured fear.

As always, one obvious question arises: who is most to blame – the dissembling control freaks with their virtuous narrative, or those addicted to obedience who grant these gargoyles an unjustified level of credibility?

In this, our 21st century construct of free-speech democracy, the sole level of involvement we are granted is the right to vote. It is the one thing malign leaders cling onto as their right in turn to keep us out of the loop. But that said, all of these people have well-established habits of corrupt, mendacious and controlling behaviour – and yet we persist in falling for the spiel, and voting for them.

Voters are, of course, only human: they’re time-starved, stressed and drowning in a system that robs them of employment protection; they’re manipulated by pernicious media moguls and illiberal right-on broadcasting élites; they’re kept on the treadmill by banks who haven’t paid them any interest in nearly a decade; and they’re heavily taxed by politicians who waste that income year after year. Finally, we don’t really vote for the Establishment: we vote for the clones and sociopaths they choose.

The élite corruption and sense of superiority isn’t going to change: WE are the ones who must change our ways. But the vast majority simply adapt to the status quo…and even ape the sharp practice and greed of their masters. By such means is civilisation brought to its knees.

I wasted most of the morning yesterday applying for an English to French driving licence swap. I don’t have the guidance of the Facebook support group for this, because I told them the truth about French stonewalling and misinformation, and they didn’t like it: a classic case of a Facebook client aping the censorship of Facebook. But having had my licence swap application turned down flat, I went to The Local Europe-in-English media group; they promised an easy guide to application, but when I followed the link, they wanted €39.99 for a year’s subscription. No money, no help: a classic case of business aping the greed of Government.

This is where unregulated neoliberal monopolism eventually leads. This is where Government unopposed by a realistic alternative ends up. This is what a flagrantly favouritist legal system produces. This is how politicised media and police turn the cradle of democracy into Erich Honecker’s DDR.

This is the third time I’ve written what follows….but it does bear repetition: Covid19 is the equivalent of Hitler’s V1 rockets after 1944 – that is, the problem is murderous perverts running a major European power, not doodle-bugs. Werner von Braun’s missiles were merely the means to frighten people into believing in Nazi invincibility….but that had already dissolved once Montgomery defeated Rommel in the Western Desert.

Our civilisation today badly needs a Montgomery moment. But as there isn’t a single hero in sight, it’s down to us. Covid19 is a terror weapon; the problem we face is far bigger, and we need to shift focus immediately towards that global anglofone power-play.

For sixteen months now, we have been fed a diet of altered virology science, contradictory advice, hugely expensive incompetence, repeated assertions of the impossible, media terrorism via alarmist exaggeration and smear of naysayers, ridiculous excuses to extend the use of totalitarian powers and marketing techniques, and endless lies about vaccine efficacy and safety.

And what is the outcome? Vaccines that aren’t vaccines and don’t immunise, record deaths among the vulnerable we were supposed to be protecting, standing ovations at Wimbledon for liars, knighthoods for drug-trial cheats, jabs-for-freedom that are producing little or no real liberty, and the insane notion that vaccines are effective, but unvaccinated children are a threat to the vaccinated.

“I see,” said the blind man….but he couldn’t see at all.

I am a prisoner in France now, because I prefer my research and continuing thirst for life over any witless gibberish put out by people who willfully murdered hundreds of thousands of people by withholding access to proven, inexpensive management drugs that cut Covid death rates by 70-85%. If that’s fraternally egalitarian liberté, then I’m a Dutch mountaineer.

In short, forget Covid as a target: the believers aren’t listening, and the State conspiracists are ignoring our demos. Ending Contrick19 will achieve nothing: we are the 12%, and only our predictive courage will end the Great Reset Alliance.

These are the six real and present problems we privileged citizens of the Anglosphere, face:

Politicians and bureaucrats have sold out to Corporates

Corporates have sold out to Bourse Bankers

Bankers cooperate with Intelligence bureaucrats

Intelligence bureaucrats threaten already strapped Media owners

Collectivist Menshevik idiots have sold out to hegemonic monopolists and narcissistic minorities.

In this farrago of blackmail, monied depravity, psycho spooks and twisted globalism, we the Real People come a very poor last on every issue.

If you doubt that last point, consider these events: a US legal system fighting tooth and nail to stop any Inquiry into electoral malfeasance; a peaceful protest at the Congress last January 6th hijacked by proven provocateurs still referred to as an insurrection; the failure of UK Waspi victims to get justice; the continuing survival of paedophile networks; the mass escape of journos hacking mobile phones; the scare stories that surrounded the Brexit vote; the continuing punishment of the UK by Merkel and Macron; the existence of a cretinous hologram in the White House; the installation of an unelected banker as the Prime Minister of Italy; the safe havens found by Putchists Ollie Robbins and Mark Sedwill in Goldman Sachs and Rothschild bank respectively; and the complete absence of any legislatively based opposition to the Covid19 caper.
It’s this simple at the bottom line: we are being told what to think. We are being pushed around, restricted, cheated, laughed at and treated with the patronising disdain often reserved for infant children. As seven out of eight adult citizens behave with Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas gullibility when it comes to authority figures, this is hardly surprising.

Unless the 1 in 8 who prefer to think for themselves form some kind of radically activist organisation doubling as a support group and direct action HQ – both real world and digital – then the culturally carcinogenic barbarians in suits will win. They will never desist unless forced to do so: they will continue to tax by stealth, sell tartan paint, demand money with menaces, signal virtue while dripping in personal vice, invent spurious emergencies, demonise the innocent, disguise their sociopathy with the use of false learnéd beards, employ every euphemism for Auschwitz-bound trains, and use siren techniques to tempt every human lobster into death via invisibly rising degrees of Centigrade.

But here’s the rub: you guys and gals have to stop talking about it and get on it.

I’m 73 years old. I’ve been predicting Orwellian dystopia since 2004….largely in the face of ridicule. As long as the red stuff is being pumped around my dissolute bod, I will continue to provide analysis that debunks IABATO*, and insights that can help force controls upon the unaccountable.

However, I no longer have the energy and resources to be the organiser and administrator behind the branded resistance envisaged here. I can provide comms advice and tons of evidence to dismiss the ‘Wild Conspiracy’ spin put out by the Untouchables. But declining virility dilutes physical ability. And I live in rural France. I’m a consultant rendered too old for the barricades. Nevertheless, I offer commonsense advice.

For example, local intranet electoral organisation is the real battleground – stop the Ostrogoths via local government. National governance is already bought, lock stock and barrel.

Use every form of non-compliance possible – starve the beast. For obvious legal reasons I can’t go into detail on that one. Suffice to say that it has been illegal for over thirty years to express dissatisfaction by withholding tax. Think about that for a minute or two.

When faced with braindead collaborators, have a selection of pertinent soundbites available: “They’re taxing you and then silencing you with your own hard-earned money”; “You’re paying through the nose to be demonised by the demonic”; “Don’t trust the words of the bought – listen to those with a medical calling”; “You’re paying the media to lie to you”.

I don’t trot these out as if I might be like the gangrenous dissembler Alistair Campbell – I suggest them because they’re all true. And as the media are also whoring themselves with abandon, word of mouth is now a vital weapon for us.

The same applies to “ambient” local media – a prominent wall is a medium. A Covid poster is a chance to answer back. Banks depend on deposits: focused withrawals concentrate the mind wonderfully.

Let me end if I may by expressing personal frustration. I’m fed up of losing friends, devastated by seeing my colleagues and social media friends bullied, appalled by the unnecessary fiscal and economic damage done, puking at the corporate sector’s BS about ‘By your side against the virus’, tired of hearing selfish rubbish – and sick of blatant fascism evoking nodding heads with sawdust falling from their ears.

I’ve had it with narcissists like BLM, Antifa, LGBTQ, the pathetic antics of the Laborious Party, Stonewall, footballers taking the knee, slavery statues being pulled own by chimps, and everyone too self-obsessed to get a life.

This decline in public life standards is about so much more than Covid….cultural fascism has been lumbering forward now for three decades, and that’s why we’re here: because idiotic ideologues will buy into anything that makes them feel safe – and able to believe every twist and turn of contradictory garbage – rather than actually face empirical reality.

I have had my right to speak and think freely removed by those who have the Orwellian gall to call themselves liberals. I spent the first twelve years of my life as a gobby punk being told to shut up; well, I’m in the eighth decade now and I’m all muzzled out. These clowns display a mixture of stupidity, obedience and malignancy unequalled in my lifetime, and it’s time they learned which way is up.
We’re being ruled and manipulated by an unholy alliance more depraved than the Moors Murderers.

*IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official