The Brownshirts are back

Lots of random mendacity representing a multicoloured alliance whose real meaning is hard to fathom…& 7 out of 8 citizens haven’t a clue what it is. So then, no pressure for the Resistance.

One of the things that (I suspect) finally persuaded many people (some of whom I once thought of as close friends) that I’d mislaid my marbles was when, in April 2020, I pointed out just how many of the so-called ‘experts’ advising the government had a track-record of hard Left proto-Communist ideology – with the longstanding Chinese and Vietnamese contacts to prove it. Well, last Saturday (a little behind the music, but better late than never) the Daily Express ran a piece making a more detailed accusation. I rarely read the Express, but it’s quite a good article.

Ferguson, Horby, Landray and Michie have set out from Covid Day 1 to create as much fear and econo-fiscal damage as possible – and dismiss any and every management drug in danger of taking funds away from their “research”. The case built against them by the Express in turn supports those of us who see a loose global coalition of totalitarians (red, green, black, pink, grey and blue) out to wrest power from the electorate….in the name – respectively – of collectivism, climate activism, racial ID, sexuality narcissism, blocist bureaucrats and globalist monopolies.

The Slog was also early into the idea that Project Wuhan possibly represented a joint op between the PRC and the US. That’s still a long way from being proved, but there are myriad unexplained events (the military games, the faked Chinese panic, the Fort Kedrick closure, the line from Wuhan back to Fauci and so forth) that leave one suspicious.

One thing is, however, now clear: contrarian commentators on Covid19 (and the Establishment responses to it) have offered far more accurate outcome predictions than the clowns conning our governments. Now – as their narratives become more obviously shambolic and contradictory – those building the Mad Alliance have pulled a master-stroke: to set an impossible goal, aka Zero Covid, that will justify masks, lockdowns, vaccination boosters and travel controls in perpetuity.

They key players in this five-card trick are all Anglofone, and all led by political puppets who relish the imposition of permanent control: the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

So taking that context as our guide, what do I suspect will happen next?

I’m numbering these predictions more as signposts than an Old Slog’s Almanac order of appearance.

  1. Economic reality intervenes. Over in the US, Jerome Powell continues to insult the intelligence of thinking people on the subjects of employment and inflation. He’s demonstrated his consummate skills as a serial liar over many months, but credulity is now being stretched to breaking point. Inflation first dismissed as a blip has become first, something that will peak in 2022, then something readjusted as the real rate overtook the forecast, then something at 4% by the year-end, and now something “likely to last for at least four years”. Corporate income lost by manufacturers and their suppliers/distributors is being made up (in every sense) in a way so obvious, one can’t miss it here in France. The same is true in Spain. As for unemployment, predictably, no developed “sovereign” State is prepared to admit the obvious (that many jobs will never come back) and that the world’s dependence on Asian giants like China and India to feed the supply chain is now a crisis. [It’s pointless showing you the jobless data, as it is and has been a wolverine pack of lies for more than twenty-five years]
  2. Fiscal “sovereign” shortfalls return to the radar. The spend-spend-spend lunacy so comprehensively encouraged by the IMF will make it increasingly difficult for any nation in the US orbit to retain anything beyond token sovereignty. The IMF – itself a tool of US foreign policy – and myriad banks (central or otherwise) will print and lend respectively. This is really the central point of Schwabist ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’, in that the reset chiefly means a further shift towards corporate-related bureaucratic power in Government, with “emergencies” like Covid and climate damage being cleverly gift-wrapped as ESG investment opportunities that are “good” – but with all banker-debt liability being written off. ‘Too big to fail’ will become ‘Too big to care’. Exactly how much “sovereign” debt is Jubileed will be the subject of fire-sale discussions between bankers and politicians, with bureaucrats as the less than neutral referees. Don’t expect anyone to give much thought to the citizenry in that environment.
  3. The end of physical cash & the revaluation of worth. Just as it will be hard to live a reasonable life without regular certified vaccination, smart cards will become mandatory Secret State surveillance (but called anti-crime convenience) in the near future. These will of course be individually withdrawn from anyone suspected of incorrect thought and behaviour. The win for Government is of course increased tax take, the win-win for totalitarian banking – supplied by compliant political legislation – will be controlling blackmail: Obey or Starve.
  4. Faked, avoided and delayed elections. We have already seen a cretinous US President elected via techno-rigging that the judiciary viewed through its eye-patch; a Banker President shaped, hyped, sprayed with money and youth-packaged in France; and an Opposition in the UK neutered beyond any real efficacy. A former central banker became Prime Minister in Italy recently without an election of any kind. The increasing fascism of Trudeau in Canada is now so obvious as to be no longer a subject for debate. Particularly in the United Kingom, the precedent of using invented health dangers to postpone political timetables is now well established. Yesterday, new Health Secretary Rajid Javid pledged – his word, not mine – that all draconian restrictive measures would be lifted in just two weeks time on 19th of July. Johnson supporte that – but yesterday, the world and his mother were leaking that this would be “very unwise”. I think we can realistically expect that from here on, elections will be rendered “mistake-proof” by an injudicious mixture of media censorship, ballot stuffing and creative emergencies.
  5. Washington, Brussels & Brexit. A NATO-led determination by Joe Biden to meddle in the Brexit deal was obvious even before his “election”. He has not disappointed his controllers – and has in turn received help from shit-stirrers in Dublin. Both Macron and Merkel have gone out of their way to make British mobility in the EU difficult, and Washington knows perfectly well that the UK is by far the biggest military ally they have. Equally, Brussels is acutely aware of the existential crisis it faces without its Westminster cash cow. Over half the Tory Party and ninety per cent of the Labour Opposition would still vastly prefer to be in the EU….and Johnson himself was a very late convert to the Leave cause. I expect a joint US/EU op to try and achieve reapplication either based on fiscal blackmail or the furthering of its “Russian threat” narrative. NATO wants control of our armed forces – and their assured contribution to Signora Mogherini’s dubious EU army.
  6. The next false emergency will probably feature the Climate. Several East Coast US titles and four British ones have joined the BBC, Channel Four, Bloomberg and Reuters in writing about everything from freak storms and greenhouse-gas doom to why Asian Communist economies are plumbing new depths of wicked coal usage. The tripartite beauty of climate drivel is that is demonises US trade rivls, has the potential to scare bewetters, and ensures the Greens are safely loyal to the Great Reset. The fact that, since Renée Dubois’ 1971 classic Only One Earth, nothing it or others predicted has ever come to pass is not a consideration of interest to the fanatics: as for the Secret Service psychos driving it, what better rationale could there be – following a creepy invisible virus – for mandatory control of everyone than a vast planetary disaster about to wipe out all those lovely likkle kiddies we just spent all that money vaccinating? [The very emergence of the ESG model for goody-two-shoes investing is a sure sign that more totalitarian edicts are on the way]
  7. We need to talk about Joe Biden. I think it’s highly probable that – well before the next POTUS election – Sleepy’s health deficit is scheduled to get much worse. Even the extent of Dem-voting stupidity couldn’t live for long watching Joe in an election with three further years of Alzheimers on the clock. Of course, the Grey State may just let him out alone and look on in vain as he walks off a flyover. But more likely is that they’ll give Kamalye POC Faithful time to get her jackboots under the Oval Office desk…which gives Biden roughly another fifteen months to live. We need to be clear about who Kamala Harris is: a socialist with a reputation for being slippery on specific electoral issues, and decidedly intolerant about opposition to her belief systems. She’s also getting a bad press right now about accusations of plotting against Biden staffers in the West Wing. Above all, Kamala wants to be at the top table regardless of her fellow guests. She is therefore perfect casting for the ‘controlled faux black radical loyal to the Great Reset’ role. Once she’s won an election, don’t expect any respect for the American Constitution.

Seven Deadly Sins. Support, if you like, for an important need I’ve been banging on about now for a number of weeks: it’s clear where all this is going; only the braindead and those who stand to benefit from the Weird Alliance refuse to recognise it. We are heading for “Everything is allowed except that which is forbidden” – or whatever Animal Farm double-talk Trudeau, Blair, Ardern, Johnson, Draghi, Schwab, Gates, Powell, Fauci, Sedwill and all the other four-legged fiends choose to employ in pursuit of their Greater Good.

Do not comply any further. Do not obey blatantly stupid rules. Do not trust anything the media tells you. Prepare for guerrilla politics at local level. Withhold payment of any debt for which these opportunists did not have a mandate. Connect with others off-grid, and form cells to thwart insane policies. Flatly refuse to offer up our children for vaccination. And use every available outdoor space to declare your allegiance to freedom over feudalism.

Onward to July 19th….and changing our lives after the Covid Spamdemic