SYNCHRONISED COERCION: the defiant now really Under Fire

The Boy King Emannuel Macron announced yesterday that he will pass a law requiring all health workers to get vaccinated by Sept. 15 . He also added that, for the broader population, the goal was now to “put restrictions on the unvaccinated rather than on everyone.”

Thus, starting July 21 – a week tomorrow – anyone entering a cultural venue or an amusement park will need to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative virus test, Macron said. This will be extended in August to restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes and long-distance transportation.

France will also start charging money for some virus tests, which until now were free, in the Autumn, “to encourage vaccination rather than increased testing,” Macron said.

In short, no jab – no life. And we the more sapiens Homos are UnderFire.

As with most things to do with The Deadly Global Fear Reset Funny Farm Plague, the slowly-slowly boily lobster narrative says one thing in March and another in July. ‘No pressure will be placed in the EU upon people who don’t want to be vaccinated,” lied Brussels three months ago. “The vaccine will be solely to protect those in some way vulnerable,” dissembled PHE last November.

The degree of coordination in the developed world is also increasingly obvious: Nosforauci in the US, Jobsdone in the UK and both Mirakel and Madron in the EU are now openly promoting a policy of creating a virtual open prison for every intelligent dissident aware of the unbelievable level of sharp practice.

Pro-Pharma bias, unelected power and privatised censorship surrounding vaccines that don’t vaccinate; drugs with ten times the reactive problems of any other formulation in history; perfectly adequate management drugs being ignored and smeared – and perhaps above all, the ludicrous and persistent attempts by “experts” and the media to magnify a virus that has, as of this morning, killed 1 (one) human being in every 1,975 residing on Planet Earth….85% of the deaths being among people who are one or more of multipathogenic, aged over 75 or economically inactive.

The evidence of covered-up or spun negative reactions to mRNA – and the level of medical professional rejection of the “science” on offer – is now so vast, I’ve stopped trying to keep up with it….partly because there are only 24 hours in a day, but equally because none of it seems to have a blind iota of effect upon 7/8ths of the population. I’d write “a blind bit of difference”, but I shrink from using that last word in the face of such gullible indifference.

“Right-ho Mr Dingbat, now I’m just going to apply this jackhammer to your left testicle, and you won’t feel a thing”.

Ludlow Dingbat turns to Mrs Dingbat.

“Gosh….er, whaddya make of that, Mildred?”

“Doctor knows best, dear” she replies.

And so, the mordant surreal parody of itself unfolds without unravelling…and we all need a Smile Respite.

Here we see Aubrey Erstweil, a member of the original trialist sample for the Oxford Recovery drug fellatiomide who, as we can see, suffered little more than the removal of his right cranial hemisphere – and a very neat job it was too by NHS surgeon hero Nelson Chainsaw, who worked around the clock to enhance Aubrey’s post-trial outcome, complaining only that he’d “like to kill the fucking tosser who put a clock right in the middle of the operating theatre”. So impressed was pro-am Covideo Director Neil Ferguson, he signed the incision. Mr Erstweil died of completely unrelated Alzheimer’s Disease complications three days later.

Following his successful double-jab vaccination at the Mengele Merkel Clinic last week, World Emperor in Waiting Schnapps von Zugpferd (right) said he was on course to make a full recovery in time for the Grossdeutsche Reichset now scheduled for May 2022. “I vud not miss ziss vonce in ze Zeitgeist chance to giff all ze Untermenschen off ze Arbeit Macht Frei Reisen zeir einige chance to be happy ownink nuzzink and goink Val de Rie Val de Ra in ze Laderhosen and luvink to go a Wanderung before takink zier place in the line for ze schowers,” said cuddly Schnapps, “Ach – wie frohlich alle Leuter shall be nach evsink hass been Bullied Back Besser Bei Being Bigger!”

This is senior Government Covid holocaust predictor Fidel Cashcow indulging in his hobby, photographing ladies’ bicycle saddles. He studied Dialectical Mathematics under Nobel Prizewinner Chou en Liya at the University of Pyongyang before writing his worldwide bestseller, The Predictable Uselessness of Modelling, described by Japanese anarchist Iti yor Shoo as “the most prescient textbook of its generation”. After completing a Masters’ degree in the Metatarsals of Fiscal Destruction, Cashcow studied first playdough and then clay modelling at the Anti-Imperialist Crèche in Aberystwyth before joining the influential think tank Biogeneric Engineers Infiltrating Geopolitical Enclaves (BEIGE). He is the author of an expert report presented to UK Health Secretary Rabid Covid yesterday, which predicts that easing mask restrictions in Walsall at the same time as allowing synchronised cuddling in Liverpool would overwhelm the RHS, revitalise the IRA, and double the levels of male PMT.

The new locally based individual liberties organisation UnderFire could not have had a more perfectly timed birth. Unaffiliated with any political, religious or ieological position, its aim is solely to stop the administration of mandatory corporatist forced choice at the local level across the world.

If you want to stop corrupted medical fanatics and geopolitical extremists ruling by fear in a bid to destroy compassionate humanity, write to to give support to those being bullied into vaccination at every government, professional, community and familial level… while help plan campaigns of resistance to the madness.

The only sacrifice we ask you to make is to leave your ideological baggage outside and accept that this is an issue above national Party politics.

We must stop behaving like 1930s German Jews: this is not “a phase” that is going “to pass away”: the only ones doing that will be us unless we unite and organise to stop this leviathan aiming to establish a ruthlessly cruel global TechnoEmpire

Believe me, sites like this one will be harrassed, hounded and then silenced as the Great Reset is preceded by the Great SwitchOff.

So if you want to carry on getting The Slog without Error 404 blocking your access, write now to and get on the mailing list that will never try to sell you anything – and promises a maximum of one email per day.

Cheers, chin up and bon courage,

(3D paint really is crap, isn’t it?)