As the Future accelerates towards the Present, the Present reverses into the past

Nine days ago I posted this blog, pondering therein about what’s likely to happen next in the Great Global Takeaway. The first point I made was to do with economic reality and inflation in the US, which had been running at 4%. It’s now 5.4%…..the biggest jump since 1991.

I noted in turn that new UK Health Secretary Javid had pledged that ‘all draconian restrictive measures would be lifted on 19th of July’. It’s the 15th today, and already that promise has been diluted.

The post talked about sovereign debt realities. Three days ago, Deutsche Bank warned that booming Covid debts, a relaxed attitude to heavy borrowing and a complacent view that interest rates will never rise would lead the world into a new economic crisis. Rather like a lush warning about the dangers of alcohol, but still a compelling analysis.

Finally, I suggested that Biden would put pressure on Britain to rejoin the EU (for NATO strategic reasons) while Brussels itself would continue its perfidious approach to fulfilling Brexit promises. Last weekend, Bidenite Democrats in Congress recommended that the mooted trade deal with the UK should not go forward; and the following day, Michel Barnier added 800 new Brexit ‘rules’ to the discussions without notice. Both Macron and Merkel have issued limits on the movement of UK holidaymakers in Europe, and a month after the UK-France driving licence swap was finally ratified (after an eight-month delay) the French licencing organisation ANTS still hasn’t adapted its applications website accordingly.

Also in that short interlude since June 6th, medical apartheid of the worst demonising and marginalising kind has been ratified in Britain and will be introduced in France next Monday, with all medical and care workers forced to get vaccinated, or get lost; and two huge Commons majorities have passed bills reducing free speech and penalising criticism online.

Hence the headline to this post: a blocist, controlling, censorious cultural Future is accelerating towards Now, and ruthlessly exploiting the sort of fear created by media and State that enabled the Nazis to keep an iron grip on power in Germany after 1934. Right now, I have to admit things look pretty bleak: the draconian reduction in my ability to mix socially here in France is now so marked, I really might as well don a false nose and sport a yellow Star of David. In discussion with two close French colleagues yesterday morning, between us we compiled thirteen separate US, EU, UK and International existing declarations that have been broken in this campaign to turn Covid19 into a Trojan Horse. Yet all the judiciaries involved remain silent – or pass limp judgements risibly pretending that all is legal and above board….for this is a pandemic emergency.

Except of course that it isn’t. I’m indebted to Slogger Alex for pointing me at data now showing that, for England and Wales, the age-adjusted mortality in the first half of this year was 0.4% below the 10-year average….making 2021 so far ‘one of the least deadly years in history’.

You can’t declare a pandemic when the apparatus available to test is wrong 44% of the time, and has been declared by the CDC in the US to be ‘less than useless’.

You can’t ask me to take seriously the idea that bog-standard influenza has almost completely disappeared since Covid pitched up. Elderly flu deaths are being routinely described on death certificates as Covid19: ask any care worker you know in private about the “rules” for attendant doctors in such cases….there aren’t any. Equally, there is still no reliable differentiator of death causality between ‘with’ and ‘of’ in relation to Coronavirus.

Every stat I’ve seen in relation to the Delta ‘variant’ shows it to be more infectious and less fatal than any previous ‘mutation’…following exactly the virological science forever suggesting that, as viruses evolve, they become more feeble.

In short, as the news gets better, the State’s grip on our freedoms gets tighter. The original UK rationale for draconian measures was to “save the NHS”. Well, wannabe saviours, you are close to destroying the NHS by first, strangling it with covidaphobia at the expense of other illnesses; second, destroying the economy without which no NHS can be funded; and third, by mandating vaccination for health workers which, I predict, will lead to even greater staff shortages as people leave the profession.

Our governments have given us masks that are unfit for purpose, vaccines that aren’t vaccines, lockdowns that create mental illnesses and harm educational standards, social media that censor, and news media we can’t trust. While they were at it, they emptied the Treasuries – and gave Big Pharma the only immunity so far achieved….from prosecution.

What’s really happened is that sociopathic bankers, geopoliticians, ideologues and perverted security service staff took on board the learnings from history’s totalitarian failures, and exploited techno and media advances in the present in order to produce successful global control in the future.

Seven out of eight humans can’t grasp this, and that’s why initiatives like UnderFire are so important. Because they offer those feeling marginalised and bullied the reassurance that they are not alone, and they are not mad; and more positively, they seek off-internet means of quietly building local networks that can sabotage State plans for dystopia.

You don’t have to be experienced, fully mobile or a tedious busybody to be an UnderFire agent. You just need to seek out conversations with the Good, and present the case for defending our liberties against malign forces.

I once watched a charming interview with Audrey Hepburn during the 1970s, in which she described her undercover work against the Nazis in wartime Holland. “And what did the Germans make of all that?” the interviewer asked. “Oh” she said, with a wink, “we didn’t tell them“.

One of the ironic difficulties of making local organisations work, is that I can’t just blurt out here and elsewhere online what you should be getting up to as a Resistance. For Big Brother really is watching us now.

Another is that I’m in the wrong place and without the time to be some sort of managing director. In that context, I think UnderFire probably needs two things: first and foremost, a reliably encrypted forum where ideas and strategies can be exchanged; and secondly, a website providing updates on what those batting for The Other Side are up to. I’m neither a techie nor a web designer – so again this is a plea to get in touch and offer help.

In the light of President Macron’s new house-arrest rules, John Ward is calling upon the Red Cross to lend a hand with the odd food parcel, swimming pool chlorine feeds, chauffeur-driven Bentley and other civil rights to which I subscribe.