Technocratic censors move to cover all the bases, but Resistance to the takeover is on the increase

Well knock me over with a needle, yesterday Health Secretary Savid Javid tested positive for Covid19. Is there, I ask myself a problem with the Downing Street water supply?

The occurence was widely reported, but sensible analysis was absent. As Javid himself admitted, “This morning I tested positive for Covid. I’m waiting for my PCR result, but thankfully I have had my jabs and symptoms are mild. Please make sure you come forward for your vaccine if you haven’t already.”
Why is he waiting for an outcome using a test already dismissed by the US CDC as “less than useless”?
And if he’s been double-jabbed, why has the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine spectacularly failed to stop him contracting the virus?

Here’s another question: where is the sanity, in that context, of Uncle Fester Spock urging, “Please make sure you come forward for your vaccine if you haven’t already”?

Pretty much everything about the “deadly global virus” assertion is coming apart at the seams.
What follows (this being a Sunday when you have more time to read and digest) is a selection of annotated sources showing how ruthless censorship and depraved data misuse can easily by countered by basic research, media analysis and interrogation of hitherto accepted statutes.
All of this will, of course, bounce off those set-in-concrete heads dedicated to post-empirical thinking as a form of reality. That is to say, the EUnatic, socialist, green, Bidenista, Borisonian soundbiter technocrats who believe that every self-assigned expert dick must be obeyed and its ejaculations swallowed.

But they are beyond help. I ask only that those with open minds who would rather use their heads than give good head persevere with the points I raise.

It is commonplace for most of us to assume that, when a scholarly article is retracted, the author(s) probably turned out to be scoundrels. Since the advent of Contrick19, however, the reality has often been the other way round.

An article I came across three weeks ago is a classic example. It was a study undertaken by three distinguished men of Polish, German and Dutch nationality and it appeared here.
The sampling and conclusions seem to me sound, and arrive at the awkward Truth that, among low Covid-vulnerable demographics, ‘for three deaths prevented by vaccination, we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination’. The researchers also suggested that – given evidence of massively under-reported problems and systemic discouragement of bad news in both the UK and the US – it is highly likely that vaccines injected into ‘young people’ kill more of them than “Covid19” does.

Not only does this trio of Europeans lack anything in their biogs to suggest villainy, I am unable to unearth any way in which their report is driven by cui bono – ie, conflict of commercial interest or some kind of academic vendetta. By contrast, I have amassed a whole bunch of data suggesting State ‘patched eye to the telescope’ behaviours in relation to vaccine negatives.

But this is what happened: the article appeared in an obscure (albeit learned) journal, and within 48 hours the editorial board received a huge dossier alleging perfidy on a number of levels. Within six days, the report was vapourised.

So thinking this through, a trio whose sole concern seems to be safety gets silenced by an anonymous (for it remains so) critique from people who lack the cojones to identify themselves; and as a result, it disappears. Where do you think the guilt lies here….and what MSM censorship ‘fact checkers’ does it remind you of? Frankly, I’d give more credence to Chubby Checker. Who, as it happens, this year hits 80, and probably has similar virology credentials to Michael Caine.

Nobody I know is fact-checking Bloomberg – by far the most enthusiastic whore servicing the odd needs of the Unnatural Alliance. But this 100% BS classic arrived in my inbox recently:

‘Undervaccinated pockets of America are threatening to bring the virus roaring back…In at least 482 counties, less than 25% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to an analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data by Bloomberg News. Those numbers are important because viruses don’t spread at a national or statewide level, but among friends, family and neighbors….With more contagious versions of the virus like the delta variant taking hold, pockets of undervaccination are creating opportunities for Covid to spread further and mutate’.

Nothing quite like quoting a figure that’s irrelevant anyway based on an analysis…um, you did yourself…with no evidence at all for that 482 figure. In the US, there are 3006 counties
so Boombust chose 17% of the universe to make its non-point. The Delta variant is indeed very contagious, but operating at a death outcome only 13% of the Wuhan Batlady version: and viruses that mutate quickly dilute their efficacy as they do so. Fact.

It’s counter-intelligence propaganda. Fake news. Bollocks. Bullshit. Disgraceful mendacity. Full-on hypocrisy. Memo to Self: must stop sitting on fence.

Little wonder that the somewhat more trustworthy Off Guardian recently declared, ‘COVID 19 is a disease which has a mortality age distribution profile indistinguishable from standard mortality. Unlike influenza, which disproportionately impacts the young, in terms of threat to life, COVID 19 was and is a wholly unremarkable illness’.

I don’t agree with everything the OG folks say, but this is a coup de grace in the brass neck of Covidophobia of which any bullfighter would be proud. And no, I don’t like bullfighting: but it is an exemplary demonstration of the darker human side that Liblefts increasingly refuse to recognise in their dysfunctional search for Utopia.

Pretty much like the confusing situation in Just Intrudeau’s Canada, really. Regional governments across the country have declared the Covid “emergency” there to be over. Not so Injustice Trudeau: he just keeps on keeping on, censoring contrarian opinion and furthering his liberalfascist agenda.

Soi-disant “Hate Speech” can be a crime or a civil offense in Canada now, and such laws have led to long, costly battles involving columnist Mark Steyn, political activist Ezra Levant and several pastors in Western Canada. But Trudeau wants tighter restrictions. Last May he introduced Bill C-10, which would put internet speech under the jurisdiction of the broadcast regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. Opposition parties on both the right and left pushed back, but Trudeau – who leads a minority government – adjusted the bill to win support from the leftist New Democrats and Greens.

So here we are again folks: the Bonkers Rainbow Alliance of red, green, grey, blue and black-hearted in full view. Why, pray tell, is that a conspiracy theory?

If you’re still not convinced, fly across the Pond to Spain, and get a load of this dispatch from El Pais:

‘All adults will be required to provide “personal services” to the state if a crisis is ever declared in Spain, according to the reform of the National Security Law being prepared by the government.
The draft legislation – which incorporates lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic – indicates that all citizens, without exception, must follow the orders and instructions of the relevant authorities if a state of crisis – or “situation of interest to national security” as it is termed in the document – is declared.

The reform also states that authorities can temporarily requisition all types of assets, take over or temporarily occupy those that are needed and suspend all activity. Citizens who are economically harmed by these actions have the right to compensation, according to the document. In its preliminary version, the bill does not include compensation for people whose services are required by the state’.

I really don’t see El Pais as a dodgy source, and this has to be the most overtly totalitarian enactment I’ve seen to date

Today’s Slog challenge: how many Treaties of Rome and Lisbon, German Supreme Court and the EUCHR declarations does this legislation ignore?

Bu there is no longer so much as an iota of respect for any of the principles at stake in these examples: the purity of data, objective journalism, a sense of proportion, free speech, civil rights and citizen sovereignty – all of them are under attack. Hence the name of the resistance movement launched here last week – UnderFire.

Having put everyone under house arrest for the sake of a wimpy virus, three vaccinations that aren’t vaccinations emerge within seven months and these are hardsold using utterly reprehensible Psy-Op marketing. What starts as ‘protecting the vulnerable’ becomes ‘everyone must be vaccinated’, and anyone disagreeing with that piffle is denied access to everything from travel and entertainment to food – and yes, even the duty of medical care.

It has nothing to do with medicine, saving lives or protecting public health entities. The goal all along was the creation of fear in order to facilitate a full-scale implementation of surveillance, control and eternal power….for bankers, technocrats, the Unelected State, globalist business and medicine privatisers.

But the fat lady isn’t singing yet. The UK pushback against vaccinating children has caused an abrupt U-turn in State policy on the subject, and the Daily Telegraph is edging steadily towards scepticim. In France, over a million signatures have been handed in to the Government demanding a rethink on medical apartheid, and this weekend mass demonstrations are taking place in all the major metropolitan areas. Greece too has seen widespread opposition to the vaccination mania.

Rumbling along in the background is the now double-digit inflation being given free rein by Fed Chief Jerome Powell. This will be seen as 2008 Part 2 – ie, another “emergency” – and used to both inflate away debt and bring on the Great Reset. In conjunction with this, we are already seeing upweighted propaganda about Climate “change”, and this too will be used to proclaim that determined and diligent World Government alone can address the existential threat to our only World.

Scepticism will become denial. Opposition will be dubbed terrorism. Online Resistance will be rebranded as nutjob conspiracy clap-trap. However, we are outnumbered but far from alone.

UnderFire offers thinkers everywhere the opportunity to organise local opposition beyond the internet to block any and all dystopian planning. If you want to become an UnderFire agent, write to me on

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