POST-VIRUS ANALYSIS: who’s calling the shots?

Nightmare whispers from the Shadows

What exactly is it we all feel at the moment? Most people who return regularly to this site probably have a dominant feeling of frustration (how can seven out of eight Western citizens be so unutterably gullible?) with a secondary sense of unease mumbling away in the background (where is all this going to end?).

The 86%, I suspect, suffer from knee-jerk fear, and a misplaced belief in the State and its media. Judging by the vast majority of insouciant pond-weed on Facebook, having taken the “straightforward” step of being vaccinated, such blissfully uninformed plantlife indulge themselves in smug dismissal of all contrarian thinking; and in the sector of this malleable majority a little further down the evolutionary tree, there is – ever more noticeable by the week – a growing mob rabidity directed at those they call “selfish” and “anti-social”.

We the ‘deadly unvaxed’ are unsurprisingly being weaponised by the CDC’s unhinged director Rochelle Walensky, and her surreal fantasy about the “new wave” (anyone remember which number we’re on now?) in the US….a “spectacular explosion” of cases with zero correlation to US States (or India) where vaccination levels and deaths are lower.

Thing is, those behind this Globalscam – what one might call Resetters in pursuit of Bedwetters – may well be criminally insane, but they have a first-rate Masters Degree in illusionism. As Hitler proved, being mad doesn’t stop you from being a hugely effective persuader.

But unlike Little Dolfi, this generation of mind-benders have opted for a place in the shadows. They know that the seven over eight have post-cognitive reassurance needs that must be regularly fed and watered: for without that sustenance, it might dawn on them that the jabbing fun-run was a terrible mistake. But the manipulators also know that letting front men take the heat is a necessity. Klaus Schwab has a lot to say, but he’s not a gigarich player.

Hold that thought.

As for myself, I must report with genuine sadness that, in the face of immediate recent events, my emotions are suffused with an incandescant rage that drowns pretty much every other emotion out.

This of course goes way beyond pandemic persecution…and further on still than this particular attempt by unelected global power points to sell tartan paint and eternal elixirs to the citizenry. It’s based on an awakening I had far too late in life: that once you leave behind the privilege that goes with being a corporate lab rat, you are wide open to anal rape by every Elmer Gantry, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Lloyd George, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Grant Shapps, Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Michel Barnier and Keir Starmer that ever walked on all fours upon the surface of Planet Earth.

Such anger on my part occasionally shows itself in dealings with the State. With my driving licence now six months out of date thanks to broad brushstroke Boris Brexit bollocks and Macronic revenge, earlier today I went to the British licensing authority site to apply for my Entitlement to Drive (required reading for every French fonctionnaire, allegedly) only to be told that all their phone lines were busy, they were months behind on all email applications, but I could try a webchat with them. The bot at the webchat fed me a long tale of woe about The Virus – everything is Covid’s fault now – took all my details, put me in a phone queue, and then disappeared before the queue said all lines were busy, please call back later.

So to the list of writers and thinkers in your head, you can now add Franz Kafka.

The DVLA made the terrible mistake of asking me about my experience on Webchat.

Now the comment I left will achieve nothing aside from making me feel slightly better. It will disappear into the élite Black Hole reserved for those deluded fools who think that their ire is of any importance in the elevated sphere they inhabit.

But my rage consists of something far greater. For it is equally aimed at all those pricks I once thought of as friends who so patronisingly ridiculed my efforts to warn of silent acceptance, pseudo-cynical “worldly” bromides, pragmatic shrugs and blind ideology in the face of the very quintessence of transhuman sci-fi evil.

Where are all these glib know-alls now that we have one national “leader” after another falling in line with an agenda clearly created elsewhere? What answer do they have to that…and do they know who owns their precious New York Times, Time-Warner and Murdoch’s Newscorp?

BlackRock and the Vanguard Group own most of both….through their staggering financial power via $15 trillion under management. As I shall develop, they own a lot more media conglomerates besides those three.

It’s inside the walls of power like that where the orders get issued.

It’s time to shine a light on some of the shadow-dwellers. For starters, yesterday’s tweet from James Delingpole is astonishing in its own right….

…..but who is Bojo taking orders from?

Money, when converted into totalitarian power, doesn’t so much talk as give out hoarse whispers. But the message is clear enough: “Do this, or else”. Look at the number of US, UK and EU elected legislators and shadowy (either greedy or surveillance) controllers bought by Big Business in general and the Bourse players in particular. None of this is wild conspiracy nonsense: on the contrary, it represents nothing more or less than the inbred interests of those who want to look down on us, while expecting us to look up to them.

So far, they are winning. And if the MSM continue to bottle out of naming names, the snakes could stay in the shadows of their pit forever. Yesterday, the UK Daily Telegraph revealed the key role of George Soros and Bill Gates in taking control of the UK’s leading track and trace company. But are the Soros, Gates, Schwab, and Zuckerberg tycoons giving or carrying out orders?

Soros is and always has been a geopolitical player who gives money and orders to BLM, Antifa, Finance ministers, leftist Democrats, political researchers and European universities. But he’s no shady hermit by nature (unbelievably, CNN still refers to him as “a philanthropist”) and he’s right at the end of his life. Gates has giga-money, but that doesn’t make him immune from the Hoarse Whisperers. Some guys somewhere looked at his high profile and penchant for pimps, and decided he was suffering from a surfeit of limelight. Now he’s “in hiding”.

Zuckerberg is an ever-willing mass murderer of free speech in the digital media, but he’s one of several others within and beyond that sphere who are primarily order-takers. I’m thinking Reuters, CNN, AFP, and that latterday Volkischer Beobachter, Bloomberg: the noddy-dogs who can’t compose a sentence these days without saying “Global latest on deadly pandemic soaring cases new wave mutant Indian crisis Delta variant Ivermectin fake news”.

In the end, I have wound up asking myself these simple questions:

Shuffle all the sub-motives and “useful” by-products like healthcare privatisation, shutting down the Gilets Jaunes, mouth-watering income streams for Big Pharma and so forth. Focus instead on the detective’s principle of means, motive, opportunity and track record.

We come back every time to the Secret State and the financial sector – aka, spooks, bourse manipulators and banking firms. They both want global hegemony, but the State needs to get rid of increasingly unrepayable debt, and the banking system needs to both survive and benefit from the inevitable correction that must come to the most obscenely over-valued Bull Run in history.

Only organisations like the CIA, MI6, NATO, the Pentagon, the world bourses and the Central Bankers have the track record of serial brass neck in terms of prestidigitational illusion creation. The bailouts, the perpetual QE, eternal Zirp from the latter finance sector and the Greek “bailout” have robbed every one of us blind. In turn, the War on terrorism, the Arab Spring, WOMD, Skripal, “Putin expansionism”, the bogus election of Joe Biden and now Covidaphobia have one by one been at first accepted and then (when interrogated) been hastily dropped by the conjurers as they move on to new emergency Armageddon territory: Brexit, Climate change, oceanic pollution and yes – even little purple Things from Space.

Further – as I’ve blogged on previous occasions – the overlap between working in investment banks while being employed by the Secret Service is mind-boggling…and reflected today in obvious examples like Sir Mark Sedwill at Rothschild – the same bank that employed Emmanuel Macron, and then got him elected French President…the same Macron now hellbent on ‘No vax – no life’.

So maybe you’re asking why I don’t include the media in that mix….and the answer is (see earlier re the New York Times et al) that financial BSDs give orders to the media because in terms of shareholding, they own pretty much all of it.

The Washington Post is owned by Nash Holdings, a company controlled by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. The two biggest investors in Amazon are….Vanguard Group and BlackRock.

In May of his year, massive Hedge Fund Alden took complete control of the Chicago Herald Tribune, Baltimore Sun and other titles in the Tribune Group.

‘Media’ concentration began in earnest in the late 1970s, accelerating ever since.”How could anyone possibly get so many media companies to follow one line?” is a question I was less than politely asked by a comment threader last year – clearly an attempt to dismiss global uniformity of output as “wild conspiracy theory”.

The answer is twofold: through ownership, and the reduced number of persuasion points.

In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the majority of news media in the USA.

By 1992, 22 companies owned and operated 90% of the mass media

By 2014, United States media ownership was concentrated mainly in the hands of six companies: Comcast, Disney, 21st Century Fox/ News Corporation, Time Warner and Viacom

In 2021, two multi-trillion dollar investment companies own the greater part of it.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to devote time each day to looking at the people around and among the Secret State, and those investment/banking concerns with the most to lose from an uncontrolled collapse in Bourse prices. I shall attempt not just a who’s-who, but also a who knows who.

To be clear, the key reason I’m keen to do this is that, try as we all may – no matter how many damning and conclusive stats and contradictions you put in front of the Klingons -their defence shields simply bounce it all off like a nonchalantly returned tennis service. By focusing more on power and people, some clear guilt might at last emerge.

For example, Western States need rampant inflation to clear off the national debt, prior to a reset towards revalued digital currencies. Jerome Powell’s dilatory response to such bottled-up inflation is both predictable and mendacious at one and the same time.

Covid will continue to be used as the excuse for greater and greater control. And 100% vaccination that doesn’t vaccinate will continue to be the default goal. Many virology players insist that the result of that will be millions dead during an indeterminate period of time. Others insist that these “vaccines” are bio-weapons designed to slim down the human race to a more manageable size – one in which most people are crypto-feudal serfs existing to satisfy the greatly reduced needs of Supermen. As Onkel Klaus insists, “You will be paid enough, you will have no ownership responsibilites, and you will be happy” in this coming Brave Green World where all the health researchers are Communists, all nasty industry has been abolished, there is no disease, and “They” live happily ever after.

Hmm. Time to shine torches on the Hoarse Whisperers of Davos. Stay tuned.