THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Coming out of the shadows – dead Scots & complete Finks

A mad stat a day keeps the Doctor at bay

In Scotland, between the 8th December 2020 and the 11th June 2021, a total number of 5,522 people died within 28 days of having a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The average number of people dying of Covid-19 in Scotland per month over the same period was 54. That compares to 922 dead shortly after taking the vaccine.

Scottish people are, ergo, 18 times more likely to be killed by vaccine than they are by Covid. (And bear in mind, in the UK as a whole, the “adverse symptoms” reporting system suffers from unexplained discouragement syndrome)

[Goblins from Reuters, the NYT and Guardian shouldn’t waste their fat-chequing time: those numbers are official and the result of an FOI request made to Public Health for Scotland]

Naming Names in the Global Takeover Plan, #1

Larry & Friend

Larry Fink is a name that bounces around in a billion heads around the world without ever adding up to much beyond vague awareness. He has, over the years, cultivated an image of being a perfect blend of American entrepreneurial apple pie and compassionate ecology. But as with so many things we’re conned into accepting these days, the Fink biographical narrative is something of an ocean-going colander.

Laurence Douglas Fink was born in November 1952, and throughout his school career he displayed an exceptional ability in mathematics. He has been described by those who taught and knew him as having a genius for numbers.

But when he enrolled at the LA University of California in 1971, Fink eschewed all things mathematical in order to read Political Science. So the first thing I ask myself is why one of the outstanding maths eggheads of his generation chose to – and indeed did – obtain a good BA degree in the study of politics. He then went to get a Masters in Real Estate at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management in 1976.

Mathematics, politics and property. Or – put another way – finance, power and ownership.

He was recruited by First Boston, and for a decade became a Wunderkind. Then he very badly screwed up an interest rate call, and morphed into Wankerkind….summarily fired.

‘Extreme overconfidence when faced with likely human behaviour’ – a defining feature of psychopathy. Larry told the media, “It was painful…as a senior partner, I was not treated with the respect I deserved”.

Two years later, he set up Blackrock. Fink co-founded BlackRock with Ralph Schlosstein, in a 50-50 partnership with the giant Blackstone Group. So he didn’t go it alone: he fed off the Establishment. Nonetheless, yet again his numerically systemic brain ensured his comeback as Wunderkind2. Unfortunately, his Masters in real estate didn’t stop him from losing $54bn on an ill-advised property deal in 2006, and as a result of that, Larry was forced into a merger with Merrill Lynch.

But then, during the 2008 Financial crisis, Fink “made some good calls”…and came out of it in charge of “the biggest investment management company in the history of the world”.

This is where the Fink/Blackrock history changes direction. The “good calls” he made remain shrouded in the same mystery that surrounds the $920 billion paid in bailout monies given to dick-driven bankers by the Fed, aka the American taxpayer. But from here on, Larry becomes more than just another numbers-manipulating wizard in the “financial space”. After 2008, his investment strategy invades the very heartland of government. Blackrock becomes a staggering $11 trillion investment management mutant with a massive focus on Sovereign infrastructure, hitech, search engines, social media, Pharma and Web-related distribution.

In short, all the whores obeying the orders of the Unelected State.

After 2009 pretty much everything written about Fink and Blackrock starts to see them as, at first, close to government, and then a full-on arm of it:

‘…clients ranging from schools and universities to entire states and economies….including the governments of the United States, Ireland and Greece…’

So much so, in fact, that after 2013 and the rape of Greece, Blackrock goes from being in the government’s pocket to pocketing more and more of government. Inevitably, this turns out to be good for business:

‘BlackRock have been under intense scrutiny for being awarded government contracts on the basis of referrals instead of the regular bidding.’ (Fast forward to 2021, and find the exact same corrupt technocracy taking power in the UK)

“I would say that after roughly 2015, Fink is creating stuff he thinks Washington needs to do,” alleges one well-placed New York attorney, “and then he takes control of the investment dimension and, I guess you could say, pretty soon he’s taking decisions on fiscal policy”.

From here on, Larry Fink’s incipient megalomania comes to the fore. He becomes not just a regular at Davos, he’s leading most of the tehnocratic take-over talk. He is an early adopter of leftist wokeness, and a driver of the ‘zero emissions’ CO2 Green agenda. There’s no doubt about this: his fingerprints are all over the co-opting of the cultural Red > Green > Black activist groups into the Reset alliance.

The degree to which his message is now very consistent, very ‘woke’ and very blamestorming about ‘the effect of Covid19’ is clear in these two extracts from his 2021 note to clients: (my emphases)

Over the past year, we experienced something even more far-reaching – a pandemic that has enveloped the entire globe and changed it permanently. It has both exacted a horrific human toll and transformed the way we live – the way we work, learn, access medicine, and much more.

The pandemic has also accelerated deeper trends, from the growing retirement crisis to systemic inequalities. Several months into the year, the pandemic collided with a wave of historic protests for racial justice in the United States and around the world….I believe that the pandemic has presented an existential crisis – a stark reminder of our fragility – that it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully and to consider how, like the pandemic, it will alter our lives. It has reminded us how the biggest crises, whether medical or environmental, demand a global and ambitious response.

It’s unadulterated hogwash – all of it. The human toll has been little changed from seasonal 75+ age group deaths in other years. Covid19 didn’t transform anything at all: that was achieved by the reaction to it embraced enthusiastically by his ilk.

The retirement crisis is almost entirely to do with investment bank NPD greed and scams that have cost all insurers vast sums and reduced ROI. There was not “a wave” of racial justice protesting around the world: there were merely coordinated Antifa/BLM actions (largely funded by George Soros) and then naked opportunism by the increasingly left-leading Bidenite Democratic Party….alongside grovelling, knee-taking appeasement by the ever amoral political classes of Europe. There is no empirical evidence at all of a climate-change threat, and the daft assertion that only global and ambitious policies will do is 24-carat fool’s gold designed to justify World Nazism.

Since 2018, Fink’s utterances – demands really – have matured into open criticism of elected politicians. These are replete with chilling parallels to the bierkeller rants of Adolf Hitler in the late 1920s.

“We’re witnessing now in China, in Europe and the United States, this tug of war between a business sector that is looking for a strong message, strong leadership and more consistency from government. The cycle of politicians is just too short.”

After Larry spouted that Fuhrerprinzip on a Davos panel last year, other senior business figures were moved to clamber aboard. Saleforce’s Marc Benioff declared, “CEOs are the heroes of Covid19….governments didn’t save us, businesses were the providers of personal protective equipment and the developers of vaccines”; and Brian Moynihan, Bank of America’s CEO averred, “Meeting sustainability goals will cost $6 trillion a year. And the only way you’ll do that is if private companies are driving it”.

Having dismissed elected pols as born onanists, Fink moves on to his plan to destroy competition by declaring them to be Stakeholder incorrect – the infamous ESG craze that he’s played a leading role in creating:

“Failing to meet investors’ increasingly green expectations will lead to “a widening gap” between companies that meet those preferences and those that don’t” (Victimisation of non-ESG companies in the same manner as medical apartheid applied to the unvaccinated)

It is amazing to watch these post-empirical propagandistas at work. They invent global threats, set unfeasible targets for eliminating them, and then gaily reach QED with one mighty leap: “So let’s shoot all the politicians, privatise all the services, do away with all these ‘electoral mistakes’, and install Global fascism”. Zero emissions, Zero Covid, Zero tolerance.

“Fascism” of course gets bandied about by Leftlibs who by and large don’t really have a clue what it is. But Mussolini defined it very well: “The alliance of corporate and bureaucratic expertise in defining policy rather than leaving things to chance via easily swayed and untutored voters”.

That’s what Larry Fink represents.

In fact, BlackRock is today the most influential Wall Street player in Washington….as Business Insider puts it, “a poster child of the revolving door between finance and politics”.

Which takes us right back to the beginning of Laurence D Fink’s journey.

“If you look at how and when the CIA became Woke,” one prominent American online commentator told me, “it’s pretty clear that Fink’s BlackRock has a close relationship with the Agency. Fink is woven into the fabric of Washington power now….and it’s impossible to get to that position without meeting the boys from Langley”.

Larry Fink has been a prime mover in the creation of the global Corporacratic alliance. Today he is the very personification of it. He’s a commander, not an order-taker. He designs, promotes and invests in all the fascists and all the colours.

The MSM isn’t going to do it, so it’s up to the internet Resistance to drag these bizarre transhumans out of the shadows and give more and more of them the arc-lamp treatment.

Enjoy your weekend.

John Ward is hiding under a duvet somewhere in France