Backing into the limelight: vacuous vaccination & Dimon duplicity

How can the State threaten the removal of a Duty of Care when it clearly doesn’t care at all? The Slog interrogates the latest ONS virus, vaccine, cost/benefit, lockdown and ‘case test’ data on the one hand; and drags the disgraceful Dimon double standards out of the shadows.

A Mad Stat a Day keeps the Doctor Away

Three days ago, we got the latest UK Deadly Pandemic “news” from the ONS.

Vaccines seem to have had an effect, yet it still remains the case that every thousand fewer infections translates into about one less death.

So we doubled our debt, strangled the NHS, emptied the Treasury and blew 2.1% of GDP to save 1 life per thousand – 80% of whom are over 75 and economically inactive. People have an attack of the vapours when I write “eugenic” stuff like that, and yet don’t ask why Hancock massacred thousands of people in Care Homes….but fully accept that people like Johnson, May, Blair and Shapps actually care about such things*. (I am 73 by the way, and don’t want my carcass saved if it means 999 people have to lose their liberty to do it. Equally, I’m in no hurry to die – hence my refusal of the “vaccines”)

Now look at it from deaths per thousand of the total population:

During May 2021, two people (2) per thousand in Wales died of Covid; in June, 5 per 000 died.

For England, the Dper1000 were 7 and 8 respectively.

These are tiny numbers…and outside the 75+ age range, they are veritably homoaeopathic. In fact, the two previous months showed marked mortality declines. Yet the June ‘Normality Day’ was posponed, and the July version was diluted. Why? And Boris Johnson continues “to rage” (we’re told) because two-thirds of sub 30 year olds aren’t buying the propaganda. Who are they a threat to, and do the vaccinated stop being infectious? The answers are “nobody” and “no” respectively.

Quite simply, the reportage narrative chose to look at cases not deaths….and those Magnificent Men in their Media Machines went along with the Partypooper line.

But the reporting was only able to reach even those levels by (1) suggesting flu had been wiped out and (2) using a PCR test that even Fauci has now rejected as useless.

This is a quote from the WHO’s previous definition of herd immunity:

These days it is generally accepted that at 65% exposure to a virus, herd immunity is achieved, as a result of which the virus in that form quickly dies out’

Guess what? That’s now been vapourised. In its place we get:

Vaccination can also become a public good: once a critical mass of people have been vaccinated, the herd immunity that results is enjoyed by all.’

Ah yes, the V-word again. Without any percentages.

*7,400 retired UK oldies living in France are without driving licences thanks to Grant Shapps’s DVLA which still isn’t responding to anyone about anything; Blair connived with Brown to continue the pauperisation of 1950s born women by pension deceit; Osborne then accelerated that process, May told the 3.64 million ladies there weren’t any money trees available, and BoJo dismissed their claims in a curt two-line letter. And you want me to believe that these monsters care? Forget it.

Backing into the Limelight

#2 – Jamie the Diamond Geezer at Morgan the Pirate

Jamie Dimon and fwend…oh look, it’s the same fwend as, er…

Yes, it seems that Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink have the same fwend. As it happens, they also read from the same scwipt.

It’s a very old, curling at the edges and well-thumbed script about inclusivity, diversity, Covid as a Reset wake-up call and the Poor Folks being left behind. And wee Jamie knew it off by heart earlier than most: quite an achievement given he had a heartechtomy at birth.

In May 2020, ahead of JP Morgan Chase’s stockholder beano, Dimon started gushing early on.

“It is my fervent hope that we use this crisis as a catalyst to rebuild an economy that creates and sustains opportunity for dramatically more people, especially those who have been left behind for too long. The last few months have laid bare the reality that, even before the pandemic hit, far too many people were living on the edge. Unfortunately, low-income communities and people of colour are being hit the hardest, exacerbating the health and economic inequities that were already unacceptably pronounced before the virus took over…An inclusive economy – in which there is widespread access to opportunity – is a stronger, more resilient economy. This crisis must serve as a wake-up call and a call to action for business and government to think, act and invest for the common good and confront the structural obstacles that have inhibited inclusive economic growth for years.”

Right then – Tally-ho! We’ll do that. Perhaps.

On the other hand…this from Wall Street on Parade two days ago:

‘Over the last seven years, with Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon at the helm, JPMorgan Chase has managed to do what no other federally-insured American bank has managed to do in the history of banking in the United States. The bank has admitted to five separate felony counts brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, while regulators took no action to remove the Board of Directors or Jamie Dimon.’

Still, Jamie remains smiley:

And now you know why.

They giga-hypocrisy of these gargolyes beggars belief. Why in the name of God does anyone have any faith in anything they say?

But it’s important to remember that States across the globe give the bancassurance investment sector complete immunity from personal prosecution. There is a plea bargain, and then the corporation itself Sets A Sum Aside.

I’m a barrow boy ever so wide/But I’m OK ‘cos we Set A Sum Aside/

So we’re taking you for a lifelong ride/And that’s just cool ‘cos we Set a Sum Aside

And spookily enough, the same immunity applies to the Pharmafia….except those thugs escape all corporate accountability as well. Their deal is 100% immunity, period. It’s just sad that their Jungle-Juice genetic experiments don’t seem able to produce a reliable form of immunity for us.

In the Schwabbian Stakeholder Capitalism reset, we know our place.

It. Is. Last. And don’t you forget it.

Ignore what they say, but rather, observe what they do. As always, the double-standards virtue signallers want double helpings when the vice is being handed out.

Ask Jeffrey Epstein and….oh hang on, he “hanged himself”. Ooops, slight memory lapse there for a second. You see, living as I do in the countryside, I sometimes forget that what we need is more cuntrycide. Me being a pacifist an’ all.

In the absence of bodies swingin’ from a wild ol’ tree, I leave you with one wacky thought hanging in the air: given that the State is far more interested in banking vermin, barmy billionaires, sociopathic spooks, vaccine fanatics and social media censors than us, would it be better for all concerned if we were relieved of all tax burdens and the State asked their fwends to make up the shortfall?

This would leave we the People free to consume far more products and services, thus driving the economic recovery forward. Of course, such is merely a debating point at this stage. But you never know; perhaps some people might wish to focus Washington and Whitehall minds by taking the initiative in such matters.

Not that I am suggesting some kind of tax strike: perish the thought. For such, as you doubtless already know, is illegal.

Well it would be, wouldn’t it?