FAST-MOVING FASCISM: Macron foxes France as Starmer baffles Britain

Totalitarian United 2 Opposition Academicals 0

It is with great joy that I am able to confirm Manny Macrony’s success yesterday in persuading France’s gutless National Assembly to extend the ongoing Libertechtomy-jab drive to include everyone whether they like it or not.

In this, his fight against selfish bastards unwilling to die for the Pharmafia-to-Green-Reset complex, one can sense that the President means business. This is because he is wearing his I Mean Business mask.

“The equation is simple. The more we vaccinate, the less space we leave this virus to circulate,” the President began, “It is our earnest hope that the remaining variants will jump into rubber dinghies and be steered by our gallant navy to England, from whence they came and good riddance”. Greece, Italy, Denmark and some of the German Länder rapidly followed suit, announcing fines, pay cuts and strikings-off for all those deranged enough to believe that there is any danger at all in a “vaccine” currently killing more people than the virus in Scotland.

There are plenty of opinion polls showing that the Boy King isn’t doing that well at the minute. It’s just that I’m beginning to wonder whether that really matters, given what Biden got away with last year….and suggestions that some codicils in the Act could be interpreted to include polling booths as “crowded places”. The other problem with most of the news pertaining to Macron at present is that it can only be found in Russia and Asia.

The bottom line, unfortunately, is that although the Teacher’s Pet has an approval rating of around only 44% (and on Round 1 polling intentions is neck and neck with LePen) he still has a clear majority in any runoff against her.

There is only one way to get rid of Macron in 2022, and that’s by forming a Freedom Front “of all talents” led by a geniune centrist – endorsed by both LePen and the Left. LePen is unelectable (at least, for now) but another five years of Brigitte’s little boy is unthinkable.

That’s a very tall order indeed. Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon – hard Right and Left – have already made clear they see political opportunity in the vaccine debate. But that’s not the same as forming a Front.

Voter apathy and an Opposition in disarray are – along with dystopian use of surveillance and censorship technology – becoming an ever-presence of misfortune in the First World. The political cultures of the US, France and Britain are different in myriad ways save for one: depravity in the political and media totalitarian bedfellows. With too many white hats doing nothing while the bad guys try everything, at times it’s like getting an arrow in the eye during every Battle of Hastings Goundhog Day.

Across the narrow strip of water in England, very few MSM commentators are really on the ball – although Sherelle Jacobs at the Telegraph is an admirable exception. The political dilemma is, however, an even worse remake than the Restoration comedy that is Macronapoleon III – viz, a diabolically split Left, and the retreat of the Golden Calf (formerly known as Nigel Farage) into the doomed catacombs of GBNews.

The key difference is that, while France can’t live with the baggage of Marine Le Pen, in England only a minority can envisage a Left that is half banal Big State Starmer, and half bonkers LGBT-pc …..that is, not so much a half man, half bull Minotaur as a half wimp, half bullshit Momentaur.

Clearly, the Labour Party is very keen on having Green credentials. So much so that – if you look at the Party’s new paper on jobs – it is a masterpiece of recycling. The blue collar lager and brown ale bottles have all been placed anally into the correct holes; the only problem is, they don’t exist any more. Starmer and Rayner call this “a new deal for jobs”, but actually it’s an old reheated meal for mobs of yobs. The oft-predicted death of the Labour Party has produced many a resurrection. However, I have to say that the lid is being nailed down on the coffin even as we watch this time.

Logically therefore, there should be a gap for a new Movement. But the time isn’t ripe. This is a time for determined defence against false Gods and their technocratic fantasies. People aren’t hungry enough for the counter-attack just yet.