ANALYSIS: The Climate of Fear on Steroids


What on Earth was the Daily Telegraph thinking about when it ran the above ridiculously alarmist feature yesterday? I do realise that “why-oh-why” stuff sounds like 1970’s journalism from the Chapman Pincher era….but what is it with that newspaper these days? Why does it lurch from acute questioning of the whole Covid19 Psy-Op on a Sunday to slavishly braindead rechurning of Tipping-Point climate fake news on a Monday?

Let’s start by dismissing this “burning planet” nonsense right away; every major outbreak of “wildfires caused by climate change” in recent years has turned out to be either partly or fully down to the work of arsonists:

These fires aren’t quite as “wild” as the captive media would have us believe:

The Turkish fires this year look less and less like a natural occurrence…

….and in Greece, this from euronews:

Where’s a Reuters/Bloomberg/CNN fat-chequer when you need one? Where’s the spontaneous combustion in a blaze started by a delusional Armageddonist Green from California? Or a PKK terrorist? Or an Afgahni Islamist covered in cigarette lighters and petrol cans? Why did 24 Aussies get arrested in one fell swoop – what were they, spontaneously incarnating pyromaniacs?

There is a theme/meme in so much infantile élite propaganda these days that is desperately trying to suggest spontaneity. On Twitter yesterday morning, for example, a “spontaneous trend” started in relation to “food shortages following Brexit”. Some of you may have shared the same profoundly depressive experience as The Slog, as he scrolled down the list of we-told-you-so Remainoids.

Here’s the unique thing about the UK today: it has foolishly brought into being an idiotic app that pings to tell you that your great aunt’s hedgehog has been in contact with a batshit-eating guppy, and so you need to self-isolate on Elba for the next three years. The reasons why there are shortages in the food supply comprise (1) short-staffed wholesalers labouring under silly social distancing absences (2) pinged retail staff off work and (3) brazenly anti-Brexit border control red tape being applied by the French douaniers.

But the EUnatics continue to indulge their happy-clappy Sproutphilia. And the rest of us were asked to believe that this Twitter “trend” of 5,378 lost souls was….yes, you guessed it, spontaneous.

Spontaneous was the driver behind Soviet citizen demonstrations as reported in the USSR’s media before glaznost. During my pre-internet University years in the 1960s, the Trots in the Politics Department use to get English version copies of Pravda by mail. Forgive me if I get the exact words wrong, but this particular headline from 1968 has never left me:

‘Peace-loving Sovyet peoples spontaneously demonstrate their objection to warmongering NATO interpretations of Czechoslovak liberation from reactionaries by gallant USSR soldiers’

The way you do.

“Wotcha Ivan, whaddya hear, whaddya say?”

“Well Nickita, I’m off to Red Square the better to have my voice heard against the Imperialists defending the counter-revolutionary Alexander Dubček and his fascist gang”.

“Hey, sounds like well cool to me Ivan me old china plate, I’ll be there at the double”.

I’m reminded of that blue and yellow star-bangled banner being held aloft by the Second Referendum democracy perverters in 2016-17:

“Let the European Union know how much you love it”

This is what we’re up against five years on: guerrilla tactics to produce self-fulfilling false horror surrealities.

The blocists rebuffed by the brave Brexit referendum have, unfortunately, retaliated by studying in great detail the art of suggestive proof by repetition. From the silly grey fibs of WOMD, the Arab Spring and Great 2008 Bank Rescue, they have moved on to the jet-black perfidy of Britain’s dependence on the EU, the Covid19 global killer….and now, “the Global bourse-conflated economy is just fine but we’re all gonna be levelled by the Earth’s climatic suicide”.

The Earth has faced far bigger threats than the fecund industry of Homo sapiens….and it will be supporting life long after we’ve gone. My species gives itself a central role in the Earth’s death because around 0.001% of its inhuman inhabitants have a God complex, and 80% of the rest would rather go all noddy-dog than challenge mendacity.

Along with thousands of other sites, The Slog has expected Extinction Climate and Financial Ruin to follow the obscene aggrandisation of Covid19. The goal is universal fear-driven obedience predicated by a chimera of freedom.

This post is a companion piece to Sunday’s Slogpost about “Tipping Points”.