Bored with Doombug, Davos & media go mad for Doomfire

As the imminent climate extinction propaganda seeps down from Reuters and CNN via The Times to European regional press, the élites are making a breathtaking attempt to close the Covid chapter, and persuade us instead that Planet Earth is ablaze from Arkansas to Zambia. While David Cameron makes hay, we the People are left in utter confusion and full-on fascism.

Day 3 of Climate of Fear gets under way as the orders from On High move beyond digital MSM and social media into the regional titles. To the right of Icefloes and the ‘Total emergency’ headline are the circled assertive bollocks of those experts who predict rising temperatures, accelerating mutations (?) and climate catastrophe. This is my local paper normally devoted to fetes, festivals, restaurants, tourism and Garorock concerts; now dramatically transformed into a harbinger of doom, even the Deadly Pandemic’s restoration of obligatory mask-wearing gets shoved into a small headline, and an article on Page 17.

In Italy, this translated newspaper report has all the usual ingredients:

Interestingly, however, this photo is credited to the Vigili del Fuoco – Italy’s fire brigade – and purports to show Calabria, where a UNESCO heritage site is “under threat from these global warming episodes”. As per usual, it shows fires out of control and what appears at first sight to be a chap with the most enormous plonker urinating on them in desperation.

But as if by magic, we next read…..

…’ stripe me guv’nor, the same phantom pisser (right) is at his work.

Well I never. But then, you see, we’ve all spotted those alleged shots of Israelis massacring Hamas (and vice versa) only to later spot the same appalling tragedy photographed in Algeria. Then Iran. And Libya. During the risibly named Arab Spring of disrepute, some photos were passed around so much they were fraying at the edges.

This is the problem of 21st century life that smug Tory >bonkers Left >mad Green >Remoanoid >Vax-go-for-it >Globalist believers still haven’t quite grasped as yet: if you weren’t there yourself to see it with your own eyes, you can’t trust any story you read in the mainstream media.

I remember very well how the Toyboy husband of a woman I once knew said of David Cameron, “I like Cammers, I think he’s a safe pair of hands”. He got quite disturbed when I pointed out that more likely was the probability he had his hands in the safe. This story broke late last night at The Times:

A week after the conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire in September 2019, the company was given a multimillion-pound contract for genetic sequencing without competition, says The Times. The contract is with Genomics England, a company wholly owned by the Department of Health and Social Care, and it’s clear that Hancock had no intention of attending the conference before Cameron’s letter…but was involved (see Slogs passim) in setting up the whole ownership of GE by the DHS.

Ignoring the very clear attempt by Our Matt to distract attention by wearing a pair of socks sold to him by an ageing circus clown, the whole deal smacks of rakeoffs, backhanders and off-radar privatisation. I also spoke to some in 2019 who alleged that the tracking surveillance “opportunities” offered by GE to government are just another step on the Road to Dystopia. It wouldn’t surprise me.

When I was very young, rejected PMs didn’t pull this kind of grubby stunt: not Eden, not Macmillan, not Wilson, not Heath….whatever else you may think of those gentlemen, they retired and wrote memoirs. Seven out of eight voters out there give off an air of insouciant blindness to it all – or affect the loss of primary senses….. or don’t care, coming back at one with the feigned worldly cynicism of, “What do you expect? They’re politicians”. As I keep saying, cynicism is the new naivety.

I close today with a piece that suggests Globalscam Phase 1 (Invisible Doombug) is drawing anarchically to a close, the better to make way for Phase 2 (Underwater Doomfire). It’s from the schizoids at the Telegraph, and for me it sets a new world record for Covid obfuscation, infection complication, vaccine self contradiction and no doubt many more dubious words ending in shun.

The headline alone from Sarah Knapton suggests good news/bad news/no news before we venture into the body copy: ‘Delta wrecks herd immunity goal and Covid will get/infect everyone in the end, so won’t that mean herd immunity as expert warning scientists say sod mass testing, there’s no point but doesn’t that mean that vaccines that aren’t vaccines are just in the way?’

I hasten to point out here that the above represents the confusion in my allegedly smart brain; it does not reflect the content of the article. Ms Knapton seems to see none of the ‘shun’ elements that I do. Perhaps it’s me, I just can’t work out why everyone surviving Covid (99.47% of us at least) won’t then be immune….and thus not in need of any further remedial treatment, boosters, Vitamin D, Masks, Aunty Maggie’s Home-Made Remedy or indeed any medical intervention whatsoever.

The only way to back up my view is to show, not tell. There now follow excerpts from the piece to do just that:

Prof Andrew Pollard, who led the Oxford vaccine team, said it was clear that the delta variant could infect people who had been vaccinated, which made herd immunity impossible to reach even with high vaccine uptake’.

Well Prof/Sarah, vaccines are supposed to immunise right? But now – after all these gongs have been dished out, huge monies expended and Pharmafia/media lies and censorship tried to hide the facts about side effects and inefficacy, THE OXFORD RECOVERY TEAM IS TELLING US THAT WE THE COVID19/VAX SCEPTICS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG.

So, natural immunity gained via harmless infection somehow doesn’t count as herd immunity? It’s beyond parody.

‘On Tuesday, the Department of Health confirmed that more than three quarters of adults have now received both jabs, and calculated that 60,000 deaths and 66,900 hospitalisations had been prevented by vaccination. But experts said it would never be enough to stop Covid from spreading’

Missing from the above conclusion is how many deaths resulted from vaccination, and how many deaths resulted from poor vaccinated immunisation. We aren’t allowed to see the DoH’s workings out, of course – and we probably never will. But what is included is the astonishing admission that ‘it would never be enough to stop Covid from spreading‘.

So we did it all for nothing. Give me strength.

Until recently, it was hoped that increasing the number of Britons jabbed would create a ring of protection around the population. As late as last week, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation said one of the reasons it had advised that 16 and 17-year-olds should be vaccinated was because it may help prevent a winter Covid wave’

There really is no way to react to that critique-free reportage, beyond the question, “Why on Earth would anyone with so much as an iota of analytical insight put forward either of those irrelevant hypotheses as anything other than suggestions to convince the suggestible?”

OK, let me close now with the total sum of my skin in this media game: many months ago – after fruitful cooperation with France Soir executive editor Xavier Azalbert – I encouraged Ms Knapton and her colleagues to talk to him on valuable inside knowledge he held about Oxford Recovery mendacity in general, and the perfidy of messrs Horby and Landray (both later knighted) in particular. They did not do so.

As a result of that, unimaginable criminality has been allowed to destroy the principle of individual bodily sovereignty, along with the triumph of unaccountable bureaucratic medical rationale fascism.

For those controlling Earthly events at the minute, unsquarable medical vicious circles are just so yesterday Dahhling. Time to move on. They’re now launching the climate disaster fascism – which will no doubt be followed by the fiscal disaster fascism accelerated by ESG fascism, and blamed on Covid19 population protection.

It’s nice work if you can get it, is it not?