ANALYSIS: new Social Contracts not tired totalitarians

The Slog surveys the march of unscientific advance, top-down government and counter-intuitive propaganda across a landscape littered with tattered flags, concluding that The People need a new Social Contract….but somebody needs to tell them.

Yesterday dawned a cloudy 28 degrees having been billed as crystal clear at 34 degrees. More models in action, no doubt….all weather forecasters use them, and yet predictions have never been more unreliable. I’m left wondering what the group term for models should be: a catwalk? A claypit? A mistake?

It is a worrying feature of contemporary Homo sapiens that, despite Andean mountain ranges of evidence that models are usually wrong (and always miles out when Artificial Intelligence has been applied) First World Establishments are addicted to models and busily replacing human beings with AI in every walk of life. But then, the last few years have taught us that the two drivers of this regrettable change are corporate shareholder demands for dividends, and technocratic policy agenda.

That is to say, the purpose of Covid19 predictions was to terrify everyone by being hopelessly conflated; and hitech mechanisation never asks for a rise. Models are thus a weapon of insidious persuasion, while AI assists in the ongoing process of transferring all material power from labour and elected officials to capital. It is not, however, a weapon of capitalism – because what we have now across the West is technocratic fascism rather than democratic capitalism. The goal of even “good corporate works” ESG investment ideas is so obviously the eradication of competitors, it’s laughable. Those calling the shots today seek out monopolies of production, distribution, surveillance, control, wealth and power. Bill Gates’s success is based on it.

The hopefully appetising paragraphs above are primarily the starters for a recurring Slog theme (forget Covid now, think global control through fear) upon which I want to expand in one very clear additional direction: my continued hope that the global NWO lunatics will fail….and when they do, how might the individual’s freedoms be better protected than they are now.

We have all read and heard Davos Man’s ludicrous promise to build back better, but his “ideas” are so incredible, they have to be rejected out of hand by the one in eight of us who still think without the need for media guidance. Since 2009, these jokers have been building their own hoards of wealth, putting foward mendacious narratives to consolidate their power, depriving the retired of their interest-rate incomes, throwing people out of work by offshore/AI strategies, and ensuring a monopoly on all information that makes them look good. Yet despite that, they still look pretty bad. (To me, anyway)

In the post three-card-trick world, a lot of things will have to go, a lot of old protections reinstated and a lot of radical new creativity applied to the creation of genuine earned, physical prosperity and potential for the greatest number possible.

Having created an expectation of ultimate victory for decent humanity, however, this is no time to underestimate the sheer north-wall climb facing us if we are to get out of the ruthless clampdown we can expect from the 0.01%.

I’m still expecting a Great Turnoff (of the internet) to accompany the Great Reset; I suspect the trumped-up ‘Climate Emergency’ may be used as some kind of risible excuse – cutting generated electrical energy usage – or failing that, “evidence” of heavy usage by extremists and/or a rise in “hate speech”, paedophile networks and racism online.

Rampant inflation is already under way, and it’s very clear that none of the central banks (especially the US Fed), IMF, BIS, Brussels and so forth has the slightest interest in controlling it. As our real incomes shrink, double-think emergency decrees will be issued allegedly to save The People – perhaps even forcing us to spend a minimum amount each day “in order to save jobs” – but then, as fear also hits the bourses (and the investment banking firms as usual get into trouble) there will be bailins….aka, stealing our money. If you doubt this, read the July 22nd Bank of England’s paper on bailins policy from the multi-faced Andrew Bailey. It’s mainly impenetrable, jargonised drivel – but the odd bits with any clarity are breathtaking in the robbery envisioned.

It is, I pray, at such a specific scam-stage that the brazen theft might at long last be a step too far for the sofa dwellers; but if timed with enough fear-factor and digital shutdown – really nothing more than an anti-Resistance Lockdown – coordinated action may well prove impossible unless in the meantime an ex cathedra www information exchange system is quietly developed.

Remember: the police, the judiciary, the Commons, the spooks, the bureaucrats, the news media and social media are all batting for the Invasive State now….not the Citizenry.

But for the purposes of today’s essay, let’s assume that – in, say, France or Italy – the State loses control, and an elected ‘Reform Maquis’ takes control. The task they would face is dizzyingly multi-faceted….and most of it would require longterm persistence in a world where vulture funds will be doing everything in their power to destabilise the government(s) involved – and perhaps even Mogherini and her EU army might be planning an invasion in concert with NATO. For the defenders of freedom, it would require enormous discipline….and a never-ending choice between the urgent and the important.

The best way to approach it would be via an audited list of priorities. I genuinely still think that there would be a degree of desertion by those who had, by one means or another, been forced to do the State’s bidding. In both Germany after 1945 and Russia in 1990, such cadres came forward very quickly. The key ones immediately would be established journalists and social commentators, veteran politicians able to command respect (a toughie) and the greater mass of frontline medics, ordinary cops and climate scientists.

The high-profile use of those groups would have to be swiftly followed by legalistic bureaucrats able to give sound guidance on the immediate repeal of all emergency (virus/climate/financial) edicts…for it is those “laws” that give unconstitutional powers to the unelected State in all its sour forms. In the UK, for instance, I would right now advocate a focus on getting the 2020 Covid19 batch of legal instruments abolished via an All-Party revolt against The Dictatorship of SAGE and MI6-weighted Whitehall mandarins.

At the moment in the UK, the Commons chamber is fixated by the fear among MP whores of Whip threats and intelligence blackmail. However, were their choices changed suddenly to being employed or abolished, I suspect they would come round pretty quickly.

Equally, I see no signs among senior military staff in the UK, France and Greece (for example) of any loyalty to blocist (rather than national) priorities. The French in particular would not only welcome benign military involvement, I think such a development would see the vast majority of the gendamerie preferring that to creeping Macronite fascism.

But all this is so much window-dressing compared to the basic stuff of Rule-of-Law free speech democracy and the practice of level playing field entrepreneurial mutualist capitalism. Immediate subjects for radical socio-economic reform in that context would surely have to be:

  • The bourse/banking firm system of packaged financial products, valuations, IPOs mergers and aquisitions
  • The continued existence of a globally-linked central banking system in largely private hands
  • A complete separation of monied corporate influence on the one hand, and politics plus social/health services on the other
  • The abandonment of privatisation in favour of community mutuality
  • The establishment of a written Constitution with easy citizen access to a judiciary whose powers and appointments are entirely separate from the Body Politic
  • The abolition of Party ‘whipping’, and gradual reduction of all national political power in favour of regional rights
  • The institution of a modern fully proportional representation system for all elections.

Longer-term, but most important of all:

  • The depoliticising of all education (including Islamic schools) and the abandonment of any idea that in socio-economic matters, there is a right or wrong answer as if such might be a maths course
  • The reinstitution of a segmented education system based purely on ability, effort and artisan skills
  • The encouragement of young people to doubt unelected authority, question received shibboleths and hold all State institutions to account
  • The abolition of any Upper Chamber in favour of members able to show a clear track record of apolitical service to local communities.
  • The commitment to equality of opportunity based on fitness for purpose without regard to age, gender, sexuality or ethnicity.

In a nutshell, my over-arching view is this: we have tried feudalism, Divine Right royalty, forced minority equality, socialism, neoliberalism, fanancialism, fascism and globalism. All have failed us. The time has come to reject overwhelming use of nationalisation, multinationalism, technocracy and publicly offered privatisation in favour of more innovative entrepreneurial mutualised capitalism based on human employment and actively involved shareholders. The banking system’s job used to be direct support for and encouragement of such a mixed economy; it must return to that, or be replaced by an alternative system.

In many ways, the old political structures are being challenged. But many of the élite power bases still run the show: the metropolitan pc dictatorial alliance is all-pervasive – as are banking, green and unelected surveillance.

In this final section, therefore, I want to look at an international issue that is central to many national free-speech crises in the First World: that is, the Left’s obsession with rigid ideology and its consequent inability to either (a) rule tolerantly or (b) provide purposeful opposition to unelected influence or tyrannical government when out of office.

I don’t think we should doubt that – certainly in France and Britain – the dysfunction of soi-disant ‘progressive’ thinking among social democrats has given dictatorial technocratic rule by decree a free run at both gaining and retaining power. In the US, a morganatic marriage between leftist voters, the media conglomerates, pc and the intelligence community has produced a dictatorship of the Left, but in fact the power “alliance” is exactly the same: the real Opposition now in all three countries is the libertarian small-c conservative minority; but the Official oppositions are wallowing around in business-as-usual political point scoring, squabbling between wings, and variously taking knees, thumping battered old drums and heartily approving of enabling acts to counter virus variants that don’t matter or climate emergencies that don’t exist.

My one insight in that context (not exactly original) is that there is, in all three nations, an enormous political gap where the open-minded socially capitalist individual liberty folks used to be. In France, we have Marine LePen still limited by her genes and the old syndicalist Left all over the place; in Britain, we have the imposter Nigel Farage now in clover at GB News; and a Labour Party dead duck that has devoured its own wings during a frenzy red only in tooth and claw. While in the US, I see only ageing, politically homeless Kennedy Democrats and Trumpers being harrassed, divided and ruled by insouciant Biden bots.

But think about it in a different way beyond Old Parties for a minute or two. Yesterday, an American buddy finally found a video (of Robert F Kennedy’s recent speech about vaccines) that hadn’t been variously hacked about or silenced by the “social” media. RFK jr has a tragic throat/larynx problem; but he is funny, brave and real. I’m not a US citizen, but if in 2024 there was a viable ticket with Trump for President and Kennedy as his V-P, I would not hesitate to vote for it.

In the UK, former traditional Labour voters used to have UKIP as a new destination. That unified Party is effectively no more, and in its place there is only a rag-tag of quasi celeb start ups and woefully ageing brands like the SDP. The situation cries out for an essentially anti-Establishment, anti-technocratic, anti-Globalist Party dedicated to (and united by) the creation of human jobs, community devolution, suspicions about AI, common sense on Covid, tearing up the UN “refugees” insanity, sticking it to the petulant EU cheats and going all out for a genuinely independent trade policy. All that is, as one can see, something of a mouthful in search of a ‘practical decency’ handle. However, The Gap – whatever the MSM say – is there: this is no time for abstention, but at the moment, it’s an empty space in search of a vision.

In France, my feeling right now (with a Presidential election only eight months away) is that the ideals of the Gilets Jaunes are the only hope against the dangerous ideas of Banker Boy King Macron. But this time around, the country needs more than demonstrations (des manifs): it needs a political wing endorsed by those same GJs who have always been the one grassroots movement the Elysée fears.

In summary, the implosion of the “socialist” Left is (for me anyway) a rejection of rigid ideology and therefore a good thing….but it has disenfranchised tens of millions. If you look across these three nations – and ignore the tired old labels acting as a port of convenience for the fascists – all of the required New Oppositions could adopt the exact same position, viz, A new Social Contract designed for the mass of people, not the élites: a return to parliamentary sovereignty, with the creeping State put back in its box.

Not Left, Right or Centre: just ground up in preference to top down.

Enjoy your week.