GLOBAL POWER GRAB: taking turns at means, ends, tactics & distractions

As suggested here three days ago, the Covid narrative has been put onto the backburner in favour of other things to get variously scared and angry about. Throughout last week, the Deadly Pandemic had to share top billing with the Global Fire Emergency. Yesterday, the Taliban’s Second Coming blew everything else off the front pages. Health scare in Red and Terror in Green have given way to Islamist atrocities in Grey. The global alliance is at its work: time for the fear baton to be passed to the Secret State.

Top spook Ken McCallum wasted no time in pointing the direction of threat away from foreign adventures in Afghanistan towards domestic US and European actions: “The Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan will inspire young jihadists in the West, and confirms fears that another wave of terror will follow the fall of Kabul”.

This could mean Emergency Security crackdown measures to replace Emergency Pandemic lockdowns in Britain. Biden’s shock troop harassment thugs arresting lots more people they don’t like under the guise of them being domestic terrorists. And Brussels making further demands for encrypted email services to be opened up to scrutiny.

Not forgetting that China started the Pandemic so they must be behind this too. “Much more of this and they will be unassailable” screamed online Microsoft news this morning.

Lots and lots of loverly bogey men to hate and fear in equal measure. “(the Taliban victory) took us completely by surprise,” lied Dominic Raab last night. In fact, the US State Department has been turning the screws on the puppet Afghan régime to make terrorist concessions for months. The Taliban won because they looked on delighted at this farce, and simply trounced what little force was left to oppose them.

What intigued me about the US media yesterday, however, was the way they gave the hitherto untouchable Joe Biden a seriously hard time – “Where is he? Face the American People! Hurried shambles to throw together a presser” – and then screamed in pain and anger as the Hologram left his lectern without taking questions.

It smacks to me of Joe being expendable. Watch out for “sympathetic” leaks in the coming months about medical examinations, “worsening state of health” and so forth. Best give Kamala time to get her feet under the table. Much rejoicing about the First Woman President alongside Hello-style friendly interviews lauding her determination and street savvy. There is, let’s face it, a lot of ground to make up.

On the lighter side, this CNN take was a classic:

Going forward (as the politics wonks tend to say) it could well be that the future job of commentators like The Slog will be trying to tell real power-play from red herring in order to grasp what the New World Order wannabes are up to. It’s like one of those Cohen Brothers movies (for which I have an understandable weakness) where there’s always a scene in which some frustrated spook asks, “The Russian Embassy? What the f**k’s he doin’ in there?”

What is a means and what is an end? What is a pass and what is a goal? What is a Thursday and what is a Marble Arch? What is a feint, and what a faint?

What are we to make, for example, of New Zealand’s decision to go for a lockdown on the basis of one Covid case in the country? Is Jacinda Ardern unhinged when she tells Kiwis to wear masks at all times and not talk to neighbours, or is she in the pay of some Chinese controller, or both? It’s hard to tell, but probably worth noting that New Zealand’s National Animal has been extinct in the North Island for over 120 years.

Further evidence that she just might be completely tonto is available via her remark yesterday, “We are better to start high and be cautious….You only need to look at Australia to see the alternative.”

Such would suggest that the Aussies themselves are on the verge of extinction through Covid19, as opposed to the reality which shows that, in a nation of 25.6 million people, there were 440 new cases yesterday, 1 (one) new death, and a deaths total so far of 967….a massive cull of 0.00004% of all Diggers.

Struth, mite.

But the Aussie cops and the PM are screaming blue murder for urgent “vaccine” supplies to be made available…..even though – the CDC’s own stats show – more Down Under folks will die from vaccination than virus.

What can one add to that? Perhaps only that US inflation is running at a 13-year high the US Fed calls “steadied”.

Seems to me the distraction there is “steadied”, and the intent ’13-year high’.

Anyway, there’s absolutely nothing to see here and everything to be terrified of….all at the same time.