EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 to air Wuhan Covid19 investigation

David Malone (left – better known to some on the internet as GolemXIV) has spent the last few months making a documentary film for Channel Four with co-producer Jan Klimkowski. Focusing in depth on what happened at Wuhan, the film sets out to answer the question, “Has the narrative surrounding Covid19 at the Wuhan lab been engineered?’ It will air on Four this coming Sunday at 10 pm BST. Earlier this week, The Slog gained an exclusive interview with Malone.

I’ve always enjoyed David Malone’s work, and have followed his internet and political career with interest. A longterm member of the Green Party, he remains nevertheless refreshingly devoid of blind ideology. Quiet, unassuming but compelling in person, David comes across as a man with a passion for Truth, and also quick to smile at much of the spin and sensitivities surrounding a final cut of this latest documentary.

I asked him first of all what had made Channel4 generally (and the lawyers specifically) most nervous about the film.

“I think probably the whole area of openly suggesting intent on the part of the Chinese,” he says, adding, “and featuring certain elements in the media who obscured the narrative or reinvented it. I’m disappointed that we let some people off the hook in the final film”.

But despite this, Malone is convinced the project was a worthwhile exercise in broadening awareness of what probably happened.

“I think our conclusion is clearly that Covid9 is not Zoonotic, and that it leaked from the Wuhan lab. Equally, I’m confident that we show the NIH [National Institutes of Health, the primary agency of the United States government responsible for biomedical and public health research] got a gain of function from its involvement with the Wuhan research”.

Needless to say, the key player in that involvement, Dr Anthony Fauci, declined to be interviewed. To a large extent, however, the seeming ability of Fauci to contradict himself without censure has probably persuaded most aware commentators already that he is an unreliable witness anyway.

“I think it’s clear,” says Malone, “that after January 20th [this year] a lot of gagging orders had gone out. Because they don’t appear in the film, viewers shouldn’t assume they were not asked to. A lot of people declined our offer”.

Nevertheless, there are plenty who didn’t – including eminent weapons expert Milton Leitenberg, Nicolai Petrovsky the immunologist and Covid19 specialist, Washington geopolitical adviser Jamie Metzl, and the DRASTIC group of autonomous researchers specialising in the how and why of Covid.

The documentary’s focus is firmly on Wuhan and how the virus leaked, which – for me anyway – was the right thing to do: other events at that time and later developments would easily make a six-hour Oliver Stone marathon, but still leave cinemagoers utterly confused.

“We didn’t go near the Fort Detrick subject, or the private sector pharmaceutical involvements over time,” he insists, “we stuck with Wuhan, what happened and why. The film as is doesn’t nail as much as we’d have liked, but I have retained the rights to include more in a longer version at a later date”.

This was a smart move by David Malone, who is as streetwise as he is an engaging conversationalist. Above all, I find him grounded, analytical and determined yet about as un-Nerd as they come.

The documentary promises to be a must watch for anyone interested in a Covid 19 derivation investigation with no axe to grind. Such things are, let’s face it, more rare than hen’s teeth these days.

This archived Slogpost from June 2020 might serve as further background for those people keen to get a clearer view of who “developed” Covid19, and why.

I must however stress that the post represents my view at the time, and should not be seen as a hypothesis likely in any way to coincide with David Malone’s view