Tony Blair with Jeff Bezos’ Dad Mike in 2014

It comes as no surprise at all to me that former Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos is pouring millions into life longevity – “eternal life research” as he so modestly puts it. It does, after all, fit the psychographic profile of the 0.001% like a moleskin glove.

The Slog noted some months ago that Bezos (like Gates) is now part of the NWO Cabal’s public face; he’s on the team as Obersturmbannfuhrer Save the Planet….but clearly that’s megalomanic peanuts compared to a search for an elixir of life. For Jeff, only the Woody Allen approach to the issue will do: “I wanna be immortalised by not dying”.

It didn’t take much Secret State cajoling to get Jeff Bezos out of Amazon and into the Great Reset. He made his huge fortune (just over $200 billion) delivering stuff to billions of internet consumers; but as many observers believe – with some justification – that customers in the billions may be culled down to the thousands after TGR, he probably got out at exactly the right time.

Whether we like it or not, the species Homo sapiens is about to enter the Age of Artificial Humanity alongside Artificial Intelligence. The insouciant ambitions of Fat Old Bald Bloke inside Schloss Davos leave us in no doubt at all that Onkel Klaus is into Transhumanism. The surgery involved is similar to that for transsexuals, but involves Man’s second favourite organ, the brain. At long last – in honour of Sein geliebter Vater the infamous WaffenSS officer – Schwab believes he is on the verge of creating the Herrenvolk….who shall be served by a dwindling number of Untermenschen rendered moronic by serial mRNA jabs, and the debris therein. These lost souls will have nothing, and not know whether they are happy or not.

It is of course far too easy to take the mickey out of wackos….and downright dangerous if they have the power to indulge their predilections. Bill Gates owns the sole rights to the kind of digital, unfakeable health passports the Davos crowd have in mind for all of us. He is also heavily invested in medical nanotechnology….with a renowned passion for depopulation. But it’s his fellow Earth-engineer Bezos who takes the megalomania beyond the planet and into Eternal Physical life; and in so doing, marks out yet again the problem all these wannabe MoUs have: they really do see themselves as Gods.

A common refrain on social media is the forlorn question, “How on Earth did things get so mad that this tiny minority could steal all our freedom in such a short space of time?” The opening answer is an obvious one: they didn’t steal them, we did nothing – and thus gave them away.

We need to look back, not two years, but twenty-five. At some point in 1996, a very high level Social services/pension committee met to – at long last – do some straight talking about Britain’s State pensions bomb. Healthier people live longer, and gutless politicians want only to be good news bears: a problem that had been kicked into the long grass for over twenty years already was now acute. With an election due – and “New” Labour polling strongly – senior Tories voted for a further kick of the can. Labour was elected – and inherited a problem ignored by a neoliberal Tory Party for nearly two decades.

But Labour Chancellor Gordon Brown had been briefed, and knew the size of the hole involved. Both he and Blair were terrified of starting their First Term with a solution that required higher wealth taxes. Instead – with Whitehall’s full agreement – they conspired to bring in a brutal pension reform that would simply welch on the ‘at age sixty’ promise made to 1950s born women in the NI “contract”. Even more sleazily, they decided to make this a ‘pension age equality’ issue such that women would now get a pension at the same age (65) as men. Further, they asked the DHSS to draw up a programme of communication blatantly designed to miss the largely working class and traditional female target audience.

Finally, some notices were put up in government spaces (for example, Job Centres) unlikely to be frequented by 58 year old grannies….and letters “explaining” the heist were sent out in small and scattered batches. The thousands of affidavits collected from these cheated ‘WASPI’* women also show pretty conclusively that many women never got a letter at all.

*Women Against State Pension Inequality

The first “phasing in” documents to quietly emerge from the shadows of power corridors were very confusing about the dates concerned, but eventually – as Labour lost power – awareness among potential victims began to grow. In an act of ruthless chicanery (and economic stupidity) new Chancellor George Osborne brought the reform forward yet again – this time with no notice at all – as part of his macho-austerity shtick.

Years of demos, fund raising, legal actions and appeals to both the legislature and the Supreme Court got nowhere….and the Governing classes got clean away with the greatest act of sovereign embezzlement in history. Some women have been pauperised by the action, and many more had to work an extra six years. Had these actions been taken by a private sector pension provider, the directors would’ve gone to jail.

It was a conspiracy, clear and present, in which all Westminster Parties (including the Coalition LibDems) played a disgraceful role, and a grossly unconstitutional collusion took place between the bureacratic, Judicial and Political classes against deserving Citizens.

That episode set the precedent for ordinary taxpayers to be ignored in favour of unrepresentative lobbies in the banking, assurance, bourse, hedge fund, currency and administrative professions. The Unelected Alternative State was well on its way.

During the 1996 – 2015 period, we saw the growing maturity of ‘do what it takes’ in various glaringly obvious instances of mendacity:

>Blair lying to the Commons about WOMD, Campbell assaulting the Solicitor General, Blair subverting the course of justice over Saudi corruption involved in cynical arms sales, Campbell admitting that his infidelity accusations against David Mellor were largely “made up”

>Andrew Marr deliberately allowing Brown to deny his acute depressive problems live on TV via a three-card trick irrelevance involving the term ‘prescription pain-relieving drugs’, Peter Mandelson falsely branding me ‘a former Tory Councillor dismissed from the Party for his racist views’

>Both Cameron and Hunt lying to the Commons about collusion in the Hackgate cover-up and BSkyB takeover, Boris Johnson dismissing Hackgate as “poppycock” and trying to spike the Met Police inquiry into it while he was Mayor of London

>Cameron calling a Referendum on Brexit – but then proceeding to issue a hopelessly biased “Government” view on the issues, and introducing Obama into the trade debate to lie liberally about the “isolation” of a post-Brexit Britain

>Persistent and treacherous attempts by Whitehall, senior MPs, EU funded pressure groups and unelected power broker Sir Mark Sedwill (along with his creature Ollie Robbins) to undermine the referendum result and marginalise Minister for Brexit David Davis

>The abrupt ‘disappearing’ of Cameron, the coordinated smear campaign against Leaver Andrea Leadsom, and thus resultant coronation of Theresa May – a creature of MI6/NATO objectives – groomed during her seven years at the Home Office to obey the blocist NWO agenda.

These are nothing more or less than instances of damaged human beings seeing themselves as, first of all, being able to skirt around the Law; then consider themselves above it; then developing a God complex.

Now we see ourselves – We the People, We the One in Eight – confronted by those who believe they can save a whole Planet, develop a new half-robot life form to replace our species, and create a physical 3D life form with an eternal life-span. They are, all of them, woefully ignorant about the fundamental nature of sub-atomic science, the lessons we can learn from metaphysics, the social anthropology of balanced human beings – and the natural needs of a pack species.

Few fit this obscene typology with the clinical perfection of Jeff Bezos.

And he owns – lock, stock and barrel – the Washington Post.

Verily I say unto you, he is a Disney half-baked apprentice let loose in the sorceror’s lair….as indeed are most of these False Gods.

They rise and rise because good men and women do nothing.

Something to think about as the days go by.