At the End of the Day

The Jabberwockies are mad, and their hidden aims are even madder: is the well-meaning 1 in 8 Resistance equipped defeat them? The Slog investigates.

I offer up this extract from Twitter’s breaking trends column this morning:

This is the “logic” zone now being plundered by those who have a one-eyed purple helmet snake where their brain really ought to be: you get Covid19, you recover (as 99.78% do) and that builds a natural immunity. But why be natural when you can get supernaturally ‘superhuman immunity’ to something?

And the answer is that the increasingly well-collated evidence from around the world is that getting these jabs confuses the human immune system, allows the jabbed to feel holier than those in their unjabbed social circle….but is far more likely to infect the unvaxxed than we are to infect them. The last thing this Mengelian mRNA muck will ever do is make you ‘super’ anything other than super-sorry you ever fell for the Psy-Op.

None of this is loopy-loo anti-medical intervention along the lines of Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can’t be a serially global nosey bugger voyager as I was for decades and have a down on vaccination. Boris Johnson likes to call anti-jabbers “nuts”, but whatever else he is – and he really is something else – BoJo isn’t stupid: he’s just the casually lying, élitist, power dragon we’ve come to expect. It’s his job to “frame” the discerning 1 in 8 as self-indulgent hairy eccentrics who used to sit knitting wholemeal biodegradable organic spaghetti socks outside Cruise missile sites.

But whether we like it or not, the NWO Club is on a mission to persuade us that artificial transhumanism must be superior to our own natural defences. And yet, the idea that poorly controlled and superficially tested gunk littered with nano-metallic debris can turbo-charge the human immune system is up there with a Formula 1 racing team using Trabant 601 engine technology.

If there is any silver lining at all to be discerned in the Coat of Many Colours that is the Covid>Control>Reset>Digital banker>Depopulator garment, then it is probably that the open-minded philosophers of our epoch are beinning to interrogate anew the path Homo sapiens has chosen.

Thinking Man is full of good intentions. But these intentions are, of course, the scrappy gravel from which the Road to Hell is fashioned. Our species is good at intervention, but bloody useless when it comes to the consequences of that scatter-gun talent.

In the mere blink of Time we can observe from the mid 1830s onwards, we have drifted imperceptibly from the belief that unmerciful Gods in our own image control everything, to the agnostic (then aetheist) idea that the soi-disant sapiens itself – this come-lately hairless and erect ape – can eradicate social evils, control the climate of a fecund planet, heal every known chronic or deadly illness, travel to distant star systems and generally laugh in the face of evolution by being that indecipherable thing, progressive.

Thinking Man is so smart, in fact, he never reads Page One. For is he not risen above that? Well he must be surely, because he has split atoms and become the Destroyer of Worlds.

But writ large on Page One is the dictum, ‘Those the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad’.

I do not believe in the idea of physically formed Gods sitting in judgement somewhere on another plane, because it’s antediuvian in concept. But I do believe in a Great Confluence of universal knowledge that, in the end, will belittle everything that came before. This will not only doom the ridiculous Great Reset to the pathetic confection it is; it will reduce the shallow, bird-brained élixir ambitions of Jeff Bezos to the ranks of transmutation and phlogiston.

Two genuine scientific areas of endeavour are going to change our lives in this century. Many of us won’t live to see it…and if the 21st century Spanish Inquisitionists get their way, none of us will.

But their Dark Age control will not, in the end, triumph. The mediaeval Catholic Church simply could not hold back the empirical observations of Copernicus and Galileo. Truth abides regardless of régime. I was talking with a talented American thinker this morning, and she quoted a line from a public building in Boston. If I’m not mistaken, I rather fancy it was a translation from something Plato wrote 2,300 years ago, viz: “The most important requirement for a democracy is an educated and informed electorate”. In the West, we are deficient in those important building blocks.

The way out of that mess is the ongoing scientific investigation into the two main keys to our future:


*Astrophysics and the sub-atomic zone

It’s really all about the fulfilment of Buddist connection and Einsteinian prediction. Everything is connected, even though it doesn’t appear to be. It doesn’t appear to be, because our human awareness is limited to the incoming data we can absorb without our heads exploding.

Want to know the Secret of the Universe? I increasingly suspect it is ‘1’. Everything is ‘one’. Each individual life form is, at the same time, one and everything…..even more so, in everything.

The idea that a 1 in 10 million minority of just one over-promoted species on one planet circling one star in the South-Eastern quartile of one constellation could harbour the secret of a happy life is beyond parody. It is megalomania made flesh using steroids as the catalyst.

A lot of medical intervention has raised false hopes. A great deal of social reform has been based on naive precepts. The commonsense values of the artisan classes have been ignored. Pretty much every economic “synthesis” from serfdom to globalism via Marxism and Fascism has been put forward via the chattering classes in Media Gulch….and been found wanting by the unlucky recipients on the receiving end of the carrot-endowed stick.

Radically real sapiens thinkers are great at the empirical description, but weak on diagnosis and organised resistance to the Dark Agers.

I’m not judging here: it has been my life experience that good people do not make for effective activists. I think their innate tolerance and decency objects to the dodgy discipline of ideologies. I don’t pretend to have the answer to that conundrum. I merely suggest that the One in Eight need to do what the German Jews after 1934 failed to do: that is, call the régime out as mad fuckers.