At the End of the Day

For over half a century now, I have been convinced that the best way to judge any State is to ignore everything it promises, and simply observe what it does. I have yet to find anything other than a yawning Grand Canyon of swirling hypocrisy between promise and action.

“Let’s get Brexit done!” said Boris Johnson nearly two years ago. Once someone with balls finally decided to tell Barnier the Liar where to shove it, some progress was made….but only some. BoJo played the Brexit card to get elected – the deal he “won” in the end wasn’t materially much better than the Maypole’s sellout – and in the light of his election, the unelected State so perniciously represented by Sir Mark Sedwill has continued to propagandise in favour of a return to the EU’s closed ranks.

I see no sign at all of any real desire by The Great Child Begetter to control what is still a Whitehall desperate to embrace the Lebensborn whores in Brussels. Boris made great play of the concept of an ‘independent UK trade and foreign policy’ but in this, his second year of office, he has sought and signed up to the AUKUS pact with Australia and the United States. This is essentially, I think, a pincer movement by the hegemonists: through NATO in Europe and now through AUKUS in the Pacific theatre, to show any and all competitors that Russia and China respectively are “contained”.

But like all geopolitical strategies devised by the psycho shadow dwellers (and per-leeze don’t tell me the crumbling brain of the Oval Office hologram worked AUKUS out all on his own) the double-cross is also built-in. The massive and multivariate contacts between China and the US (on Coronavirus gain of function and all stations to banking collapse) remain clear enough to solidify further my sense that that Reset Global power-grab is a joint Sino-Anglophone Psy Op.

The human beings about to come in last in this race for Earth ownership are the Joe and Jane or Janet and John citizens – depending on whether your English is US or UK – utterly confused by media lies, and distracted by the need to earn a living in a world where mechanisation and AI are replacing human economic endeavour….and Big Brother demands for surveillance take up more hours of our time every day.

So at this point, I’m going to switch from macro power systemics to a micro citizen case history. OK, the citizen is me, but this isn’t ‘Poor Me’ sympathy bait: I’m far better placed than most to survive the Brave New Normal – and that’s down to good fortune as much as anything else.

Rather, it’s an evidential case history to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that those who would rule over us don’t care a flying fig if we are crippled by their spats, prosper, perish, live or die.

Grant Shapps the British Transport Secretary is central casting for a role in the remaking of Britain and the World as Boris Johnson sees it. He’s a lowlife chancer whose business and political career has been one of the darkness brought forth by slate-grey clouds of doubt. A formulator of get-rich-quick online schemes, Shapps lied serially to the media, constituents and Parliament about his continuing involvement in them once he’d been elected as an MP. I would sum him up as a Jeremy Hunt without the class, connections and sheer twisted intelligence to bluff his way out of misdemeanours.

But Grant is a born opportunist who decided two years ago to gamble everything on supporting BoJo’s leadership bid. Far from seeing Shapps as an inhuman radioactive isotope of ethical poison, the Prime Minister rewarded this little toe-rag with a Cabinet post as Secretary of State for Transport. Mr Shapps has fulfilled all of Johnson’s hopes by leaving every Brexit loose end unsnipped….while declaring an absence of such loose things: which is, let’s face it, Boris’s default approach to everything.

Grant Shapps and I continue to collide on the subject of why it is my Civil Right to continue driving here in France – having passed every exam and test required in order to enjoy that right. Well, I say collide…but everything I’ve addressed to him has been swallowed by the Black Hole of Big State – safe in the comfort of its own belief that it has the inalienable right to ignore us.

Since last June, I have been attempting to fill in the French online formule that will allegedly result in my Civil Right to vehicular mobility being restored. My third attempt two days ago convinced me that I had finally succeeded in avoiding rejection. Oh, how wrong I was.

During the previous week, I had motored some 30 miles to a photostudio commissioned to give my photo not just approval, but also a long string of numbers. I had also myself photographed official documents – eight in number – assuring the French State as to where I live, why I have the right to live here, when I first came here, and who’d countersigned all such permissions. Finally – having been chained to a phone for nearly a month – I had at last found a free line into Grant Shapps’ much-vaunted DVLA, and then waited five weeks for Form D737 to arrive so I could upload that too.

This is what happened: everything I uploaded passed the ‘validé’ test – including a big green tick. After finishing the 2-hour process, I pressed the vital ‘fin’ button. I was given yet another number saying I was in the system.

An email arrived almost immediately to say my temporary State “attestation” of worthiness to drive would be wending it’s way to my pc.

The next morning, I received an email saying my application had been rejected. There was:

*No Reply offered to the email

*No reason given for rejection at all

*A less than encouraging “warning” saying that there is a nine month delay in swapping UK for French driving licences

*A reminder that temporary permissions only last for two months

*A further cautionary note saying that, after December 31st 2021 all bets are off – and all foreigners will be required to take a driving test.

I’m sure you are just as capable as I am of working out that not only is the French State taking the piss here, but (a) they don’t give a damn about law-abiding residents and (b) the British State is perfectly well aware of the calumny in play, but they don’t GAF about their expats either.

There is nothing to choose between them: they look down on us, but somehow expect us to look up to them.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong end of this stick. My point is very simple and goes back to the start of this post: ignore everything the State promises, and simply observe what it does.

In the comment threads here and on social media, I have no doubt many will read this piece and say, “But these are just the gofers…they’re not the ones running the show”.

I’m not sure that distinction matters any more. It’s the gofers that produce a totalitarian outcome, not the Big Them. Without the gofers, none of Big Brother’s mad ideas would ever see the light of day.

Lots of Nobodies drove the trains to Auschwitz. Lots of nobodies denounced hidden Jews. Lots of nobodies negotiated the production cost of Zyklon B. Lots of nobodies did nothing during Krystallnacht. Lots of nobodies are either actively engaged in continuing the Covi19 fakery – or ignoring it as the best way of having a “quiet life”.

This is the bottom line: from 2021 onwards we are all expendable…we can argue up hill and down dale about those who are “in charge”, or we can stop the charge at every level.

Contemporary States thrive on giving their citizens homework and circuses. This keeps us all distracted. We need to look for more ways to say “NO”.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.