Pouring petrol on the distraction blaze can’t hide the Truth about killer vaccines

Every new excuse for State control is like every variant of Covid – more feeble than the last one

On and off yesterday, I kept dipping into MSM, contrarian news points and blogsites to try and get properly to grips with what exactly the cause(s) of Britain’s “petrol shortage” might be.

All of them sounded variously silly, counter-intuitive, contrived or unfathomable: a mass exodus of migrant drivers, sudden retirement plans among the HGV class, ‘there’s long been a shortage of drivers’, post Covid oil shortages, Covid bleeping HGV drivers and – of course – Brexit. As usual, Granite Schnapps is hiding behind the sofa, but his 2iC at Transport let the cat out of the bag when he said yesterday, “There are queues at petrol stations because people think there’s a petrol shortage, but there isn’t”.

The media had, in one form or another, added a generous dollop of ‘shock-horror-panic’ to something of a non-event. But now we see – in the Twitter daily horseshit column – this little gem:

Note that Twitter has already given ‘trending’ status to ‘fuel shortages’ and ‘petrol crisis’ – neither of which are true. It’s more fear, and it’s in the media and, well, ping my blog – how or why on earth could that have happened?

Justification for using the army. And familiarising the populace with the sight of heavily armed squaddies enforcing deliveries. Twitter ‘trends’ anything it’s told to by the State, Boris does anything the State tells him to do regardless.

How long, one wonders, before troops are used to escort people to vaccination centres ‘for their own good’? How long before troops are checking ESG credentials as part of Carrie Antionette’s Green package ‘for the good of the planet?’

Slog’s Two Laws of Totalitarian Brain-Snatching clearly state that:

*The number of manufactured crises created is directly proportional to the knee-jerk acceptance by collaborative numpties of fascist liberty destruction, and the growing awareness by The One in Eight that the State is a power-crazed bully.

*As the One in Eight slowly become the One in Four, there will be a correlated increase in the censorship of their viewpoint and the ferocity of repressive response.

The outcome is thus something that can still be termed majority rule, but is in fact divide and rule.

The undermining and devaluation of Truth by the media of course accelerates the speed with which the nature of genuine liberal democracy can be first suspended and then forgotten. But many other forms of destruction are also in play in the process: a nodding-dog judiciary, the casual unaccountability of self-serving politicians, and of course education that encourages the idea of ‘examinations’ and theses where every subject is like mathematics – an answer is automatically either right or wrong.

When the totalitarians start to misdeclare* “Official” statistics, you know you are in deep trouble. Over the last thirty years we have seen unemployment and inflation data blatantly falsified in the US and UK; bank stress tests, economic growth numbers, institutional stability figures and sovereign bond take-up stats falsified throughout the EU; and in one classic case in Italy, even weather forecasts “sexed up” to encourage tourist/holiday traffic.

*I did for a time toy with a character called Misty Claire who – as Obama’s press officer in my fevered imagination – told whoppers at regular intervals. In retrospect, I wish I’d persevered with her. Maybe I should arrange for her disinterment.

Now, in the Age of Covert19, two real as opposed to counterfeit experts have shown – certainly to my entire satisfaction – that even the UK’s once hallowed gold-standard Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures are doing the State’s bidding.

Norman Fenton – Professor in Risk Information Management at Queen Mary University of London – and Martin Neil – Professor in Computer Science and Statistics at the same institution – have this to say about those stats on the subject of Covid deaths among the vaccinated and unvaccinated:

If you’re a glutton for punishment (the above is a page capture) you can find the full account here – or, you can accept my bottom line: the imputation of this duo’s findings – with no axe to grind – is that the ONS demographic criteria for the vaccinated by age are “opaque” but even accepting that, as the penetration of vaccination in the UK populace has increased, vaccinated death rates are now HIGHER than among the unvaccinated:

In short, the orange and blue columns above show that what was once a Covid virus problem is now a vaccination problem, because the latter is an equally likely form of death.

So when Anthony Fauci, Matt Hancock, the WHO, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson demonise the One in Eight by calling our current state of play “a disease being maintained by the unvaccinated” they are spouting the diametric opposite of mathematical Truth.

In such myriad ways is reality swapped for diabolical agenda. Vaccines that aren’t vaccines, that were developed in secrecy, that provide partial protection for some, and early death for just as many.

Uncover evil and get banned from Twitter,
get born a neuter psycho and become a Big Chief.
Anglophone nations are all down the shitter:
every pol is a liberty thief.

Tell the truth and go straight to the slammer,
lie for the State and get given a gong.
Freedom of speech just went under the hammer:
very few bidders – it went for a song.

Everyone’s crying for citizen unity
against a pandemic that doesn’t exist,
and every cop gets to cosh with impunity
every thinker who dares to resist.

One last afterthought reminder: while there are obvious immediate side-effects with all of these misnomered “vaccines”, it’s the longer term Cytokinic spike and nano-debris elements that will cause death and infertility on an unimaginable scale.

I detect a growing finding among real investigators, however, that – depending upon age and other existing health pathogens – it’s going to take five (and perhaps even more) jabs to kill some people…and they will then die gradually over a period of several years.

In that context, dramatic predictions of billions dead by Summer 2022 aren’t going to be helpful: if nothing else, false predictions will give the twisted Psy-Oppers behind all this the chance to say we cried “Wolf”.

John Ward was a creative writer, strategic director, consumer researcher and piss artist in the communications industry for forty years. Since that time, he has more finely honed his bullshit monitor by rejecting corporate life in favour of examining the ways in which a tiny minority of cheats control Homo sapiens. During the 1980s he worked extensively with AIDS virologists, police, financial institutions, Whitehall and national politicians. He is allergic to Party politics, the European Union, ideologues, Hillary Clinton, Meghan Sussex and other forms of fanaticism. His hobbies include the guitar, being rude about Piers Morgan, neuroscience, offensive incorrectness, metaphysics, quantum brain-hurty stuff, learning something every day and representing a seditious danger to polite society.