0% Confucius, 100% Confusion

Where does a commentator start in the Autumn of 2021? Here’s the stream of conscience-free consciousness of “news” we’ve been offered in the last few days….

Three major social media platforms suffered outages all on the same day – including Facebook, whose founder Mark Suckaturd faces an imminent scandal about the bending of Presidential elections, wholesale censorship and several other nasties. What can it all mean?

In Australia, a State PM has resigned and the national Deputy PM too….they’ve been accused of giving Big Pharma a free hand to run the country – but this doesn’t seem to be what’s under investigation. Now then – what’s all that about?

Priti Patel ‘vows’ (political verb meaning ‘break word’) to the Tory faithful and have a crackdown on anti-road protesters…but not apparently, several thousand more Islamic immigrants about to be ‘absorbed’ into our multicultural Utopia at a cost of ten billion pounds. She also say there will be an independent inquiry (political noun meaning Black Hole) to investigate the Wayne Couzens affair – aka how a nutjob murderer became a cop… but not necessarily why one of his former colleagues has been charged with a similarly brutal murder. How much of this riddle is likely to be solved….or indeed, ever become public?

In China, property leviathan Evergrande said it would sell a $1.5 billion stake in Shengjing Bank, and yesterday it dangled rival Hong Kong-listed property firm Hopson Development’s interest in buying a 51% stake in Evergrande Real Estate for around $5bn. But the Big E has already missed two repayment calls, and $6.5bn isn’t going make much of a dent given its current indebtedness estimated to be in excess of $300 bn. Both the Clintons and Hunter Biden are rumoured to have skin in this game….and in the US itself, this Youtube clip from a bloke who’s more often on the money than not spells out what I’ve been watching since Hollow(gram) Man took up position in the Oval Office nine long months ago – long enough for his unfairly elected régime to gestate an economic hobgoblin creature of bombastic nihilism: a deficit growing faster than ever before, an economy shrinking faster than ever before, and a bourse system more overvalued than ever before.

At a micro level rapidly turning macro comes the very sad news that formidable anti-mRNA jab doctor and longtime eloquent threader at The Slog John Day has been fired from his clinician job:

Tomorrow marks the start of my last month of work at the clinic, since I am COVID-unvaccinated. It was announced in an email that I would be leaving, but not why, so I added that it was involuntary, and explained my moral position of “standing naked with the Jews”, likening this to WW-2 Germany. I’ve been judged pretty harshly, by people I have known for years, for “being hurtful”, and probably 20:1 judged me and did not reply. I have been respectful, explained our family tour with bikes and backpacks visited the Anne Frank House, Dachau and Tuol Sleng torture museum, in Cambodia. I take this very seriously, and I bear the responsibility for my actions and my statements. One younger black man, working at the clinic, came to me yesterday, asking about my decision, and explaining that he had made the same choice, because he distrusts what is being forced upon people.We agree. Perhaps people who see what is going down in this suck-out before the next tsunami-of-history should hold hands and walk to higher ground’.

Over time I have come to see John not only as a more far-sighted and personal friend as some members of my family I could mention, but also as someone I’ve been proud to add to the growing list of digital allies I’ve never met. But now let’s take calling being neutered into dust, and observe the blatantly obvious trend across the world: the day after New York State’s vaccine mandate for health care workers, over 300 employees across the six hospitals resigned; the standoff between Houston Methodist Hospital and its workers who refused to get the COVID-19 vaccine ended as 153 of those employees resigned; in the UK, some hospitals in London have a 15% resignation rate; in one day last week, 3,000 French doctors, nurses and maternity staff were suspended for refusing the vax.

You know what the MSM’s reaction is? Google it – page after page of the same botbrained crowing about “major climbdown by health vax refuseniks”. Listen people, if HMH suddenly has 153 vacancies to fill, chances are it needs them filled: where’s it going to find them – barbers’ shops? If the BoyKing has had to fire 3,000 workers who said “Non”, sounds to me like there wasn’t much of the downclimbing thing going on.

But to see that sieg-heiling coordination from Pennsylvania via Paris to Peachester is for me – a comms lifer – irrefutable evidence that maximum leverage is being use to weaponise mainstream media. Far-fetched? Not at all: since 2019, to perform such a regimentation requires the Black Hats to lean on just nine people.

What we can observe here is a garbled but steady advance of damning information about what the eclectic Psy Op of this or any other century is designed to do: scare the bejesus out of gullible citizens on health, use this to create sovereign bankruptcy, exacerbate that stupidity with wild, inflationary expenditure on steroids – costly “refugees”, income subsidies, who cares? – and then use the terror of bourse panic to hide the obvious fact that (with or without fake pandemics) banking firms, globalist company directors and investment directionalisers have been using cheap money to pump the Dow up to a ridiculous 34,458.50….and rising.

Tomorrow’s breaking news: rain sighted falling upwards in Langley Virginia.

The bottom lines (they’re plural these days) are probably as follows:

*The digital media outages look like a dry-run for the Big Switch-Off & and an attempt to distract attention from Basefuck’s whistle-blower…who herself strikes me as profoundly dodgy.

*The Australian AUKUS-aligned élite is performing the old prestidigitation of charging the guilty with crimes of which they’re innocent (See Rebekah Brookes et al)

*In the UK, we’re not going to get a straight answer re serial refugee-dumping, but it is a direct result of (a) NWO criminal blocist Theresa May signing up to the pernicious UN Charter and (b) the continuing war being waged against Brexit by truculent French losers. As for psycho-cops, my only comment has to be, “advertise for psychos, get psychos”

*I said a week ago that Evergrande is one to watch. I suspect in some way it may be linked to the US move to make Beijing dependent on US coal…but either way, it holds a lesson for us: China is delaying the moment at which it must reveal a simple reality – the modus operandum for financial collapse this time around will be bail in not out.

*It’s now full steam ahead for the destruction of mass-population public health systems. Draw your own conclusions.

*There are few if any deserters from the MSM Reich: the key ones are probably the Wall Street Journal, Sky News Australia and Fox News. It’s nowhere near enough.

So Confucius, what he say?

Bizarrely, he has some very pertinent advice:

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” For the 1 in 8, the message here is one of determination, persistence, and never giving those who wish to oppress you any rest.

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” The greatest possible realisation of potential for the greatest possible number of citizens has been my sub-Benthamite meme for nearly thirty years. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the global hydra with which we’re wrestling stands for the diametric opposite of that entire shtick: they discourage excellence in favour of bogus equality, they want to minimise everyone’s articulacy in answering back, and they want to enslave (or kill if necessary) everyone with independent thought processes.

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” This is really one for the 7 out of 8 to think about. Einstein said something very similar in the 1930s: “The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know”. The 7/8ths of our compliant electorates have little or no desire to learn: they can only get comfort from ideés fixes….in every sense, in fact, they don’t want to know.

In closing, however, even as fortune-cookie as it sounds, the first one of these quotations is the one we the minority need to take on board. Blogging, tweeting, marching and making bloodthirsty promises of revenge will not cut it….and those with childish hopes about a plethora of tiny disunited Parties are off with the fairies: under FPTP, they will not throw so much as a sabot in the engine of this Satanic steamroller trying to stamp us all out.

Every developed Western nation needs a grown-up united opposition that will frighten off these monsters….and such isn’t going to come from the political class. We must give them no rest, for there must be no rest for the wicked: Confucius’s First Law.

Law-abiding citizens in a liberal democracy who demand a Rule of Law, a diverse media set, and the destruction of legislatures corrupted by big business, banking and billionaires are entitled to the same voice as everyone else. That simple wish of mine – made without any desire for violence – must never be criminalised. If it ever is – and it’s halfway there already – then citizens must reserve the right to take whatever measures they deem necessary.

The shutter for social media as a window of rebellion is being jerked down hard on the fingers that would use that aperture. We are rapidly approaching the moment – as with the Thatcher poll tax, the last days of the USSR, the Boston Tea Party and Solidanarsc – when only the streets will be left.

Such a situation is repellent to me – but millions of others hounded, bullied, censored, stripped of Rights, despised and ignored over the last eighteen months or more by these low-life are mostly, I am sure, coming round to the same viewpoint. Not a single one of them is to blame.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever

George Orwell

John Ward is 73 years old and really ought to know better. It’s high time he stopped embarrassing his many friends by harbouring lots of silly conspiracy theories and recommending quack medicines when there are perfectly safe and effective scientifically expensive third jabs available to boost the deadly Covid19 leveller of mankind. He should stop all this second-childhood nonsense, go back to writing about sweet kittens and cute red squirrels, and be like normal people enjoyizzzzzzzzzzzzzz.