No wonder they call mental institutions The Funny Farm

Spontaneous social media trends with a Soviet flavour, the great flu v Covid debate viewed as a tribute to the early art of Salvador Dali, France’s new Minister of Truth turns out to be a big fat fibber so there, he is so, and Zero Hedge takes a punt on the French ‘universal mandatory vaccination from January 1st 2022’ story. Let’s hope it’s coming to take them all away, haha.

On Twitter this morning, there is a highly inflammatory ‘trend’ called Terrorism that has already ‘received’ over 64,000 tweets. Just think about that for a second or two.

64,000 twatters wake up and think, “Today’s Friday, must tweet about the dangers of terrorism”. The way you do. Among the gems in there are US teachers demanding that all students who disagree with the Biden line on the twin terrors of Covid19 and rooting for Trump while sacking the Congress building be boiled alive; all terrorists should be burned and denied any form of religious service or burial; Iran manufacturing drones to project terrorism in the Middle East; upcoming terror attacks in the Philippines; and ‘Enough Republican terrorism. Stay the hell away from our kids’. Uh-huh….congratulations, GOP: we might all think you’re a great big nothing these days, but actually you’re trying to terrorise our children. I have to say, I didn’t know Fauci was a GOP loyalist, but you learn something every day.

You think that’s maybe just a little orchestrated? A little hard to take seriously? OK, tune into this lead story in the Torygraph today:

This one is a corker, the very quintessence of “Heads We Win, Tails You Lose”: the header ‘Pandemic’ (a misnomer at best), 60,000 deaths (says who? Neil Fiddlesum?), and the round-off line claiming that lockdowns and social distancing caused ‘a drop in flu immunity’.

It’s so utterly contradictory to what the Sovereign “line” has been on Covid throughout the world, I honestly don’t know whether to scream or rupture my bladder laughing. Also, of course, it is exquisitely Orwellian in its Double-Think. “Lockdowns were good, but now they’re bad. Natural immunity was unachievable, but now we’ve lost it”. It’s a funny old world of medical science that says they gave us a stupid policy of running away from immunity, but now it seems we lost an immunity we never had, which is a shame because natural immunity turns out to be good after all so now you need some more unnatural immunity from us in the form of flu jabs to make up for it.

Abe Lincoln was wrong: you can fool all the People all the Time. This is the New Normal that Klaus Schlaphead von Davos is selling, and it makes the quantum of the sub-atomic zone look easy to follow by comparison. “It is what we say it is, so zair – yu fill be happy und yu fill have nussink, as yu fill be dedt”. Down on Airstrip One, until last night everyone worshipped our ally Oceania, but now Oceania is wicked, deceitful…and always was. Mary Poppins is a domestic terrorist. Selling off a $5bn subsidiary solves a $320bn debt hole at Evergrande. Pigs flying backwards are actually quite commonplace say Health Chiefs. Biden spends, economy shrinks – it’s a miracle. Anything is now possible. So I’m booking my ticket right away on the first space shuttle to Anything. Zen fill I no longer have ze offul life to be unhappy in.

In the light of so much evil, vindictive and destructive fake news pouring forth from the 1 in 8 unwilling to be injected (with an experimental drug having the worst safety record since records began) France now has – wait for it – a minister of Truth. Unfortunately, his grasp of Truth failed to pass the acid Ministry of Truth test….or MoT as we Truth experts tend to call it.

This is he – le  professeur Guy Vallancien….looking, as you can discern, a little down in the mouth. Personally appointed by the Boy King himself, the Truthsayer has been forced to resign because – wait for it – ‘As soon as he was chosen, Pr Vallancien was forced to resign, as he was so entangled in scandals and fake news‘. Bless.

Certainly, it would be good to have some kind of objective axe-free grinders out there to nail the odd porkie pie from Smears Pogrom, Reuters, Bloomberg, the BBC, the New York Times and even (perhaps) Zero Hedge. ZH has picked up this ‘universal French vax mndate’ story circulating in the euro area earlier this week, and run with it as follows:

‘The proposed vaccine mandate was introduced by Senator Bernard Jomier on October 4th. Jomier, the Senator of Paris who introduced the law proposition, sits as the Vice-Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Office for the Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices, Social Security Assessment and Control Mission, and Socialist, Ecologist and Republican Group within the French government. Jomier, a member of the Socialist Party, continues to work as a physician as he had preceding his initial term as a Senator which began in 2017. He and his fellow senators Marie-Pierre La Gontrie, Monique Lubin — among others — had initially introduced the premise of a nation-wide vaccine mandate to the French Senate on August 31st’

It’s an odd one, chiefly because for Macrony to put this through three months before a Presidential election would be an act of vainglorious political stupidity that not even the Teacher’s Pet is mad enough to consider – I would’ve thought.

But the ZH piece does give details, name names and feature the alleged draft bill plus amendments. As such, the incorporation of an official Government logo is a task so easy now, it could easily prove to be a fake. However, I’ve asked Xavier Azalbert of France Soir to comment: he’s a good egg, a brave journalist and the only French editor to call out the mendacity involved in the Astrazeneca “development” at Oxford Recovery.

Stay tuned.