The universal invisible tattoo beckons

From an official Whitehall paper:

In order to raise questions about this laughably Goebbelsian antitruthism, I hopped into my Tardis earlier today, landing at the Liverpool University campus on October 22nd 1966 just before 11.15 m. I’m in a tutorial being run by Robert Kilroy-Silk, and he asks me what I make of this excerpt. I reply with five questions:

*Who decides ‘false’ and how?

*Who is this ‘RRU’ accountable to?

*WhatTF are social media?

*Who judges what’s harmful and what isn’t?

*Who defines reliable?

Bob smiles while adding, “Is this a British document?”

We all laugh. He nods.

“Well spotted,” says the prospective MP for Ormskirk, “I actually took it from an internal memo circulated around the Izvestia offices early in 1951”.

Fast forward fifty-five years to 2021. I was hoping there might have been a quantum change in the Time continuum, but alas, the British version of Stalinism is alive, well and yes, not only could it happen here…it already has. Furthermore, the availability of votes for sheep, hitech auto-censor bots, an arse-licking MSM set and Psy-Op experience going back to 1963 have made reality-alteration so straightforward, had the Great Helmsman Josef Djugashvili the Man of Steel known about such things, he would’ve swooned into permanent ejaculation and expired from a heart attack.

The RF successor to the USSR is run by a de facto dictator and life-member of the KGB. But if I want to find out about anti-vax liberty demonstrators in France, I have to link to his government online news channel.

There is now no real discernible difference between Russian and British versions of Free Speech.

That’s a mind-concentrating conclusion, isn’t it? No doubt, if I included it in an address to the US Congress today, the New York Times would flail me alive as a Russo-Trumpian election bender, and the hologram’s Thought Police would make me a priority Case for Treatment via their Rapid Response Fatal Car Accident Unit.

We of the 1 in 8 know it’s true. But of late, I detect increasingly strongly that we are all prodding each other’s chests in a didactic echo-chamber of affirmation. And too often, it boils down to masturbation.

I offer two solutions to this understandable (but potentially fatal) weakness in the ‘Free Speech & Accountable Government’ Front’s approach.

First up, if new avenues of persuasion were investigated in the persuasion of the 7 in 8 (circa 85% of the population) – that is to say, less confrontational but aimed at those who have only cooperated with the jab-jive under blackmail pressure, we could easily find ourselves in a much stronger position to viably oppose the totalitarians.

Second, I want to have a final go at encouraging both media and political ‘clout’ in this fight via pooling our output in one economically sustainable online title with an MSM-style presence – campaigning for one new Party of Opposition along the lines of Syriza’s original formation in Greece.

Undermining the conviction of the Blackmailed

We should, I think, first of all examine the psychography of this primary target audience: what makes their outlook different to ours?

I detect a strong correlation between being vaxxed and an enthusiastic Remainer. I haven’t quantified it, but there’s clearly an overlap. It would make sense: wanting to stay tied to easily accessible trade (albeit with a nasty bunch of bullying blocist underachievers) suggests willingness to pay a high price for security and no-change – as well as having swallowed whole 40 years of EU BS. Further, it shows a wanton disregard for the maths of trade economics; and finally, a consistent dislike of nationalism in general and Great Britain in particular….almost certainly the result of four decades of broadcast and educational political correctness – “everything is the Tories’ fault”. And yes, they’re overwhelmingly Libdem or soft Left.

Based on that back-of-envelope analysis, a picture emerges of highly risk-averse people with little in the way of a commercial perspective….a psychographic sector that’s happy to leave everything to “liberal” progressives flexing the muscles of a benign State.

Given that perspective, it’s hardly surprising that warnings about State power have bounced straight off them, and the data mountain proving the Waxsceptic position has been ignored. On the other hard, scamdemic fear-mongering makes them willing to ‘follow the safety” of ‘science’ rather than risk dying. The 1 in 8 who “deny” this are clearly deranged, because “doctor knows best”.

Their instinct is always to get behind the project and join hands to produce a sort of positive banality. They are very rarely critical of authority figures inside their stockade. But in recent weeks, they have reached a point where the promisory blackmail is beginning to strike them as empty and duplicitous.

As a former adman, this seems to me like a classic need for eliptically persuasive advertising, but employing a campaign perceived as being ‘social’ rather than ‘paid for’: advertising that looks like a reasonable viewpoint….advertising that features acceptable people and doesn’t accuse the 7/8ths of being morons. Advertising, in fact, that looks like well art-directed tweets from ordinary, decent people.

So I’d suggest the campaign would have two main objectives:

  1. To sow doubt on the veracity of government information by focusing on the dubious track record of key players – most especially, Boris Johnson, Savid Javid, Matt Hancock and Grant Shapps….laying stress on their disinterest in the idea of jobs for people, not robots (‘typical feckin’ Towreees’).
  2. To present anti mRNA/messenger jab people as having a lifetime of safe vaccination behind them but genuine doubts surrounding the secrecy and halfbaked nature of Covid jabs in particular: that we are not as the boss class media present us – not Jehovah’s Witness/Quaker swivel-eyed anti-interventionist nut jobs….but rather, for example, concerned parents.

In short, to create a “Club” of which they’d be happy to be a member

(Called, perhaps, Safety First and Foremost)

Creating an MSM resistance medium supporting the New Opposition

Now we come to the truly difficult part: tackling the two most glaring weaknesses in the 1in8 armoury:

*A ‘Resistance’ media title that has the authoritative look and sound of an MSM vehicle

*A unified Opposition Coalition that presents a credible alternative to the sprawling mess that is the UK Labour Party.

The ironic conundrum is that while the 7/8ths like being herd members, the 1in8 are fiercely independent and prefer to plough their own furrow: we are not, by nature, ‘joiners’ and ideologues. Which is all well and good, but the less polite version is that egoism is in grave danger of creating a harem full of eunuchs rather than an army that can give those behind this liberty heist a reason to be very frightened of going through with it.

Over the last eighteen months, I have approached almost all the main players with ambitions to create an alternative voice. My vision has always been one Title acting as a central hub for those opposing – worldwide – the destruction of accountable democratic governance, the advancement of one globalist Big Corporacratic State, the use of spin, censorship, euphemism, PsyOp and baseless fear to justify intolerant Emergency Powers….and above all, the demonisation of those régimes that threaten the hegemonist goals of the bankers and security services.

The result of that quest has been zero, zilch, néant and bugger-all.

The same is true of contacts made with a plethora of small Parties doomed to remain just that. These include the SDP, Reclaim, For Britain, the Alba Party, People before Profit, the Ecology, Trust, Respect and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh’s Mouse Party anonanonandon.

This is why, in Spring 2021 I made an appeal for the launch of a United Front ‘localist’ Party in local Government elections to push back against Enabling Laws….whatever they might say their purpose is. That also rose without trace – despite the fact that localist candidates do extremely well at local election levels.

People who want genuine change need to face some facts about our FPTP electoral system. In the 2015 election, there was widespread controversy when (UKIP) and the Greens received 4.9 million votes yet only gained one seat each in the House of Commons. That’s 2.5 million votes per seat. In General elections (take 2019 for example) 1 in 5 seats were won with a 15% majority or less – that is to say, on average, 7,000 votes per seat.

There is more chance of Alien visitors descending at the next General Election (to nullify the result as a farce) than there is of any small Party making headway that turns into seats.

I predicted three weeks ago that Intrudeau couldn’t lose in Canada, because a simple Coalition with the Socialists would give him a clear lead. So it proved. I will predict that Macrony will retain power in France, because the Left is all over the place and a majority will not entertain Marine LePen at any price. Britain is hurtling towards the same inevitable outcome as France – unless either the Boy King or Borisconi make a power grab so bonkers in coming months, they fall from favour. They’re both accomplished liars highly unlikely to do such a thing. The best chance I see on the horizon now, in fact, is a united Italian opposition to Count Dragula.

The core target audience for a pro-Liberty grouping at the next UK General Election is the older former Labour and UKIP franchise. Is anyone really trying to tell me that an inward looking SDP leadership – or a middle class actor atop the Reclaimers – is going to deliver a mass vote from them?

I see only one candidate with the calm and charisma necessary to do that: the Scottish TV presenter Neil Oliver who has, in recent months, stunned everyone with the clarity and sincerity of his case against the Scamdemic and for the restoration of Normal Service made primarily on GBNews. Not only is he by far the most messianic performer the Resistance has, the fear he strikes in the élite is reflected in the non-stop barrage of hate that is poured onto his head by the MSM and the Scottish Establishment.

But to date, he has not expressed any firm political ambitions.

The point of today’s essay is broadly twofold: first, to offer a warts-and-all analysis offering stark reality in preference to blasé confidence in ultimate triumph; and second, to express frustration about the lack of interest in creating a Man o’ War battleship instead of lots of tiny boats. The tiny boats episode was a triumph of rescue in 1940. The bloody invasion that followed four years later was a triumph for clever OSS mind-games, modern weaponry and a frightening number of dead heroes.

Even as a pacifist, I know only too well that it’s something closer to the second approach to victory we require seventy seven years later.

John Ward is currently engaged in a pacific one-man urban guerilla, nonviolent campaign to get his driving licence restored. During the small amount of spare time left to him, he writes about the joys of trying to oppose spooks, bankers and billionaires armed only with a daffodil and a winning smile. He is 73 years old and takes a nap in the afternoons.