ANALYSIS: Why the West is becoming a series of failed States

Failed State: ‘a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly

Like the storyline of an indifferent pulp novel, the latest chapter of control > confuse > crash > steal and destroy unfolds. Predictably – so predictable in fact, it’s boring – the risibly termed “quality titles” pump out further death fears: is it a virus, is it a vaccine, is it a burning planet….or is it a terrorist takeover? Darkness and uncertainty are descending upon us – and the media do the dirty work of the State…..

It’s a wave. There are radical bedroom plots, being hatched by lone wolves. In waves. In bedrooms: 40,000 of the buggers. They’re making waves in lone bedrooms. Or lone waves in radical bedrooms. Or both. We don’t know, because we couldn’t infringe upon their human rights by checking on them. So don’t blame us. Just give us another £20 billion to sort them out. That’s only £50,000 per Islamist nutjob. A snip. And I just bet you that none of them are vaccinated. The bastards.

So that’s the Telegraph take. Meanwhile, over at The Times, we have a motive, Houston. It seems that David Amess had ties with Qatar, which of course is quite close to Somalia. There’s a shot of the late MP….holding up a Qatar football shirt. And there’s more: Qatar backs the present Somali president. Gee willikers. Um, did the assassin? Well, his Dad used to be a ministerial advisor in Somalia. Ah, right then – that proves it.

Back at the Torygraph, there are fears that the message about more money for Spooks might not have been clear enough, so there’s an OpEd (left) saying we (interesting use of personal pronoun there) have been in denial about violent sickness. All across Britain, projectile vomiting is turning into a new pandemic and everyone’s in denial about it. It’s just terrible: ‘Five years ago, Jo Cox was murdered by a neo-Nazi’ says Nick. The guy wasn’t neo-anything actually, he was a pissed off gentle soul who helped young Pakistanis to learn English and tried several times to tell Ms Cox that she was ignoring gang rape and the grooming of young English girls.

‘From the Far Right to the scourge of Islamist terror’ tough-guy Timothy tells us, we have failed to confront the Nasties. Ease back on the ‘we’ stuff Nicholas – Middle Britain fears Looney Labour a lot more than this figment known as ‘the Far Right’….and it is the Leftlib axis that demands all confrontation is racist – remember? It’s Westminster in all its colours of the rainbow nation that ignored public concern for thirty years, it’s our selectively incompetent intelligence community that doesn’t know where on Earth all these migrants are, it’s the Johnson lalalalah administration that lets France and the UN dump fanatics onto our beaches….and it’s the deranged London Mayor who says ‘we’ have an Islamophobia problem.

And while we’re on the denial question Nick, is it possible you and the other bubbles in the Fourth Estate could start giving widespread doubts about dodgey “vaccines” something more investigatively challenging than ‘Jabs safe say Health Experts’?

Yes but no but yes but no missus – ‘ere, Governor of the Bank of England Andrew ‘Glossover’ Bailey says interest rates must now rise next month, because all that ‘transitory’ inflation we’ve been hearing about has broken into a rampaging gallop.

It’s an interesting piece of bizarrely assumed causality, this one: we rescue the banks by letting them give savings customers the square root of zero in interest for fourteen years, let the stock markets rip on all the major world bourses as a result of all the cheap money….but the bankers still screw up anyway – and so let’s bring it on by raising interest rates as a full and final act designed to blow up the slim chance there ever was of a post-Covid spendamania recovery.

“The greatest potential of the greatest number of citizens”. Yeh, right.

So given it’s all a complete Horlicks wrapped in a mess and placed in a prison cell for not complying with crypto-genocide, back to the Thunderer again where we can at least thank our lucky stars that we live in countries where there’s no brainless Biden-Blairite-Brussels-on-message media and censorship.

Not like in that nasty China. For there, it seems, the hacks are forced to be “politically firm, professionally excellent and toe the Party line”.

So there you are then – how awful. But it couldn’t happen here.

I suppose we all have our own ideas of when a State can be prefixed by ‘Failed’. For myself – using the definition Free-speech democratic State – I would say that the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand are all failing. Greece is a failed State run by EU bureaucrats, and Italy is a failed elective State run by a central banker. The EU isn’t a State, it just pretends to be one…but under my definition, from Day 1 it put elected officials under the thumb of Kommissars, and thus it has failed as a federal ‘thing’.

But there’s more to it than that. To return to the dictionary definition at the head of this post, ‘disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly‘ would certainly put the USA, UK and France down as ‘failed’.

When a congressional, presidential State of enormous wealth can no longer balance its books, prosecute crooked financiers, invest in the fundamental health needs of its citizens, hold an election without enormous clouds of doubt about the outcome or ensure bureaucrats are held accountable, it’s a failed State. When Parliamentary democracies can’t hold the Executive branch to account, allow a free press to develop, pull together a functioning Opposition, control its budgets, fulfil the simplest citizen request or trust in the motives of the Civil Service, then they are – in my mind – failed States.

In the US, bankers commit massive felonies and never go to jail. In the UK, the driving licence authority cannot cope with demand, and the NHS we were all supposed to be defending has endemic hygiene problems, is treating a waning virus as more important than aggressive cancers, and losing staff at the hands of incompetent totalitarians. In France, letter post now takes eight days to arrive from Britain, lost mail cannot be traced, entrepreneurs are viewed with disdain by corrupt functionaries, the backlog on new driving licence issuance is nine months, and one can’t put a house on the market without getting approval from pen-pushers.

In all three states, the nicest thing one can say about the senior staff surrounding Biden, Johnson and Macron is that they are profoundly unsavoury. I won’t go into the worst things one could opine, as I like to think of The Slog as a family show.

States are failing for four main reasons. First, they have forgotten who they serve; second, they are driven by one idiotic ideology or another; and third, a misty, ill-defined but ever-present New World Order coalition needs them to fail in order for their weird New Normal to come to pass.

But the fourth reason outweighs all others, and it is called cowardice: seven-eighths of us comply, grovel, beg or cheat rather than just say no.

I have blogged through bureaucrat pension fraud, MPs expense scams, banking excesses, financial cheats, drug-addled Chancellors, corrupt Mayors, protected political donors, the embezzlement of female State pension monies, Brexit falsehoods, Whitehall coups, treacherous collusion with Brussels liars, false pandemics, dangerous injections towards some sort of unspeakable end and two false-flag murders.

Does the average First World elector any longer have the spine, ethics or cultural values required to push back against the Brave New World? Discuss.

John Ward spends a lot of time under the duvet in France, but he would prefer the duvet to be on Planet Tnuk-64Z, found by taking the Black Hole after Alpha Romeo, then hard left upon re-entry towards the tranquil constellation of Areola farticus, left a bit, down a bit, knock twice and ask for the Emperor Previus. (Time goes backwards in the farticus constellation)