Virus & Vaccine – chicken & egg

If you want to persuade people that something is essential, make it complicated.

All that wisdom out there going to waste: care home workers, experienced nursing staff, paediatricians, traditional GPs, maternity staff, self-sufficient medical researchers. Their sole crime? An unerring ability to spot BS anti-science when they see it, coupled with a deadly unwillingness to keep quiet about it. All threatened and variously blackmailed, and all fired.

Or put another way, exactly the people we need more of in this, our depraved epoch.

I wouldn’t mind quite so much if it was being replaced in other areas of life…but it palpably obviously isn’t. Three days ago I started looking at audio-visual software with an eye to broadening the appeal of The Slog. My heart sank into my espadrilles as I noted that the downloaded manual ran to 131 pages. My brain started leaking out of my ears as I read the introduction. The manual is, without doubt, the greatest crime and waste of energy since the Hiroshima atom bomb.

The opening pages told me that one could view the software package as an interface, a protocol, a ‘suite’ or an intuitive media enabler. By page 57, the booklet was still defining what it was, but had thus far denied me any guidance whatsoever as to what it could do in terms of uploading audio-visual posts, or even how the fuck that might lead to how I the client user might benefit from that.

The Harvard IQ test says mine is 142. I made a fat living for 37 years reducing the marketing complex to the media simple. Geeks today write manuals designed to protect their jobs by making the simple appear to be a form of sorcery only they can understand. And you know what? Chris Whitty, Anthony Fauci and Matt Hancock are doing exactly the same thing.

All of which might suggest that such fevered minds have also infected Britain’s security services, for they appear to be high in the describing thing, but low in the solution space. Here’s something from Twitter today that intrigued me:

Fascinating, is it not, how terror inflation is rocketing ahead: in 2014, the number was 15,000. By 2017, it was 26,000. Now it’s 40,000. Is it me, or is it illogical that our security services know how many there are, but not who or where they are? “Ah, yes Prime Minister” says Rishi Sunak, “….well, thing is you see, we know there are 56 million citizens as such who should be paying tax to the Treasury…but frankly, we haven’t an inkling as to who and where they reside”.

So, just running that back and then pressing replay, the UK State knows the inside-leg measurement, postcode and gas consumption of every resident, but not the location or ID of 40,000 scimitar-wielding onanist sons of Islam.

The foreground to all this is, of course, the despicable murder of Sir David Amess by – it is alleged – one Ali Harbi Ali, a UK citizen of Somalian descent. After the event, it emerges that ‘police believe he may have been motivated by Islamist extremism, and is understood to have been referred to the anti-indoctrination Quango Prevent several years ago – although he was not known to MI5, according to security sources’.

Let’s examine the catalogue of this killing:

  • He’s known to Plod & Whitehall, but not to MI5
  • Amess’s life is threatened just a few days before the atrocity, the cops do nothing
  • Nobody searches Ali Harbi Ali at the surgery – despite the enormous knife in his trousers – assuming that he is , yer know, simply pleased to see them
  • The alleged killer is not one of Amess’s constituents, but nobody checks his proof of address
  • We’re asked to believe that Ali Harbi Ali travelled from umpteen miles away with the sole intention of murdering an MP who has been a long-standing ecumenicalist well liked by the British Islamic Council
  • Social media trends are launched in earnest within 24 hours suggesting that the motive might well have been an attempt to silence “a campaigner with a long record of doubting the Covid19 narrative and opposing the vaccination of children”. The facts simply don’t bear this out: it’s simply more Confusavoter nonsense.

Thus are we left with two possible conclusions: either the entire political, security, police and anti-agitprop community is unutterably myopic, lazy, stupid and incompetent; or the crime was a Black Op….JoeCox2, Twin Towers23, Dallas58 or PearlHarbor93 – depending on where you start counting.

The important similarity in MO here should be defined exactly: the State knew this was coming, and did nothing to stop it…for the death of one very fine man was “worth it” considering the bigger agenda.

Sadly, it doesn’t end there. Because we are left wondering why all these jab-fascists feel so relaxed about losing hordes of medical staff, almost every penny in the sovereign treasuries, raising taxes to hinder any kind of economic recovery and ignoring galloping inflation by use of the word “transitory”. Is it that they don’t grasp even the basics of fiscal economics….or is it that they know, come the Brave New Normal, they will only need a fraction of the human and monetary resources they need now?

The overwhelming majority of humans on Earth assume that there was a virus capable of killing enormous numbers of our species, and the ‘vaccines’ were developed to stop it. Yet almost none of the timeline evidence points to that: rather, it suggests that a slow, silent killer injection was developed – and then a virus was hyped out of all proportion as the means of persuading people that the killer was a vaccine.