At the End of the Day

There was no need for any Foreign Power bogeyman to target and kill the largely anonymous and unassuming but hugely effective Conservative MP Sir David Amess. Hold that thought close to your most reasoning brain hemisphere: it is central to the understanding of this likeable man’s inexplicable murder.

Like Jo Cox before him, Amess was very well liked by colleagues right across all the divides of the Westminster Palace. Although I might class him as gullibly naive in relation to the global hegemony project, there was nothing in his animal rights aims or religious beliefs to generate any sane form of dislike.

And yet, he is now no more.

In the days before Jo Cox was murdered, it is an established survey fact that the Leave EU Campaign in 2016 Britain was forging ahead. After her senseless murder, the Remain campaigners were out in force screaming hatred at those they saw as ‘racists’ whose ‘Little Englander’ bigotry had directly caused the young MPs death. It was utterly unsubstantiated bollocks then, and it remains so today.

What’s undeniable, however, is that the Cox Sympathy Vote then went, during the ensuing days, into overdrive. That – and that alone – was what produced the photo-finish upon which all Remoanoid demands for a second referendum were based.

I remain convinced that this was exactly the result the pro-EU blocists and their allies wanted. For them, a Brexit Leave vote had to be an obstacle to their aims. Ever since, they have been recovering lost ground.

Now, five years on, the goal is still the same: to imprison the average citizen worldwide in a self-sought incarceration of protection from invented threats….be they nationalism, viruses, vaccinations, vicious Islamism or violent climate change.

All the CIA/MI6/Sureté/NATO axis wants is for you to be terrified by your shadow to the point where you will cede every right you’ve earned in return for promised protection.

So let me put this to you: what protection was David Amess given from his killer? The answer, unequivocally, is this…none whatsoever.

I’m not any great poet – it’s not my metier. But I offer these few lines below as a humble opinion

The Honourable legislator always there on time,
cut down by one who saw a way to Heaven –
sentenced by the hidden forces tolerating crime:
a tragic walking talking 9/11.

Great Uncles of repression who sold JFK to fate
are still the eyeless Huxley shits in Gaza,
the DNA of those who saw Somalians “too late”
jumped off the motorcade in Dealey Plaza.

And so hearings in camera that disguise the deadly puss
from Homo saps convinced of dental fairies
will spawn a million HD cameras pointing straight at us –
the People framed as no-vaxx nutjob hairies.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.