The NWO’s new truthbending target: dictionaries

Latter-day Winston Smiths have been busy regimenting news media, infiltrating Anglo-Saxon teaching methods, gagging truthsayers in social media and trying to Build Back Braindead Bonzothink for half a decade. There is no end to the realisation of Stalin’s maxim, “He who changes the past controls the future”. Now even the Oxford English Dictionary is at it.

Wherever you look, inflation is ripping ahead. So much so, in fact, we now have inflation in the Climate Emergency sector: the Oxford English Dictionary has just announced that Global Warming is no more….as of today, we have Global Heating. Here is today’s opening taster of BS assertion without anything to back it up from the OED:

“Global heating is often used in preference to global warming to convey more emphatically the seriousness of climate change caused by human activity and the urgent need to address it…global heating was used about 15 times more often in the first half of last year than in the first half of 2018….”

Tosh and thinly disguised propaganda. GW is still used overwhelmingly more often (despite being nonsense) because media manipulators fed the GH term into a few articles during 2019, and that was it. To this day, I have never heard anyone using GH in preference to GW. As for ‘to convey more emphatically the seriousness of climate change’ that’s yet more post-empirical analysis woefully short on facts. Yes folks, even the sacrosanct OED has finally fallen to the OsCO2goths.

The man in charge of all words at the OED is Michael Proffitt, an Oxford lifer who took over in 2014. It appears that he’s attuned to what he calls, “a post-Truth world”. Whether he means to fall in line with (or bridle against it) is less clear. He told the FT five years ago that

Longevity and breadth of usage are the main criteria for inclusion. Usually, a word for inclusion should have been in use for 10 years, but this is not a hard and fast rule”.

Or indeed, any kind of rule at all when it comes to ‘Global Heating’. So why is it there now?

Rewind your tape to 2019, and the Guardian Editorial Tsarina Katharine Viner’s diktat memo banning all hacks from using ‘lite’ climate terms. Even this history has been airbrushed into a less flagrantly Nazi approach, such that Viner’s disgraceful ideology jackbootism has now become this:

‘The Guardian has updated its style guide to introduce terms that more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world. Instead of “climate change” the preferred terms are “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown” and “global heating” is favoured over “global warming”’

So, taking 2018 as a starting point, in 2019 Viner invents the GH thing, and then in 2021 it becomes something in “Common usage”….enjoying “15 times more usage than in 2018” when, um, nobody used it at all. It’s in the OED, so it must be true…as one used to say about the BBC. Disturbingly, Proffitt thinks that “Texts such as Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, published in 1847, may in future be linked to the OED so that words can be defined in historical context”. Here we go again – who defines the context?

And here’s another clue about where the pressure might be from, as recorded in today’s Times – ‘A special update of the dictionary launched to mark Cop26, the UN climate conference starting on October 31, also contains sub-entries on other increasingly popular terms including “eco-anxiety” and “net zero”.

No doubt next year, ‘net zero’ Covid will have taken its place proudly in the OED Hall of Infamy.

This might seem to many of you like a lot of fuss about nothing, but it is no such thing: under its “Global Heating” banner, the Times writes this shameless caption to yet another library picture of Earth in Flames:

No it bloody well hasn’t: the climate emergency peddlers tried to blame fires on spontaneous combustion, but the cops had the last laugh: this year alone in the US, Southern Italy, France and Australia, the authorities have prosecuted 104 arsonists – 44 in California alone in the first four months of 2021.

Heroes used to make history. Now villains make it up. Because everyone now has an agenda: they no longer investigate, they merely propagate. They no longer singe the State’s beard, they sing its praises….and it happens in even the most unlikely of media. This is essentially what the term ‘totalitarian’ means – but why take my word for it? Why not dip into the OED and get their take:

​’The principles and practices of a political system which has complete power and control over the people*

*Google tried every trick in the book on the arsonist data (including telling me access was forbidden). Control comes in all the sizes and all the colours, but if you want to be ecologically alarmed, there’s no need to lie, censor or even exaggerate: the world is facing a crisis in potable water supply at the same time as population growth is hopelessly out of hand.

But you see, the NWO ragbag Front of bankers, billionaires, reds, greens and spooks have a plan to eliminate that problem quicker than you can say “safe vaccine”. For two years now, most people have called it Covid19. In fact, it’s Cloaked Genocide22.

Oxford Recovery simply took Astrazeneca off the shelf….where it was sitting before an orchestrated all-media campaign began the task of persuading people to think of it as a vaccine – as opposed to the Ebola-like internal organ-destroyer it is.

The objective is to “save the human race from itself” by wiping out 84% of it with a bioweapon disguised as a cure. The control mechanisms have been (and will be) a minor virus, a financial collapse and an invented eco-disaster.

No other scenario comes close to explaining the determination to lock down, jab perfectly healthy fit young people and introduce laughable anti-science to excuse madness. No alternative analysis explains why head of BioWarfare Sir Mark Sedwill is still involved, why HCQ and Ivermectin were smeared, alarmist models were produced, the bent trials of HCQ, useless masks, Hancock’s interminable lies to Parliament, Fauci’s serial self-contradictions and, ultimately, the stealing of the 2020 Presidency: for the incumbent was, quite simply, in the way.

Stay tuned: I think people are waking up….but even that reality is being censored.